School Officials Contacted in the State of Virginia
Children Developing Chronic Health Problems in Schools
Mailed 3-4-10
Governor Bob McDonnell
Lt. Governor Bill Bolling
Martin Kent, Chief of Staff
Gerard Robinson, Secretary of Education
Bill Hazel, Secretary of Health and Human Resources
Office of the Governor
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Dr. Patricia I. Wright, Superintendent of Public Instruction
Virginia Department of Education, PO Box 2120
Richmond, VA 23218

Eleanor B. Saslaw, President
Dr. Ella P. Ward, Vice President
Dr. Billy K. Cannaday, Jr.
Isis M. Castro
David M. Foster
David L. Johnson
K. Rob Krupicka
Dr. Virginia L. McLaughlin
Virginia Board of Education
P.O. Box 2120, Richmond, VA 23218

Marla Graff Decker, Public Safety
P.O. Box 1475, Richmond, Virginia 23218

Joanne Boise, Child & Adolescent Health
Nancy Bullock, Children with Special Health Care Needs Program
Bethany Geldmaker, Early Childhood Health
Nancy Glasheen, Health Commissioner's Office
Virginia Department of Health, Richmond, Virginia 23218-2448

Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli
Attorney General, Richmond, VA 23219

Richard Saslaw, Majority Leader – Rm 613
Charles Colgan, Pres. pro tempore – Rm 626
Thomas Norment Jr., Minority Leader – Rm 426
Walter Stosch, Republician Leader Emeritus – Rm 621
Mary Whipple, Dem Caucus Chair - Rm 327
Virginia Senate Richmond, VA 23218

Virginia Senate, Education and Health Committee
Senator R. Edward Houck, Chair
Spotsylvania, Virginia 22553-0007

Bruce F. Jamerson, Clerk of the House of Delegates
Robert Tata, Chairman, Education Committee – Rm 801        
Steven Landes, Vice Chair, Education Committee – Rm 515      
Clifford Athey Jr., Student and Day Care Committee– Rm 510
General Assembly Building, Richmond, Virginia 23218

John F. Axselle III, Chairman - BOE
Dr. Stewart D. Roberson, Superintendent .
Hanover County Public Schools
Barbara Donnellan, Acting County Manager
Jay Fisette, Chairman, Arlington County Board
Arlington, VA 22201

US Congressman Rick Boucher  (540-980-4310)
188 E. Street,  Abingdon, Virginia 24210

US Congressman Frank Wolf      (703-709-5800)
13873 Park Center Rd Ste.130, Herndon, VA 20171

US Senator Harry Reid, Majority Leader (775-882-7343)
600 East William St, #302, Carson City, NV 89701

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House (415-556-4862)
90 7th Street, Suite 2-800, San Francisco, CA 94103

US Senator Mark Warner (540-857-2676)
129B Salem Avenue, SW, Roanoke, VA 24011

US Senator Jim Webb (757-518-1674)
222 Central Park Ave. Suite 120, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Sally M. Baird, School Board Chair
Patrick Murphy, Superintendent
Arlington Public Schools

Anthony Griffin, Fairfax County Executive
Chairman Sharon Bulova, BOS, Fairfax, VA 22035

Kathy Smith, Chairman
Fairfax County School Board, Falls Church, VA  22042

Marcus J. Newsome, Ed.D., Superintendent
David Wyman, BOE Chair
Chesterfield County Public Schools, Chesterfield, VA 23832

Patricia S. O'Bannon
Board of Supervisors
Henrico County, VA

Dr. Pat Russo, Superintendent
Henrico, VA. 23223

Lisa Marshall, Chair
Sue Largen, Clerk to School Board
Henrico, Virginia 23223

John Stevens, Chairman
Dr. Edgar B. Hatrick, Superintendent
Loudoun County Schools

Milton Johns, Chairman
Gainesville, VA 20155

Steven L. Walts, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools
Diana Lambert-Aikens, Assoc. Superintendent - Elementary Schools
Prince William County PS
Kelly Leadership Center, Manassas, VA 20112

Michael W. Stovall, Chairman
Vinton, VA 24179

Lorraine S. Lange, Superintendent
Roanoke County Schools

Mr. J. Gilbert Seaux, Chair
Dr. Jerry W. Hill, Superintendent
Fredericksburg, VA. 22407

