Case Studies
Our Silent Epidemic
- Why do children’s fingers become permanently bent and twisted from video games, computers, and coloring?
- Why do adults develop chronic back-shoulder-neck-pain, carpal tunnel, arthritic fingers, autism from
"stiff suspensions" shaking the embryo and "high effort steering" systems causing fingers to curve and twist?
Bad Impact
Elizabeth 3 yr-Amish
Our #1 enemy is in your home, car, and at your finger tips
Video Gaming
Bad Toys
Warnings to:
Report your adult and children's injuries to:  The CDC - Unintentional Injury Group

: Grant Baldwin-Deputy Director gfb3@CDC.GOV  or cdcinfo@cdc.gov   Phone:  404-488-1494
phone: 800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636) TTY: (888) 232-6348, 24 Hours/Every Day
US Mail: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1600 Clifton Rd, Atlanta, GA 30333, U.S.A.  Attn: Grant Baldwin

Call your Congressman or Senator (Toll Free) using name or state at:  U.S. Congress switchboard  1-800-828-0498 and ask them to contact   
the CDC and request an investigation..
Adult's Silent Crippling Arthritic Injuries from Driving Stiff "high effort" Steering Vehicles
Free for private use or articles with our web site identified
Amar Sawar, M.D.
Board Certification in:
Internal Medicine
Electrodiagnostic Medicine
Clinical Neurophysiology
Neuromuscular Medicine
Sleep Medicine
Kaushik Raval, M.D.
"The efforts in identifying
a public health problem
that may need systematic
investigation and
action is commendable."
Kenneth Granke, M.D.
Professor of Surgery
Michigan State Medical
Mike (Mickey) Tomich - Don't let
children color, play video games, use
computers until their bones are
calcified hard enough to withstand
the repetitive forces to avoid  
developing permanent knuckle injuries
Arthritis is from wear, tear, and age. In our research, prompted by why our children developing arthritic fingers from video gaming, we discovered the root cause of
many forms of arthritis and why it becomes crippling, which is contained here in our site, and our free download able book "Our Silent Epidemic", Module 6
Did you know todays stiff steering vehicles require our body to generate and deliver damaging impact forces that cause muscle-skeletal injuries?
If you can't turn the steering
with one finger then arthritic hands will develop
Adult steering injuries    Module 2 of 6   Adult steering injuries

Adult Muscle and Skeletal Injuries and Chronic Pain from The High Resistant Power Assist
Steering and Stiff Suspensions on Todays Vehicle's
Cause of Autism - Alzheimer's  Module 3 of 6  Cause of Autism - Alzheimer's  

