Our Research started after a child developed deformities while playing a Nintendo 64. Our team of engineer's and physicians
lead to the realization of the force generation and delivery process which is responsible for musculoskeletal injuries from dynamic
force shock loads.

Your Immediate Corrective Actions Required to Protect Yourself and Your Children.
Do not allow your children to play video games, use computers, or perform coloring until they are at least 8-years-old (schools
and Day Care Centers included). Do not allow your new born to play with anything that is heavier than a small baby rattle...no
heavy toys, they are too heavy for their soft un-calcified bones.
Adults: To prevent further musculoskeletal injuries contact your vehicle manufacturer and ask they reduce your steering effort to
"ZERO." Damaging Dynamic forces are a human creation which are designed into most products because of the realized need for
comparability with our physical capabilities. Download a copy of our report
"Our Silent Epidemic" and read it from front to back. It
will provide you an understanding of bad forces at home and work.                                                                  mickey
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Mike Tomich, Our Silent Epidemic, 6483 Lincoln, Gagetown, Mi. 48735 USA
NOTE: Our book "Our Silent Epidemic" is now available for free downloading.
A. Sawar M.D.,    K. Raval M.D.,   Mi. State Representative Tom Meyer,    R. Tomich P.E.,   Mike Tomich
                                                                   (In memory 7-9-07)
The video industry has prevented congress from passing our children's health study bill S.948 CAMRA Act for seven (7)
years now. GM, Toyota, Nissan, and other Mfg's aware of skeletal damaging dynamic forces.
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children that can not perform
meaningful physical tasks
because of gaming injuries
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You can help your children by asking your senator for passage of S.948 CAMRA Act, and emergency funding to begin the study
this year.  Further delaying of S.948-CAMRA Act only results in more children developing permanent finger deformities with a
destined future of inability to perform meaningful physical tasks, and a very poor quality of life as adults.

Contact your senator by name or state at:  Toll free
1-800-828-0498 (congressional switch board). S.948 will determine
the age their bones are calcified hard enough to withstand the destructive repetitive motion dynamic forces generated in the
video gaming process.  
1).  NBC, TV-25 News coverage video of children with crippled fingers from gaming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKLiThENVRU
2).  Identification of dynamic forces:  Dynamic forces
3).  Some sources of destructive dynamic forces responsible for children's injuries: Sources of Crippling Dynamic Forces
4).  Picture 10-yr-old child with video gaming deformities Video Gaming Deformed Fingers
5).  Picture 4-yr-old with computer deformities: Computer Deformed Fingers
6).  Picture 4 yr-old child with coloring crayon deformities: Coloring Crayon Deformed Fingers   
7).  Injured children unable to perform work duties as adults:
Our new working poor-compliments of the video gaming industry  
8).  Pictures of
adult injuries from the "high effort steering" Impala:  Adult Stiff Steering Systems Deformities
9).  Children and adults Case Studies flickr.com   http://www.flickr.com/photos/9460697@N02/
10).  Famous people with deformed fingers from driving:  Famous People w Deformed Fingers and others
11). Pictures and additional information from the inside of our book: Pictures/information from "Our Silent Epidemic"
12). Letter to Microsoft; produce game controller that will not deform/injure children's skeletal system. Need a safe game controller  
13). Letter to Michigan Legislators/Governor to ban video gaming in Children's Day Care facilities  
Day Care Center Video Injuries
News Coverage
Dr. A. Sawar
Read our latest letter to Microsoft and the Video Industry requesting parental awareness of children's injuries,  and design
of a safe game controller for children.
Letter to Microsoft November 23, 2007
Click for Free downloading of our book "Our Silent Epidemic"
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Left side of our home page devoted to children's injuries
Right side of our home page devoted to adult's injuries
The two best kept secrets in industry and government has been identified and exposed for your better health. Repetitive
motions from video gaming and "high effort steering" systems are causing permanent skeletal injuries to children and adults.
Be sure to read
Note: The human body is not designed to deliver torsional forces. Our musculoskeletal system can not physically generate
and deliver the torsional forces required to overcome the resistance of a "high effort" steering system, without also delivering a
damaging "mini-shock-load" accumulative injury to our musculoskeletal system. (Example-authors personal experience with
the Chevrolet Impala "high effort steering). To prevent many various musculoskeletal injuries, have your vehicle manufacture
provide a free steering adjustment to reduce steering effort to "zero."  
Did you know that our congress knows that our children's develop bent and twisted arthritic fingers and hand
function losses from video gaming, computers, and coloring? Read
"Children's Breaking News."
Child and Adult Injuries Explained
Children's Injuries from Coloring
Our young children are developing and suffering from arthritic fingers, attention deficit disorders, lack of
concentration, anxiety disorders, anti-depressants are at record levels, schools are experiencing a 100% increase in
prescription eyeglasses, autism, bi-polar, obesity are at epidemic stages, children are experiencing physical functional
losses, and much more.
Both young and older adults are suffering crippling arthritic fingers and joints, chronic muscle-skeletal pain in
back-neck-shoulder-hips-knees-ankles, numbness/tingling in fingers-hands-face, joint replacement surgeries, physical
therapy, epidural injections (cortisone), carpal tunnel has surfaced as a major physical ailment blamed on typing, record
numbers of adults (all ages) are obese, suffering depression, labeled as bi-polar, also have attention deficit, obese,
major mood swings, sleeplessness, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, low energy levels, become addicted to pain
medications, drugs. Hospital ER's are flooded with chronic pain, shoulder-chest pains simulating a heart attack.   
Children and Adults Health Ailments
A. Not until now, and after 8 years of research, have we uncovered the monumental hidden scientific physical process
that will equal and many cases surpass the greatest rewards of any discovery ever made thus far.  The silent, numbing,
deadly, and physical infliction of damaging dynamic force shock waves and vibrations has been hidden since the birth of
human thinking.    

