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Driving Injuries - Ford Taurus
Driving Injuries - Backward Bending Fingers
Driving Injuries - Cadillac
Driving Injuries - F 150
Driving Damage  - Toyota Solaro
Driving Injuries - Chevrolet Blazer
Chevy Impala
Mercury - Cougar
Driving Injuries - PT Cruiser
Driving Damage  - Jeep Grand Cherokee
Driving Damage  - Chevrlet S-10
Group #1 - Pictures - Adult Driving Injuries
Fact #1: If you can not turn the steering wheel on your vehicle effortlessly with one finger, then your skeletal/muscles generate and deliver through your body from
your toes to the tips of your fingers a mini-trauma shock load within 2/10's of a second causing bones to bend/ knuckles to twist, and chronic pain development
throughout your body.
You should not drive the vehicle.
Fact #2:
If you can feel a bump in the road, the your suspension is delivering over 10,533,333 damaging Kinetic Energy shock-load vibrations through your entire
You should not ride in the vehicle. Eliminate the vibrations with cushioning.
The following groups of pictures will show you that your body was not designed to drive todays stiff steering/suspension race car type vehicles.
Your muscles and skeletal system was not designed for this abuse.
18 years Ford truck
Driving Damage  - Jeep Grand Cherokee
26 yrs Chevy - Blazer
Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm
Lt. Governor John Cherry
Driving Injuries
All fingers are twisted and curved. Small fingers bent outward because
of holding the steering wheel between the ring and small fingers.
Notice the main knuckle on the left hand index finger is larger. Why?
Arthritis is setting in. This main knuckle is going to be a crippler. It will
become usless.
21 year-old Allison. Drives a 1997 Chevy Blazer. The stiff steering is causing her fingers to
bent and twist like everyone who drives these vehicles. Both her small fingers (Yellow and
Green) bend and curve outward from holding the steering wheel between the two). When she
pushes the required forces to overcome the resistance in the steering system to turn, a
numbing impact load is delivered to her bones....she feels any pain in the steering process.
Her back is knotted between the shoulder blades....the beginning of hunch back. Her head
and neck will push forward from it. Many other chronic problems are present also.
Look closely....because if you cannot turn the steering wheel of your vehicle effortlessly with
ONE FINGER...then you have the bending and twisting shown here. If not will come. It
is just a matter of time (usually 6,000 miles).      
mickey tomich
Is this from being a carpenter or driving a Jeep
Gran Cherokee? Mostly from driving.
This is a health magazine stating this condition is is injuries caused from driving stiff steering
vehicle.  The Arthritis portion is secondary.
63 Years-old. Retired. Drove a Buick Road Master and now the stiff steering Buick La Cross.
Suffers chronic pain in back, neck, shoulder, carpal tunnel, tingling numbness in fingers,
headaches, depression, etc. The automotive industry needs to lower the steering effort to
   mickey 5-12-10
We will get a better picture next month. This lady is a Nurse Practitioner. She drives a stiff steering Buick. The White Arrow
shows a rather normal thumb joints, but the
Red Arrow indicates a typical joint deformity from holding and exerting the strong
forces to overcome the resistance of the stiff steering wheel to turn (Her left hand is her dominate driving hand). This
deformity would not have happened if she would have been able to turn the steering wheel effortlessly with one finger As it
was from the 60's to the mid 80's). This visual deformity is only a small token of permanent crippling arthritic developing
physical damage. The bones inside her hand are smaller and damaged even more. The inside damage does not show up
until too late (This causes crippling hands). All these damages are permanent, and they are accumulative...meaning the
injuries continue to get larger. The
Blue Arrow points to a white area on her thumb. This is a callous and is typical of hard
steering vehicles. The
Yellow Arrows indicate this callous is 1/2" plus long. Her left hand is her dominant driving hand, and
thus subjected to more shock loading impacts from delivering the fast impact forces required to turn the steering wheel.
Thus, as shown in the
Circle, this joint has become deformed and has started to build arthritis in it. Her thumb and index
finger will become useless because of pain and restrictions of movement.  I have asked her to contact Buick Motors (GM)
and  ask that the steering effort be reduced to "ZERO." Delphi programs the stiffness into the steering system. The steering
and other features are what's causing our health issues.