Dana Reinboldt, Chair
David E. Sawyer, Ed.D., Superintendent
Stafford County Public Schools

Eric Williams, Ed.D., Superintendent
Robert W. George D.D.S., Vice Chairman
York County Schools

Calvin Doss, Chair
Pittsylvania Public Schools

James McDaniel, Division Superintendent  
Chatham, Virginia 24531

B. Wendell Jones, Chair
Walter (Walt) L. Shannon, Interim Superintendent
Montgomery County Public Schools

Roger E. Zirkle, School Board
Dr. Gary McQuain, Superintendent
Sue Schuldt, Health Services Coordinator
Agusta County School District

Dr. Pamela R. Moran, Superintendent
Albemarle County Public Schools

Ronnie Price, Sr. , Chair
Clerk of the School Board  
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902
Mrs. Debbie Hoback, Chair
PTA President:  Lennis Harris
PTA Vice President:  Traci Blido
Dr. Douglas Schuch, Superintendent
Bedford County Public Schools

Dr. John Lamanna, Chair
Mrs. Patricia Taylor, Superintendent   
Frederick County Public Schools

Anthony Slater, School Board
Dr. Carol Finn, Superintendent
Rockingham County Public Schools

Mayor Alan Krasnoff
Dr. W. Randolph Nichols, Superintendent
Dr. Ella P. Ward, School Board
Dr. Richard W. West
Dr. Sheila G. Hill-Russ, Chairman
Chesapeake VA 23320

Everette Hicks, Sr., Chair
Ashby C. Kilgore, Ed.D., Superintendent
Dr. Kari Weston, Innovation & Development
Newport News Public Schools

Dr. Morton Sherman, Superintendent
Yvonne Folkerts, School Board Chairman
Alexandria City Public Schools

Dr. Linda Shifflette, Superintendent
Fred A. Brewer, Jr., Chairman  
Hampton City Schools

Dr. Stephen C. Jones, Superintendent
Ms. Cheryl Bunting, Parent Involvement Specialist
Dr. Stephen W. Tonelson, Chair
Norfolk, VA 23508

Beverly Braxton, Interim Director
Debra M.Hall, Family Literacy Specialist
Richmond Va, 23219

Superintendent Dr. James G. Merrill
Mr. Daniel D. Edwards, Chairman
Virginia Beach City PS

Dr. Rita Bishop, Superintendent
David Carson, Chairman, BOE
Roanoke City Public Schools

Mr. James E. Bridgeford, Chair
Dr. David C. Stuckwisch
Portsmouth Public Schools

Lorraine B. Skeeter, Chairman
Milton R. Liverman, Ed.D, Superintendent
Janice F. White, Supervisor of Health Services
Suffolk Public Schools

Mrs. Mary Ann H. Barker, Chair
Dr. Paul McKendrick
Lynchburg City Schools

Ms.Thomasine E. Carter, Director of Elementary Instruction
Dr. Sue B. Davis  Superintendent
George Wilson, Chairman
Danville Public Schools

Ms. Leah Puryear, Chair
Dr. Rosa S. Atkins, Superintendent
Charlottesville City Schools

Mike Dennis, Chair
Brenda B. Lawson Ed.D, Division Superintendent    
Tazewell County Public Schools

Mrs. Elizabeth P. Lowe, Chair)
Superintendent, Dr. Alan Lee
Washington County Public Schools

Dr. Joseph A. DeVault, School Board
Anthony D. Jackson, Division Superintendent
Henry County Public Schools

Donald Ford, Superintendent
Sally Strickler, Chair
Harrisonburg Virginia, 22801

Vanessa Perry BOE
Ted Thompson, Chair
Dr. Jeff Perry Division Superintendent
Wise County PS

Dr. Gary S. Mathews, Superintendent                    
Ms. Elise Emanuel, Chair                  
WJCC Public Schools

Gary L. Rutz, Chair
Dr. B. Keith Rowland, Superintendent
Shenandoah County Public Schools

Mrs. Linda Miller, Chair
Dr. Ricky L. Leonard, Superintendent
Winchester Public Schools