A major factor in causing autism is the physical shaking of the uterus/embryo due to the stiff suspensions on todays vehicles.
The delicate brain and nerve tissues of the unborn (embryo) are injured from the physical shock loads caused by todays stiff suspensions and hard seat vehicles!!
The 17,400 shock loads (17,400 in 20 minutes, 8 million in 9 months) physically tear the soft tissue in nerves, cause premature birth,
miscarriages, brain function disorders, and physical deformities.  
Embryos and new-born must be isolated from vibrations and shock loading forces.
Do not allow your baby to ride in a baby seat unless it isolates the baby from the bouncing/shaking from stiff suspensions.
Shock load impacts to a baby in the back seat is 5 to 10 times greater than the front seat.
Download a Free Copy of Our Book  Module 6 of 6   Download a Free Copy of Our Book  
Our Research Team    Module 5 of 6    Our Research Team
# 1  Pictures - Straight Fingers - No Arthritic Injuries from todays high effort steering.
The way it used to be with Full-Time Power Steering with Easy One Finger steering at any speed.
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Texting Deformities
CHILDREN'S WARNING:  Your children's bones are too soft for some
repetitive motion forces that cause bone stresses which result in
per-arthritic curved fingers and twisted knuckles. Avoid Video Gaming
Equipment, toys too heavy for effortless two finger use, avoid toys with
button pushing/slapping.   
Do not purchase a vehicle unless you can turn the steering wheel with ONE FINGER at any speed
Vertebrae shifting out of position, compressed disc's, pinched nerves, chronic pain/burning between shoulder
blades, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, everyone knows someone with lower back pain, lower back pain is
common with young and elderly today from physical jobs to office jobs.
Typical Health Problems Caused by Resistant Steering: sciatic pain, headaches, carpal tunnel, occasional or chronic pain in back (up/low), neck, shoulder, hips,
knees, fingers, numbness in face, jaw, neck, chronic fatigue, mood swings, depression, sleeplessness..... more.
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Knuckle Deformities from a Piano
Children's Deformed Finger Injuries      Module 1 of 6    Children's Deformed Finger Injuries
Note #1: Dr. Christopher Walsh, Children's Hospital Boston states “autism happens in the Uterus” and Dr. David Amaral, UC-Davis Mind control-Sacramento, CA, said autism has
“many different causes.”  Dr. Robert Schultz, Director-Chop Center for Autism Research, “brain enlargement due to too much wiring.”  Dr. Leonard Rappaport-Neurodevelopmental
Pediatrician-Children’s Hospital of Boston “it affects all kids, all races. Dr. Yvette Janvier-Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician-Children’s Specialized Hospital-NY  “a dramatic increase in
many children 18 to 24-months-old having difficulty talking.”  Dr. Christine O’Rourke-Lang, Autism Behavior Analysis; “everyone knows someone with autism now.”
PBC presentation 'Decoding Autism' (PBS presentation 9-19-11, with Sara Lee Kessler, Channel 19.1 Bad Axe, MI.)
The following link was disconnected by NJN PBS and they have not replied to our request to reconnect it.  http:/
AUTISM-The embryo is extremely delicate. It's composed of weak developing tissues that can tear and stretch. The brain is a large ball of complex developing microscopic
nerves. Dr. C. Walsh states, “autism happens in the uterus.” Dr. Timothy Roberts-Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; “it is a problem with brain conductivity."
#1 bottom of page  
Some processes we do, result in repetitive shock loads going through the embryo. The most popular and most damaging unrecognized source of repetitive shock loading is
the stiff suspension on todays vehicles.  
A 30 minute trip results in 26,100 compression shock loads traveling through the embryo? WHY? Because, over the past 24 years
vehicle suspensions, and seating have gotten stiffer & stiffer - like race cars now.
They used ride smooth like floating in about of calm waters. Today, you feel every bump,
crack in the road; you bounce down the road now. Next time you ride in a vehicle pay attention to how hard those bumps really are.
See Note 1 bottom of page
Why  was he ridiculed,
disgraced, and sent to
prison? Because he
dared to
, and said
the sun did not revolve
around the earth, the
earth revolved around
the sun.
Nicolaus Copernicus
A-4) Amish Don't Get Autism ! Because their mothers-to-be don't ride in stiff suspension vehicles that shake the baby's head 200+
times a minute...thats 6,000 in 30 minutes.
* Now What ?  Do we condone our children
developing arthritic hands in fear of the economy?
Some case histories  mike@miketomich.com Bay City, Michigan, USA
Nicholas Negroponte and his "One Laptop Per Child"  
Program (OLPC) Causes Children to Develop Arthritic Fingers
The "One Laptop Per Child" program is delivering Laptop computers to young children and the children are developing
arthritic fingers from using the computers due to the fact that young children have soft bones, which easily become bent with
twisted from the repetitive pushing motions.  Every time a child pushes on a touch screen, keyboard, or mouse, they exert a
mini force that exceeds the strength of the bone mass. Thus bone mass is pushed through its elastic state into its plastic
state..resulting in mass changing in the direction of the force. In this case fingers bending backwards or twisting sideways.  
The various deformities are shown in Module 1 of this site. The first sign of hand functional loss is frustration due to difficulty
handling small items  
Impala 30k miles
Permanent Injuries
Denied by GM
15-year-old. CPSC,
CDC, Atty Generals,
Refused to Investigate
March 29, 2011
Autism was 1 in 88

March 21, 2013
Autism is now 1 in
every 50 children
Mayo Clinic: Dr. Sanjeev Kakar: "Your research is correct; children are developing finger joint deformities from video gaming."  Dr. Kai-Nan AN agrees "Yes,
material creep is present in bone mass."  Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota
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Major  News
Bay City, Michigan, United States of America
Young Children's Permanently Deformed Fingers from Video Gaming, Computers, Texting, and Toddler Coloring.
Why?  Their Small Developing Bones are Too Soft.  Some will be unable to perform physical work as adults.
News Video
# A  Letter to Nexteer - Notice of steering systems causing serious health issues 8-6-12  NEXTEER Letter
New teenage
driver developing
vertebraes within
four months of
part time driving.
This is common
because of high
effort steering.
Thumb Injuries
from Clarinet
Lessons in 5th
Curved Bones and Deformed
Knuckles from
Lessons in 5th Grade

100 Million
suffer from
chronic pain.
635 Billion Annual
cost of chronic pain,
in treatmenta and lost
4.6 Productive
time lost weekly
by 13% of
workers due to
26 Million
Americans report
frequent back
42 Million
Americans say
pain keeps them
up a few nights a

                                         Good Breaking  News  10-7-13
NOTE: Mercedes-Benz is eliminating the "stiff suspension" that causes autism and eventual Dementia & Alzheimer's     
See videos of Mercedes-Benz's new Soft Suspension that will prevent shock-loads from reaching the embryo/uterus.  
It will end the shaking of the baby and adults head 200+ times a minute.  

#1   Mercedes New Suspension Eliminating Passengers from Shock-loads and AUTISM.

Mercedes started the autism with the stiff suspension in the 80's. Now they are slowly converting back it avoid law suits.
September 2013 - Mercedes-Benz announced the introduction of a new electronic soft-riding-vehicle-suspension-system that eliminates the
present stiff/shock loading ride
. Soft suspensions will prevent damaging shock loads traveling through the human body, clashing our joints, and
soft tissue which our research attributes to the cause of autism,  degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia, hip replacement surgeries, depression,
mood swings and many issues caused by shaking the human body over seven millions times in nine months.
 Mercedes-Benz NEW Ride Control    See Module 4 below for more information.
Hand strength diminishes, inability to carry weight between the thumb and index finger. Physical hand
loss due to inability to perform physical task without pain developing. Enlarged arthritic knuckles that  
are painful with burning and aching. Index fingers and middle fingers curved toward ring finger with tips
also twisted toward ring finger. Ring fingers bent towards middle and index fingers.  Small finger
bending outward from hand. Tips of thumbs angled outward from hand.
Step #1
Step #2
Library of Congress: 2006907496
ISBN: 978-0-9789003-0-4
Hard copy printed in USA by
EC Printing www.ecprinting.com
Adobe Acrobat
Book size - 135 meg's,
Download Maybe 5 minutes
178 pages, 340+ illustrations.
OLPC XO Computer Program (One Lap Top Per Child). Young children are developing deformities from pushing the keyboard/mouse
Read Our Letter to Mr. Negroponte at the OLPC XO Program
Our letter asking Susan Hockfield - President of MIT, to stop distribution of their lap top computers because children
were developing permanently twisted knuckles with bent and curved fingers because their small developing bones
were just too soft for the repetitive dynamic forces generated while pushing the simulated keyboard buttons.  Letter
dated Dec. 31, 2007: is our letter to MIT on 12-31-07:  
Letter-MIT-Dec. 07-Stop OLPC XO Program
Washington AG File # SEA 170891, Florida Attorney General File # 0205-34486 / HH, Ford Motor File #16360, Hyundai of America File #3883291, GM Files # 1-9858113, 482-C20D71, 71-466-383377, 71-841628633, Michigan Attorney General File # 200211720, 200215763, 200210107
Consumer Product Safety Commission Files
 # C0250011A, C02B0006, 3041-0025 (2), 3041-0029 (10), NHTSA Files #566236, 768808, 10011234, 768964, 768810, 768811, 768812, 768813, 768814, 768815, 768816, 768849, 768819, 768820, 768966, 768847, 768851, 768822, 768852,
768823, 768826, 768828, 768845, 768829, 768846
# B-1 Letter to Michigan State Police - Defective Vehicle Testing - Arthritis and suspension problems 11-25-13  Michigan State Police - Director Col. Etu
# D  Letter to Chrysler - Health Problems from Steering n Suspenion  Chrysler 10-31-13
# C  Letter to Los Angeles County Sheriff - Vehicle Testing Failure 12-20-13   L.A. County Sheriff's Letter
# F  Letter to Volkswagen (VW is parent to Audi, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche, Ducati, Scania, MAN, Skoda, Seat,  
Volkswagen  11-07-13  and their response through Audi of 11-18-13
# G  Letter to BMW 11-18-13  BMW North America and Munick, Bavaria   
# H  Letter to Honda   11-18-13  Honda Motor Company and Honda's Reply of 5-23-14
# J   Letter to Mazda  11-18-13  Mazda Motor Corporation
# B-2 Letter to Michigan State Police Vehicle Testing Group - Health Problems Steering/Suspension 11-25-13  Michigan State Police Testing Group
Video of Good Easy Steering
# K  Letter to Toyota    11-18-13  Toyota Motor Company  and Toyota's response of 12-19-13
# 6  Mercedes-Benz shock-load-free suspension video Mercedes-Benz New Smooth Ride-End of Autism they created  
NOTE: If you shake a baby's head 200+ time a minute it will get autism. Shake an adults head 200+ times a minute you get depression, collapsed disc in neck,
fatigue, migraine headaches and eventually after enough shaking - Dementia/Alzheimer's.                                                                                               miketomich
# L   Letter to Nissan    11-18-13  Nissan Motor Company
Letters to Vehicle Manufacturers and Vehicle Testing Approval Testing with Mi. State Police
Letters to Police Departments (PD)
# M   Letter to Mercedes-Benz    11-18-13  Mercedes-Benz
Initial Letter to Various Fraternal Order of Police Lodges -  examples of injuries to watch for and how to prevent them