This lady has carpal tunnel, chronic pain in shoulders, back, neck, elbow, hips, etc. Depression, obesity, chronic fatigue and
other symptoms are common with stiff steering vehicles. Why?  Because the human body has a material creep force
tolerance threshold value which means stiff steering exceeds this value and is not within the safe capabilities of the human
body design to deliver torsional forces within 2/10 ths of a second.                           
                    Saginaw, Mi   mickey 5-15-10
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63 year-old traveling nurse. She and her husband drive Honda Accords. The
steering wheels are stiff-heavy-tight and can not be turned effortlessly with one
fingers. They suffer from painful backs, necks, shoulders, carpal tunnel,
ankles, knees, hips, fingers, depression, tingling/numbness in fingers...and
more musculoskeletal injuries. Like others..they have visited the ER thinking
they were having heart attacked due to shoulder and back pain. She never
played video games. But look at the similarity between adults driving and
children's video gaming injuries. They both appear the same, due to the same
directional dynamic force shock-loads.
49 years-old BLUE line indicate the contour for straight fingers. BLACK identify the
bent and twisted deformities from stiff steering. All fingers are deformed and without
arthritis. Arthritis will set-in and restrict physical movement functionality and become
very painful. Index fingers and thumbs have lost strength and some function.
If your hands look like any pictured on our must contact the vehicle
manufacturer to reduce steering effort to 'Zero.'
She didn't play video gaming.      
Her small fingers are bending outwards because she holds the thick/stiff steering
wheel at the first joint in from the tip of this finger.     
WARNING TO PARENTS:  If your children played video not allow them to
drive any vehicles they cannot easily turn the steering wheel effortlessly with one
finger. Manufactures can correct caster to adjust for reduced steering effort. To do so
will result in a seriously regrettable decision due to  increased deformities leading
to early life crippling arthritis.                                  
           5-21-10 Mickey                   
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A & B

1). Bill's comfortable
position was holding the
steering wheel (Red
Circle) between his Index
and Middle fingers.
2). Today, I explained
how the stiff steering
causes his body to
generate and deliver the
shock-loads required to
overcome the resistance
of the steering wheel to
move, how the
shock-loads are
absorbed by his Index
finger, and how the
shock-loads numbed his
joints to prevent any pain
during the finger
deforming process.
3). He frustratingly felt the
transition of his body from
zero pain to chronic
muscle-skeletal pain;
back, neck, shoulders,
carpal tunnel, and more.
4). Like many other
people, he walks bent
over at the shoulders,
because the vertebrae in
his spine have shifted out
of position. (This can be
felt by sliding your hand
up and down the
spine...the spine will feel
very bumpy/lumpy).
5). Contact your vehicle
manufacturer and ask
they adjust the steering to
"ZERO" effort.
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This 45 year-old Nurse drives a stiff steering Ford Taurus
and suffers from carpal tunnel, headaches, shoulder pain,
back-neck-knee pains, Pain in the left side of her left foot
and right heel, and has significant lumpiness in her back
with burning sensation and tingling in her fingers and
Bay City, MIchigan 2009, Brians House  mickey  
+Meet my Cousin
Brian's friend Brian. He
is 27drives a Chevrolet
Cavalier and 89 Chevy
+He suffers from many
chronic Muscle and
Skeletal pains.
+He will lose the use of
his thumbs and index
+X-rays DO NOT
shown arthritis. These
curvatures and twisted
knuckles are from his
body generating and
delivering the forces
within 2/10ths of a
second to overcome
the resistance of the
steering wheel to turn.

If you drive you have a
degree of these
injuries ...NO
mickey 6-2-10
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52 year-old man that is scheduled for bone replacement surgery for the area marked with a RED line above. RIGHT skeletal picture identifies the bone being
replaced. The same bone will be replaced in his right hand because of the chronic pain developing in it also. His fingers may not look injured to you...but has
serious skeletal injuries to all fingers in addition to his thumb knuckles. This is from driving a heavy duty pickup truck. Chronic pain in shoulders, back, neck,
headaches, carpal tunnel, etc. And like many other people L-4, 5 vertebrae and sciatic nerve injury. Again, skeletal-soft tissue injuries caused by stiff steering.
Meet 21 year-old Luke. Look closely at his hands. He
did not play video games until 18-19 years-old. The
curving of his fingers and twisting of knuckles is due to
driving his 1991 stiff steering Ford Taurus.
If you cannot turn the steering wheel with one finger at
any speed, then you are developing similar injuries
that will result in loss of thumb and index finger of use.
When? Depends on bone calcification and driving
time. But one thing for sure...look because you have
some of these deformities now.
Added Oct. 7, 2010  - Injuries from Ford Taurus
Macomb Intermediate School District (MISD), Clinton Township, Michigan

School bus drivers are experiencing the development of arthritic finger deformities because the steering effort is too stiff / tight / high effort.  Curved fingers and twisted
knuckle injuries can and will lead to hand functional losses.  

Picture on left: Red lines identify curvatures. Red circle indicates holding/resting steering wheel between ring and small fingers.

Picture of right: Horrible deformities that will lead to premature crippling arthritis and poor quality of life.  
We will call her Mary. Mary has severe finger (skeletal) injuries from driving these stiff steering school buses.

Stress/forces cause bones to move and change shape, not arthritis. Arthritis is trying to form now, but can't because they continue to use the fingers with the same
grasping anglarity....when that stops....crippling/painful arthritis will develop quickly.

They will experience pain when tightly grasping a surface that is off parallel to their new twisted knuckle angularity.

Steering effort must be reduced to "Zero" Effort (turn easily with one finger). The buses are selected school districts... not only are our children's drivers incurring these
needless injuries....this is 1,000's of  
Workmen's Compensation Claims waiting to happen.  Our medical costs will surge even more.
Added Oct. 7, 2010  - Bus Driver Injuries
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