Jim R. Sullivan, Division Superintendent
Susan B. Williams, BOE
Smyth County Public Schools

R. Anthony Strong, Superintendent
Dr. Robert Johnson, School Board
Roger Akers, Chairman
Campbell County Public Schools

Sheryl Wolfe, Chairman   
Lewis, Jonathan, Superintendent  
Fauquier County Public Schools

James M. Victory, Ed. D., Superintendent
Kenneth Pritchett, Chair
Petersburg City Public Schools

Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education
Daniel T. Madzelan, Assistant Secretary
Margot M. Rogers, Chief of Staff
Charles P. Rose, General Counsel
Thelma Melendez, Assistant Secretary
U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20202

Thomas R. Frieden, MD, MPH, Director (404-639-3311)
Ileana Arias, PhD
CDC – Directors Office,
1600 Clifton Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30333

L.J. David Wallace, MSEH
CDC – Division of Unintentional Injury Prevention
1600 Clifton Rd., Atlanta, GA 30333

Grant Baldwin, PhD, MPH (e-mail: gfb3@CDC.GOV)
Injury Center - Deputy Director (404-488-1494)
1600 Clifton Rd., Atlanta, GA 30333

Kathleen N. Straus, President, (
Michigan Department of Education (517-373-3324)
608 W. Allegan Street, P.O. Box 30008, Lansing, MI  48909

Kathleen Sebelius ( (1-877-696-6775)
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
200 Independence Avenue, S.W. , Washington, D.C. 20201

The Honorable US Representative Dale Kildee
Jim Lewis - Deputy District Director (989-755-8904)
515 N. Washington - Suite 401, Saginaw, Mi. 48607

The Honorable Michael Bishop (SenMBishop@senate.michigan.
PO Box 30036 – S-106 Capitol, Lansing, MI  48909  (517-373-

The Honorable Andy Dillon (
PO Box 30014, Rm 166, Lansing, Mi. 48909 (517-373-0857)
March 5, 2010

Warning to Educators and States - children developing arthritic fingers from too much coloring, computers, video gaming

Warning to Educators and States - children developing arthritic fingers from too much coloring, computers, video gaming

Re:   Children developing permanently curved arthritic fingers and twisted knuckle deformities in schools

Dear Governor McDonnell, Mayors, Federal and State Legislators, School Officials, and other officers of the Great State of

This letter is to warn you of serious unrecognized permanent arthritic finger injuries developing in our young children in pre
and elementary schools from too much coloring, computers, and video gaming. If you have not heard from Michigan’s
Governor Jennifer Granholm, Senators Debbie Stabenow or Carl Levin about these issues, then this letter will introduce
you to their injuries resulting in hand functional losses (including serious thumb function loss).  

Our research (prompted by our own children’s injuries) discovered the presence of Kinetic Energy (KE) shock loading force
presence in the popular processes of coloring, computers, texting, and video gaming. The KE shock loads inflict
permanent, accumulative physical damages, which result in fingers curvatures, twisted knuckles, and fingers moved off
perpendicular to their hands. As shown on our web site some children will not be able to perform
meaningful physical activities as adults.
Typically, injuries physically appear within 3-8 weeks because their bones are too soft for the repetitive motion KE forces.
Their small bones are still growing and they will not be fully calcified hard until after puberty. Having soft bones means the
“Material Creep” force tolerance threshold value of their soft bone mass is very low. The lower the threshold value the easier
the bone mass enters into its destructive plastic state. Plastic state means the bone mass bends (but does not break) and
does not return to its original shape after the force is removed. Every KE force that exceeds the strength of a bone mass
inflicts an injury that permanently enlarges the prior injury. Once an injury of this type starts…it continues to deform with
simple physical tasks required in life. Refer to Section 3 of our book “Our Silent Epidemic” devoted to children’s injuries
(free downloads on our home page).If an x-ray is performed do not allow a technician to pull and place children’s fingers
straight on the film. To do so would hide the off parallelism of the joints.  