B. The major source of adults damage is the automobile. The stiff "high effort" steering and stiff suspension (plus other
elements) result in 360 to over 580+ vibrations being transmitted through the human body per minute (60 mph). That is
360 to 580+ mini-shock loads being transmitted through the entire skeletal system from feet to finger tips.  Injuries for
the mini-shock loads accumulates and appears within 6,000 miles of driving as bent and twisted fingers. A 30 minute trip
can result in 17,400 + shock loads. A 30 minute trip can result in 17,400 + shock loads. Did you know 1 in 8 children are
also born prematurely (CBS News, 4-10-09 Katie Couric)

C. Autism? Bi-polar? Depressions? Mood swings? Lack of concentration? Obesity? Chronic fatigue? Could these shock
loads being transmitted through the womb of a pregnant mother cause these problems for her
unborn child?

D. Could these shock-loads also cause the muscular skeletal injuries described above to adults? Yes!  

E. Is the epidemic of carpal tunnel coming from typing? No! It's from the shock loads due to the repetitive motion back
and forth turning of the stiff steering vehicle during continuous course corrections.

F. Children suffer from shock-loads when video gaming, computers, coloring, and heavy toys. No coloring until at least 5
years-old. No video gaming or computers until at least 8 years-old. See Note #1 on the bottom of our home page.
The root cause of the injuries - A new chapter in Science
Stop the mini-shock loads from reaching your unborn child.
Mothers to be: Have the steering effort on your vehicle reduced so you can turn it effortlessly with one finger.
Have the stiff, sport, truck suspension reduced to prevent road crack vibrations from reaching your baby. Have
seating softened to further isolate drive line vibrations to your baby and/or unborn.
Ford is arranging for replacing stiff "high effort" steering with "low effort" one finger steering.
Question: Is the Chevrolet-Malibu steering effort acceptable? No, the new electronic lower effort steering is not acceptable.  
Message to Researchers, Scientist, Engineers, Physicians about  Autism, Miscarriages, Birth defects
A picture of Our Number #1 Enemy