Children's Finger Deformities from:
C1  Video Gaming: http://miketomich.com/Whitney_marked.html
C2  Computer Mouse/Keyboard: http://miketomich.com/Alyssa-marked.html
C3  Wax Color Crayons: http://miketomich.com/Coloring-Damage.html
C4  Texting: http://miketomich.com/Arthric-Fingers-from-Texting-11-2-10.html
C5  Piano:  http://miketomich.com/Piano-Injuries-6-26-11-Mayo-Clinic.html
C6  Band Instruments: http://miketomich.com/Children-Music-Instruments-9-7-12.html
C7  NBC News Coverage - Flint, Mi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKLiThENVRU      
C8  Request to Governors, Politicians, Unions, News Papers, Government Agencies for
Assistance  to stop children's injuries:

Notification Letters Sent to:
MIT - Letter to MIT and OLPC Program, Nicholas Negroponte and Susan Hockfield

Microsoft - Letter of  Initial letter to Bill Gates of children's finger deformities
Microsoft - Letter of  
Bill Gates Ignoring Children's Injuries
Microsoft - Letter or  Video Industry Action needed. Microsoft/Bill Gates
Microsoft - Letter of  From Microsoft's Attorney and Bill Gates  Nintendo   5-1-02 Initial consumer complaint to Michigan Attorney General  Initial
Consumer Complaint             
Nintendo   5-1-02 Initial
letter to Nintendo of children's finger deformities

Sony 4-14-02  
Initial letter to Sony about children's finger deformities
Sony 8-7-02    
Sony's Attorney Response to Michigan Attorney General, Play Station Injuries
Sony 1-21-03  
Sony's Attorney Response to CPSC on children's finger deformities (second response)
Posted 1-22-14
Posted 1-22-14
Mayo Clinic: Dr. Sanjeev Kakar: "Your research is correct; children are developing finger joint deformities from video gaming."  Dr. Kai-Nan AN agrees "Yes,
material creep is present in bone mass."  Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota
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What happens if you shake a baby's head 200+ times a minute, 6,000 in 30 minutes?  You injure the nerve cluster at the base if the brain where the spinal cord
connects.  The physical compression and jerking forces traumatize the brain. Even after the baby is born we strap the baby into a hard baby, on a hard injection
molded backseat and the baby then experiences 5 to 10 times stronger head shanking forces because the back of the vehicle bounces much higher due to light
weight .... and then we wonder why our children have autism 1 in 50 now (CDC 3-21-13).  
What happens if you shake an adults head 200+ times a minute, 6,000 in 30 minutes? He gets headaches, depression, mood swings, vision problems, etc.  
Long term he develops Alzheimer's.  Check the history of anyone with Alzheimer's ... you'll see the common denominator is lots of time behind the wheel.  If the
Alzheimer's doesn't get them, then lung disease usually does because of all the vehicle exhaust pollution.
Alzheimer's has increased to 1 in 6 women, 1 in 11 men  Karen Weintraub, USA Today 3-19-14
Warning to Schools and Day Care   Module 4 of 6  Warning to Schools and Day Care
Letters to Educational Ministries
Warning to Parents. Do not allow your children to perform coloring until at least 5-years-old and then with soft/smashed tip markers. No computers or video gaming until their
finger bones are calcified and strong enough to avoid curvatures and twisted knuckle deformities.
The Honorable Terry Brown, House of Representatives warning to Huron
and Tuscola County Schools.
"There is emerging research that indicates that the repetitive motion,
dynamic forces used by children in video gaming and other similar activities
may lead to physical trauma to children's developing joints and bones."
Your Child's School and Day Care Center is causing children to develop childhood arthritis.  Bent and twisted fingers like adults injuries from driving
because of repetitive white-knuckle video gaming, repetitively pressing keyboard and mouse buttons, and destructive forces generated in
during lengthly time coloring with wax crayons (see Section 3, pages 3-41 to 3-51, and 3-65 of our free downloadable book in Section 6).
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"Our Silent Epidemic"
Hand Surgeon believes gaming and texting causes arthritis at an early age.
    Fox News
Warning 6-23-16
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"Our Silent Epidemic"