Warning Letter to Baptist Ministries
Children developing arthritic finger deformities from excessive video
gaming, computers, and coloring.
                                                                    “our silent epidemic” presenting the root cause process of arthritis
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                                                                               October 23, 2010                                              Page 1 of 3

Re: Children Developing Arthritic Finger Deformities from Excessive Video Gaming, Computers, Texting, and
Coloring in Child Day Care Centers.

Dear Pastors, Presidents, Professors, Officers, and Friends:

This letter is to warn you that Millions of our children are developing deformities of curved fingers, bent and twisted
knuckles, and arthritic joints from video gaming, computer key board and mouse use, texting, and even too much
coloring with hard wax crayons. To avoid these permanent/accumulative skeletal injuries children should not use
computers or play video games until they are at least 8-years-old, nor should they perform coloring until 5-years-old. (A.
Sawar, M.D., Rheumatologist-Neurologist) Video at YouTube (
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKLiThENVRU). Even at
8 & 5-years-old, they need to be monitored closely for any physical changes shown in Module 1 of our web site www.
miketomich.com. Research has shown some are developing deformities when starting at 13-years-old.

The root cause of their finger deformities is simply because children’s bones are not calcified hard like adults. Their
undeveloped soft bones are “just too soft” to withstand the repetitive motion stresses occurring in their clamp-like
grasping of the video controller, computer mouse button pushing, pushing keyboard keys, and even toddlers
pushing/hitting buttons on toys. Their strong panic-driven, white-knuckle repetitive gripping motions results in repetitive
stresses that numb their hands/fingers, while each of the many shock loads inflict the stress forces that drive their soft
bone mass into its injurious plastic state. Thus, injuries are silently inflicted without warning because the numbing effect
hides any discomfort and pain.   
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Our research has discovered that the human skeletal system has a “material creep force tolerance threshold value”
(MCFTTV) which is a factor derived from the strength of the bone as determined by the amount of hardness due to
calcification. Meaning…adults with strong calcified matured bones can play video games without experiencing child type
injuries because adult bones are stronger and have a higher MCFTTV. Because children’s bones do not reach full
calcification strength until after puberty, their soft bones yield easily and quickly to the damaging repetitive motion
stresses. See Module 1 of our web site
www.miketomich.com   (Note: Each repetitive motion injury can and does
inflict ‘permanent’ and ‘accumulative’ injuries that appear within two months and result in hand functional loss and the
foundation for arthritic joints).

You are wondering about coloring injuries. Dr. Sawar and I visited Amish children in Mid-Michigan because they do not
play video games, texting, or use computers and we wanted a comparison for our children that do have video gaming and
computer deformities. To our surprise, the Amish children had similar curvatures…but were smooth with a large radius of
curvature. The Amish have large families with children usually 10-12 months apart. It is not unusual to see a new family
with four children from 1 to 4-years-old dedicated to coloring while both parents work hard doing chores.  

Amish coloring injuries were verified when Dr. Sawar and I visited facilities of “physically impaired children” in the Detroit
Area and confirmed they had injury-free straight fingers due to not using computers, video gaming, etc.
I found Child Day Care Centers to be a major source of injury because they use coloring, and video games for behavioral
control. (Per Michigan’s Child Day Care Licensing Department, video gaming devices have unofficially been removed.
Unfortunately, coloring injuries continue with some facilities taping crayons to their fists to help them hold it while
learning to color). (Pages 3-42 to 3-51 of our book details coloring injuries).

Until recently, I believed our seven years of communications with the manufacturers, and leading politicians would result
in implementing age restrictions to prevent children’s injuries during the soft bone ages. However, the politicians and
industry failed to do such and have not warned parents. (HP did add a vague skeletal injury warning to their computer key

Though the video industry admitted their awareness of the children’s injuries (Microsoft-Lieberman meeting November 14,
2007, Nintendo’s study of July 2002), they continue to market their products without age restrictions.

Parents fail to recognize children’s injuries because the stiff steering systems on some of today’s vehicles result in a
strong “dynamic stress force” impact to adult’s hands just as video gaming does to children’s soft hands. (Each
turn/movement of the steering wheel results in Kinetic Energy impact/shock-load being transmitted through the adult
tissue and skeletal system within “Two-Tenths” of a second. Though adults have hard bone mass, the forces exceed the
adults higher “material creep force tolerance threshold value.”  Both stiff steering and video gaming became popular in the
mid 80’s with each inflicting similar arthritic injuries). Adults unknowingly use their physically abused fingers as
comparison standards for children. Children would become crippled for life, within months, if they drove our stiff steering
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Since we started contacting school districts in December 2009, we now have School Districts conducting their own
verification of children’s injuries. Some Child Day Care facilities have and are removing crayons and replacing them with
lightweight toys. Some governors have instructed their State Health Department to investigate these issues. U.S.
Congressman Dale Kildee (Michigan) has been trying for over a year to arrange a meeting with Secretary Kathleen
Sebelius at our U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Our letters to President Obama and his staff have gone
unanswered as well as other new key politicians.

We have support for our information (physicians, professors, etc.). Unfortunately, a CDC official that was going to
investigate our children’s injuries was told to back-off. If you doubt our information, you can quickly and easily verify our
findings by comparing injured children to physically challenged children that are unable to perform the damaging repetitive
motion processes. (Disregard new born until three months old, hand/fingers still in fetal position).

Our book “Our Silent Epidemic” is free distribution and can be down loaded from our site. When you consult with your
resources they will confirm that our “contentions warrant further study.” A full-scale study, which we do not have
resources for, will have to be conducted by scientist to determine the variables of age-bone calcifications vs. internal-
external kinetic energy stress/forces. In reviewing our information, you will see enough to realize that our children’s health
is being very seriously compromised, and you will understand the need to inform parishioners of this matter. I hope the
Baptist fellowship will join us in preventing these crippling injuries.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


                                                               Michael Tomich

                                  K. Granke, M.D.,   K. Raval, M.D.,   R. Tomich, P.E.,   A. Sawar, M.D.

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