Children's Arthritic Fingers from Video Gaming
17 year-old teenager with deformed fingers from video games
If your children's fingers resemble these injuries - Call the CDC - Unintentional Injury

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1600 Clifton Rd, Atlanta, GA 30333, U.S.A.

(800-232-4636) TTY: (888) 232-6348, 24 Hours/Every Day

e-mail: Grant Baldwin-Deputy Director gfb3@CDC.GOV   or

Call you Congressman or Senator (Toll Free) using name or state at: U.S. Congress switchboard  1-800-828-0498

If they don't answer right away, let the phone ring because their on the other line and will answer in the order received.  
If you can't remember your Senators name - tell them your state and they will connect you to your senator or representative.
Case Studies
NBC-TV 25 News
Flint, Mi USA
Prevent children's crippling arthritic fingers;
- do not allow children to perform coloring until they are at least 5 years-old, nor play with anything
they can not easily/effortlessly pick up with two fingers,
- do not allow children to play video gaming or use computers until they are at least 8 years-old, and
then you must watch for any evidence of any injury and stop such use.
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Meet 11 year-old Whitney.  
Whitney started playing with video games when she was 2 years-old.  
The tip of her small finger of her right hand is hooked towards the ring finger.  The
finger is also twisted and curved. Whitney's ring fingers are bent and twisted
towards her middle fingers.  The bone between the first and second knuckles is
bent. Her middle fingers are bent and twisted towards the ring fingers and the
index fingers are also bent twisted towards the ring fingers.
Video Damage - 9 Years-old - Fingers should be straight as the straight
black lines. His fingers are bent and twisted from Nintendo, X-Box, and
Sony Play Station.
Video Damage - 17 Years-old - Fingers should be straight as the straight black
lines. His fingers are bent and twisted from Nintendo, X-Box, and Sony Play Station.
Please excuse our mess...we are
adding new pictures of injuries.
Just look closely at these pictures. These are the fingers of a darling little 5 year old girl. I've enlarged them so you can see the
twisting of her index fingers. Look how her right middle finger is twisted. Both ring fingers have curved deformities. Her small fingers
are curved and twisted also. The twisting of her index fingers has become common today and she has functional hand losses.
DID YOU KNOW that the giants of the video gaming industry
became aware of the children's finger deformities in 2002?  Did
you also know Senator Joe Lieberman was pushing for a study on
this but changed his mind after the Microsoft Executives visited his
office on November 14, 2007. Opp's! Sorry I told on 'em....they didn't
want you to know that.                                        
           mickey tomich
Meet 18-year-old Jamie that developed bent fingers and twisted knuckles from video gaming as a child. Now his injuries will increase due to
the dynamic forces his body generates and delivers to the "high effort steering" of his Chevrolet Trail Blazer he has started to drive. His small
(baby) fingers are bent outward from grasping the thick steering wheel and delivering the dynamic forces to overcome the resistance of the
steering wheel to turn as well as other injuries that blend into and enhance the existing video gaming injuries. Presently he experiences
muscle cramping and aching/painful knuckles when conducting physical tasks like shoveling snow or lifting boxes. If he continues to drive a
high effort steering vehicle, other permanent muscle-skeletal injuries will develop. He already has a sore lower back.  
 WARNING: If your
children played video gaming, then they too have these same injuries in varying degrees.  If you think "My children don't have injuries
because I didn't let them play much....your wrong...physical injuries can develop in as little as 2-3 weeks."
" I'm sorry...but their physical
skeletal injuries are accumulative deformities...even from coloring and computer use during the ages when their bones are soft (not calcified
                                                                                  Our poor children - Executive greed has no mercy. Comments of mickey tomich
Chesterfield Township, Michigan 3-19-09, Child Video 18 years-old. The Blue lines indicate how his fingers should be straight and
perpendicular to his hand. His fingers are curved, bent and twisted away from normalcy. The
Red and Green arrows indicate the off-angle of this
knuckle and its twisting. The
Red arrow knuckle is the high point of the twisting. The Yellow arrow indicates the high knuckle in the twisting of this
knuckle.  All fingers are bent and twisted. The
Black arrows indicate the direction of the bending/curvatures.  Did you know this continues to go
unnoticed because video games became popular at the same time thick / tight / heavy / hard turning power steering vehicles became popular? When
his parents compared their bent and twisted fingers caused by driving the stiff steering vehicles
(which they didn't realize) they figured his bent and
twisted fingers were normal. Remarkably, in a few short weeks these injuries are painlessly inflicted into adults and children.  He has painful finger
joints and functional losses. When he grasps a surface that is parallel to his hands he losses physical ability because his knuckles are off parallel to
the surface that is parallel to his hands but off parallel to his knuckles and fingers.
NOTE: The pulsating vibrations in the game controller sends
1,000's of numbing shock loads through the fingers, knuckles and hands, which causes physical deformities within weeks because each
vibration inflicts a permanent injury and the injuries accumulate and the resulting physical deformities quickly appear within a few weeks.
5 years-old - 3 Months of Video Gaming.  Three months before this picture
was taken I compared my bent and twisted adult fingers to his fingers and
his fingers were straight. There was not any curvatures or knuckle twisting.
This came as a result of playing a Nintendo 64.
     mickey tomich
These injuries belong to a young man 10 years-old that hardly plays because he really doesn't enjoy gaming.  He only plays when he has to with
his brother. As you can see the
Blue line represents how uninjured fingers should be. The Red lines reflect the injuries from the curving caused from
holding the video gaming controller. The
Black lines indicate the direction of the bending/curving. The White arrows identify the direction of the
twisting injuries.  Children must not play video gaming until their bones are calcified hard enough to withstand the damaging repetitive motion
dynamic forces
17 year-old with video gaming injuries
17 year-old with video gaming injuries
Injuries of a 10-year-old from video gaming. Her an her
father played the games. The
Black lines show the
deformities. The knuckles are twisted out of location
from twisting fingers. The
Red lines identify where the
fingers should be.
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              Are you ready for this?
Stiff steering on todays vehicles cause adult finger deformities. Stiff
steering and video gaming became popular at the same time.
So when parents compare their bent and twisted deformed adult
fingers to their children's; they think the children's look better than
theirs.  Believe it or is the major reason for not recognizing the
children's injuries.
Children in undeveloped countries where they do not color, play video
games, or use computers have straight fingers.
You can also see such in old movies.