Click to view. 4
month-old child
with deformities
from Nintendo 64
video gaming
  • "Thundering vibration feedback but in a more compact package, perfect for gamers of any size.  Now you can take
    the MC2 to Talladega, Le Mans or a no-holds-barred desert rally. A wicked new color scheme keeps it distinctive."
  • "Two internal motors - feel all the bumps, grinds and crashes. Vibration button – set wheel vibration to low, medium
    or high."
  • "Features include dual analog joysticks, fully analog pressure-sensitive action buttons and D-pad, macro
    programmability for complex moves and intense vibration capability that lets you feel the action!"
- "Master the skies with an improved Force Feedback mechanism responds more realistically to games
that support force feedback, and provides great control even in those that don't."
- "
Feel the force of weapons, collisions, and turbulence with incredible detail."  - - - "You'll be able to play
your favorite games for hours without complaint
.... For the money, there ain't much better in the world."
"You can fire any action button automatically without having to press the button repeatedly. The result: No
more tired fingers as you fire your weapons at an impressive rate. Comfortable, rubber grips are perfect
for long gaming sessions
Dual vibration feedback provides ultimate realism in Xbox games"
"Description: Feel the action in the palm of your hands! Explosions, punches, and car crashes all
come alive with the official DUALSHOCK analog controller.
It has four top mounted buttons for specific
moves, unique directional buttons, four action buttons, and a 6-foot cord.
For a totally intensified
gaming experience, the DUAL SHOCK is as real as it gets, with total precision and awesome
handling.  The DUALSHOCK features dual vibration motors featuring a wide range of frequencies and
speeds, adding intensity to the gameplay experience
  • Children's Finger Deforming Devices
  • Manufacturer's Promote the Damaging Vibration's and Loud Audio Gaming Noises
McDonald's and the Red Roof
Inn are promoting the use and
introduction of video games to
our small children that have
the soft (un-calcified) bones
which so easily and quickly
yield to the dynamic forces
and become deformed (bent
and twisted.)
This is a picture of a gaming arcade cabinet that is
advertised in Sam's Club 2006 November Gift Catalogue.
The arcade
includes custom mounted game systems,
powerful sound system with sub woofer for
intense audio
Note: Click to see:  Example of Children's Vibration   
Controller vibrations will pulverize their small finger joints
and the loud gaming noise will damage our children's
This is a copy of the advertisement in the Sam's Club,
November 2006 Gift Catalogue.  It is
recommended gaming for
children 9 months old
.   This control stick and buttons will
cause the young children's bones to become deformed (bent
and twisted) within weeks...months (based on playing time).  
This game is dangerous and should not be used by small
children because their fingers are not calcified hard enough to
withstand the forces and mini-traumas involved in the playing
process of this instrument.
The Ultimate Gaming Chair  This is a copy of one of the many gaming
devises for the young children in the Sam's Club, November 2006 Gift
  • This chair has 12 vibration motors synchronized to the game
    action - "You feel like your in the game."
  • 3-D stereo speakers.

Click here:
Example of Children's Vibration Source

A young child sitting in this chair while playing video games will
experience injuries to the skeletal and soft tissues of their body from
the pulsating vibrations, and will eventually experience a hearing loss
(ringing noise) from the stereo speakers.

The forces involved in the gaming process are unnatural and result in
permanent physical damage to our young children.  The forces exceed
the physical capabilities of the young children.  

This chair devise is very dangerous and will bring on arthritis in our
youth.   This device as well as the others shown here from the Sam's
Club gift guide should not be sold for use by the young children.  
Vibrations deform our children's fingers and knuckles and the loud gaming noise destroys their hearing.
Another dynamic force toy. This child went through a frenzy pushing the
buttons with his fingers. He and his younger brother have un-calcified
bones that are too soft to withstand the bending/twisting and torsional
forces generated in the playing of this gaming.  Age restrictions must
be boldly added to avoid playing until their bones are calcified hard
enough to prevent skeletal injures of twisted knuckles and bent fingers
and hand functional losses. This guitar is sold by Microsoft
Corporation for use with its video gaming products.  In 2002, we
contacted Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Mad Catz, and other
manufacturers warning them of children developing deformed fingers
and physical movement restrictions, and resulting gripping strength
loss. Young children will develop deformed fingers from playing this
type of gaming that results in dynamic forces that exceed the bone
mass strength of their fingers.

Guitar Hero II (Left) This is Sony's version of a gaming guitar designed
for use with children playing this on their PlayStation 2.  Another
gaming device that results in dynamic forces being generated during
the gaming process. Dynamic forces that exceed the strength of young
children's bone mass and causing permanent bending and twisting of
the children's fingers and physical hand function loss.
This gaming involves the use of the entire body. If their bones are not calcified hard enough...dyanmic forces are delivered
throughout their body thus delivering damaging dynamic forces to the skeletal system (bones) and in this case not only
delivering shock loads to the soft tissues (cartilage) in their bone joints but also the disk's of their back, neck.  
These young children's bones are much too soft to be pushing or banging the buttons on these type of toys. These
children are even too young to conduct coloring without causing their fingers to become permanently bent and twisted
with physical functional hand movement limitations.
A dangerous Microsoft gaming guitar that
silently causes young children's fingers to
become bent and twisted with physical
functional losses in the use of their hands
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Additional Injury
- Prevent children's crippling finger deformities. Their bone mass is soft. Do not  
allow them to play video games, or use computers until their bones are strong.
- Prevent toddler's from finger deformities; do not allow them to color or play with
heavy toys until at least 5-years-old and then monitor for any injuries.
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Click the camera to see
the latest picture of video
gaming finger injuries.
Click camera NBC TV 25
News Video, Flint, Mi USA
Retail stores are starting to provide
video carts for the young children to
watch while the parents shop.  
The problem here is the 2 year-old lad
has soft (un-calcified) bones in his
fingers, and every time he pushes the
buttons he is going to generate a
dynamic force which will cause bone
I wonder if his eye's will suffer from
staring at a the small screen? I don't
think young children are ready for our
created modern technology.        
Pictures compliments of Detroit News
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This 11-year-old boy is
performing Rock Climbing."
This attraction is found at
many entertainment
facilities.  "A" shows the lug
the boy is grasping. "B"
shows how the small finger
is not grasping the lug.

The problem with this is the
11-year-old is being
subjected to damaging
dynamic forces which inflict
injury to the mechanical
stops in his joints. Adding
injury to the bending
backwards of the joints
because his body weight
exceeds the strength of the
bone mass in his small
The child is trying to grasp
the lug with the fingers of
both hands.  
His finger bones are being
subjected to damaging
dynamic forces because
the lug is too small and
does not conform to the
natural design of the   
human skeletal system
joints. Permanent micro
injuries are inflicted which
will lead to crippling
arthritic fingers in later life.
The contents of our web site is copyrighted but is offered
free for public/commercial reference with proper credits.
The age restrictions of the following toys are wrong and do cause children to develop permanently
curved fingers and twisted knuckles leading to crippling arthritic fingers.