●  Amar Sawar, M.D.
"Mike identifies a new concept in understanding the damage silently occurring to our skeleton and soft
tissues from mechanical forces. This medical discovery will grant the humankind a healthier quality of life
and provide the science with a new way of thinking."

●  Kaushik Raval, M.D.
"Your efforts in identifying a public health problem that may need systematic investigation and ameliorative
action are commendable."

●  Richard W. Tomich, P.E.
"Michael Tomich has correctly expanded the accepted engineering principle of Material Creep to identify
causes of deformation within the human skeletal system. The pioneering efforts detailed in this book are
revolutionizing our understanding of bone and joint deformities resulting from levels of applied forces."

●  Sharon L. Nelson-Senior Assistant Attorney General, State of Washington
"While I think Mr. Tomich's contentions may be worth investigating, I am in no position to evaluate this
information for its scientific value; nor am I in a  position to recommend how Michigan should spend public
resources."  "I do hope he can find an agency, public or private, which might follow up in investigating his
extensive research."
Letter to Michigan State Representatives Tom Meyer-84th District, Paul Gieleghem-31st District, and Michigan State Senator Jim Barcia-
31st District: Senior Assistant Attorney General, State of Washington, Sharon L. Nelson,  May 20, 2004

●  The Honorable Tom Meyer, State of Michigan, House of
Representatives, 84th District
(In memory 7-07)
"I believe Mr. Tomich's contentions warrant an immediate scientific study."
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Additional Injury
Research to identify the cause of children's finger deformities during video gaming, expanded to include
the exposure of the common root cause of physically induced arthritis....and a whole new science.
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