Toddler and young children (with their soft bones - almost like clay) quickly develop bent/curved fingers, and twisted
knuckles because of the Kinetic Energy generated in the strong grasping actions and each coloring stroke. As we have
seen, Child Day Care Centers, pre and elementary schools depend on coloring as a major activity for behavior control. We
have seen children, not old enough to hold a crayon, being encouraged to do so. The irregular circular crayon surfaces do
not fit their natural hand geometry. Broken crayons, or crayons melted in Dixie cups further aggravate their natural ability to
grasp a parallel surface. It would behoove you to read  pages 3-43 thru 3-51 of our book “Our Silent Epidemic” for
identification of the various forms of destructive Kinetic Energy in a coloring stroke process. This is the first historical
explanation of the presence of the presence of damaging KE in a coloring stroke, exceeding material creep bone mass.  

The first sign of normal hand functional loss is children handling small items and loss of strength in the grasping of the
four fingers in their hands (four fingers pulling to open a car door). Note: The faster Kinetic Energy shock loads are
generated and delivered, the farther the material mass enters into the vicious plastic state. EACH/EVERY  KE shock load
delivers a strong numbing effect blow to the injury area. This is why children develop deformities without pain in their hands,
such as the numbing effects in the coloring stroke, pushing the computer key, tapping the mouse button, holding a vibrating
game controller is the worse case.  

Unless you act to prevent the further infliction of these injuries in your schools, our children will continue to develop hand
injuries with functional losses resulting in a negative quality of life. Many children addicted to video gaming (using
computers, x-box, portable, etc) will lose their independence and meaningful wage earning abilities because of crippling
arthritic hands.

Microsoft executives said in a meeting at Senator Joe Lieberman’s office on 11-14-07 that they are aware children develop
injured fingers from gaming. HP has since added the words “skeletal injury” notations to their keyboards.

Video gaming and stiff steering vehicles became popular at the same time, thus resulting in KE injuries to children and
adults. To verify children’s finger deformities compare them to physically impaired children that have not performed
coloring, used computers, played video games, heavy toys, or toys with buttons they strike/slap with their hands/fingers. You
will see their fingers are straight and without the curvatures.

Until “material creep” values can be determined for all ages (which we do not presently have resources for), age restrictions
are necessary to prevent initial and continuing injuries. We hope you will take actions to prevent children from coloring until
they are at least 5 years-old. No computers or video gaming until at least 8 years-old, and then closely monitored for any
evidence of physical changes in all such activities. If you should decide against use restrictions, it would behoove you to let
parents exercise their right to choose their children’s future. (Refer to TV-25 News video with Dr. Sawar), Thomas R.
Frieden-Director of the CDC, and Unintentional Injury Prevention; Ileana Arias, Grant Baldwin, David Wallance 404-639-
3311 are responsible for investigating this, but bogged down in Red Tape.

Since our initial discovery of “material creep” relative to dynamic Kinetic Energy forces our research has lead us to a new
science that will result in generous major rewards to human health. An equal consideration of the biological and structural
aspects of the human body is a necessity to eliminate our modern-day chronic health problems. The negative common
denominator has been discovered and you are witnessing part of it.   

Suggested sequence for viewing our information is provided in a school link, which is centered, and immediately below our
web site heading titled “Warnings to ALL Schools”.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

                                                                           Yours truly,  

                                                                      Michael Tomich

               and/for  K. Granke M.D.,   K. Raval M.D.,   R. Tomich P.E.,   A. Sawar M.D.

CC: Jennifer M. Granholm, Governor of Michigan  (517-373-3400), P.O. Box 30013, Lansing, Michigan 48909
 US  Senator Carl Levin, (Dusty Houser 989-754-2494), 515 N. Washington Avenue, Suite 402, Saginaw, MI 48607
 US Senator Debbie Stabenow, Melissa Kaltenback (517-203-1760), 221 W. Lake Lansing Road, Suite 100, East
      Lansing, MI 48823
Jim Gale (, Jim Sinnamon (, Mi. Child Day Care Licensing  
       (517 373-8300),  7109 W. Saginaw, 2nd Floor, Lansing, Mi. 48909 Note: Per J. Sinnamon Video Games have
        been removed from Day Care Centers in MIchigan

Alaska, Arizona, California (Los Angeles), Michigan, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington (Redmond),
Wachington DC, Virginia, Utah, Texas (Mesquite), Illinois