Letter to Boy and Girl Scouts of America

We have asked the Boy and Girl Scout Leaders to eliminate their Merit Award Badge for Video Gaming because  
Children develop Finger Deformities from Excessive Video Gaming.
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William F. Cronk, National President
Robert Mazzuca, Chief Operating Officer
Wayne Brock, Chief Financial Officer
Jim Terry, Executive - Development
Bradley D. Farmer, Council Operations
Gary P. Butler, National President
Rex Tillerson, National Commissioner
Tico Perez, Chair, World Scout Committee
Boy Scouts of America
1325 W. Walnut Hill Ln.
P.O. Box 152079
Irving, TX, 75015      
Phone: 972-580-2000
Fax: 972-580-7870
Web site:
eMail: lhopkins@netbsa.org
Kathy Cloninger, CEO
Connie L. Lindsey, Chair
Florence Corsello, Chief Financial Officer
Jaclyn E. Libowitz, Chief of Staff
Jan A. Verhage, COO
Delphia Duckens, Senior Vice President.
Deborah Long, Senior Vice President
Laurel J. Richie, Senior Vice President
Michael Watson, Senior Vice President
Laurie A. Westley, Senior Vice President
Girl Scouts of America
420 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10018-2798
Phone: (800) 478-7248
      (212) 852-8000
Web site: