Children's Educational Centers
School Boards
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Attention Educational Facilities:

With your good intentions of teaching children coordination, creativeness, computer knowledge, and other processes, you have been
inadvertently causing serious injuries to their skeletal system and soft tissues of their bodies because of a new exposure of dynamic
forces generated by the electronic age.  
Children should not perform coloring until they are at least 5 years-old. No computers or video
gaming until they are at least 8-years-old
.  We have discovered the correct physical conditions are present for the generation and delivery
of damaging dynamic forces which attack their skeletal system causing permanent bending of finger bones and development of twisted
knuckles. There is a correlation between bone calcification, force generation and delivery, surface angularity, and bone mas strength
(Material Creep).  This has surfaced due to both parents working and children attending Child Day Care Centers where coloring,
computers, video gaming are encouraged.  

See Dr. Sawar (Rheumatologist)
TV-25 News coverage that children should not conduct video gaming until they are at least 8 years-old.

A 5 year study was conducted to determine the cause of children's fingers becoming permanently bent and twisted (deformed) when
playing video games.  The search for answers resulted in the realization that our skeletal system has a Material Creep Force Tolerance
Threshold.  Example: A child develop bent and twisted finger deformities from the repetitive process of coloring at 1 year-old, but not
develop finger deformities at the age of 8 years-old.  The factor being the child's fingers are more calcified and harder at 8 years-old,
thus the forces of coloring do not cause the child's finger bones to have micro traumas.   

Over 500 children have examined and our research confirms they do develop deformed fingers from coloring, video games, and
computer use.  The forces generated in the various processes are too much for their small bones to handle and their bones twist and
bend to conform to the surface they are grasping. In addition, rebound forces cause their fingers to bend backwards, away from the force
Computer Damage
Coloring Damage
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Call your Senator and ask for passage of Senate bill S.948 (CAMRA Act.) which is currently in the
Health, Labor, Education, and Pension committee.
U.S. Congress switchboard (Toll Free) 1-800-828-0498
If they don't answer right away, let the phone ring because their on the other line and will answer in the order received.  
If you can't remember your Senators name - tell them your state and they will connect you to your senator.

All States - please call:
Senator Ted Kennedy - Chair of HELP Committee at 202-224-4543
Senator Harry Reid - Senate Majority Leader at 202-224-3542
Senator Richard Durbin - Assistant Majority Leader at 202-224-2152
Senator Robert C. Byrd - President Pro Tempore 202-224-3954
Senator Joe Lieberman - 202-224-4041
Michigan Residents Please Call:   
Senator Carl Levin Washington at 202-224-6221, Detroit 313-226-6020, Escanaba 906-789-0052, Grand Rapids
616-456-2531,                     Lansing 517-377-1508, Traverse City 231-947-9569, Saginaw 989-754-2920                                                
Senator Debbie Stabenow Washington at 202-224-4822, Detroit 313-961-4330, Marquette 906-228-8756, Grand
Rapids                                  616-975-0052, Lansing 517-203-1760, Traverse City 231-929-1031, Flint 810-720-4172    
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To Prevent children's crippling finger deformities:
1)  do not allow the playing of video games or using computers until they are at least 8 years-old.
2)  do not allow children to start coloring until they are at least 5 years-old.
3)  do not allow toddlers to play with anything they cannot easily grasp and hold with 2 fingers.
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