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Driving Injuries - Backward Bending Fingers
Driving Injuries - Cadillac
Driving Injuries - F 150
Driving Damage  - Toyota Solaro
Driving Injuries - Chevrolet Blazer
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Driving Injuries - PT Cruiser
Driving Damage  - Chevrlet S-10
Part 2 of 3 - Every Driver Has Permanent Finger Injuries Caused by Todays Tight Steering Vehicles
Which picture(s) are your match?
18 years Ford truck
26 yrs Chevy - Blazer
Driving Injuries
21 year-old Allison. Drives a 1997 Chevy Blazer. The stiff steering is causing her fingers to
bent and twist like everyone who drives these vehicles. Both her small fingers (Yellow and
Green) bend and curve outward from holding the steering wheel between the two). When she
pushes the required forces to overcome the resistance in the steering system to turn, a
numbing impact load is delivered to her bones....she feels any pain in the steering process.
Her back is knotted between the shoulder blades....the beginning of hunch back. Her head
and neck will push forward from it. Many other chronic problems are present also.
Look closely....because if you cannot turn the steering wheel of your vehicle effortlessly with
ONE FINGER...then you have the bending and twisting shown here. If not now....it will come. It
is just a matter of time (usually 6,000 miles).                                                                 
mickey tomich
This is a veteran in the Ann Arbor VA Hospital that had carpal
tunnel surgery.  This is caused by the wrist back-n-forth  wrist
action due to that damn resistance and tight steering.  Many
people have and still are blaming their employers for computer
use and collecting big money from their insurance companies
and workmen's compensations claims for disability. Can you
believe that?  It's due to the steering and worse of all....the auto
companies know it. Crazy world/
This is a health magazine stating this condition is
Osteoarthritis. It's blamed on old age.  It is really cause by the
tight steering and they don't understand this. Sorry, Dr's don't
have a knowledge to dynamic forces and material creep
disciplines .
63 Years-old. Retired. Drove a Buick Road Master and now the stiff steering Buick La
Cross. Suffers chronic pain in back, neck, shoulder, carpal tunnel, tingling numbness in
fingers, headaches, depression, etc. The automotive industry needs to lower the steering
effort to "ZERO."                                                                                                                             
We will get a better picture next month. This lady is a Nurse Practitioner. She drives a stiff steering Buick. The White Arrow
shows a rather normal thumb joints, but the
Red Arrow indicates a typical joint deformity from holding and exerting the
strong forces to overcome the resistance of the stiff steering wheel to turn (Her left hand is her dominate driving hand). This
deformity would not have happened if she would have been able to turn the steering wheel effortlessly with one finger As it
was from the 60's to the mid 80's). This visual deformity is only a small token of permanent crippling arthritic developing
physical damage. The bones inside her hand are smaller and damaged even more. The inside damage does not show up
until too late (This causes crippling hands). All these damages are permanent, and they are accumulative...meaning the
injuries continue to get larger. The
Blue Arrow points to a white area on her thumb. This is a callous and is typical of hard
steering vehicles. The
Yellow Arrows indicate this callous is 1/2" plus long. Her left hand is her dominant driving hand, and
thus subjected to more shock loading impacts from delivering the fast impact forces required to turn the steering wheel.
Thus, as shown in the
Circle, this joint has become deformed and has started to build arthritis in it. Her thumb and index
finger will become useless because of pain and restrictions of movement.  I have asked her to contact Buick Motors (GM)
and  ask that the steering effort be reduced to "ZERO." Delphi programs the stiffness into the steering system. The steering
and other features are what's causing our health issues.

This lady has carpal tunnel, chronic pain in shoulders, back, neck, elbow, hips, etc. Depression, obesity, chronic fatigue and
other symptoms are common with stiff steering vehicles. Why?  Because the human body has a material creep force
tolerance threshold value which means stiff steering exceeds this value and is not within the safe capabilities of the human
body design to deliver torsional forces within 2/10 ths of a second.                           
63 year-old traveling nurse. She and her husband drive Honda Accords. The
steering wheels are stiff-heavy-tight and can not be turned effortlessly with one
fingers. They suffer from painful backs, necks, shoulders, carpal tunnel,
ankles, knees, hips, fingers, depression, tingling/numbness in fingers...and
more musculoskeletal injuries. Like others..they have visited the ER thinking
they were having heart attacked due to shoulder and back pain. She never
played video games. But look at the similarity between adults driving and
children's video gaming injuries. They both appear the same, due to the same
directional dynamic force shock-loads.
63 year-old traveling nurse.   Drives from Port Huron to Detroit and back
everyday.   BLUE line indicate the contour for straight fingers. BLACK identify the
bent and twisted deformities from stiff steering. All fingers are deformed and
without arthritis. Arthritis will set-in and restrict physical movement and
functionality and become very painful. Index fingers and thumbs have lost
strength and some function.
Her small fingers are bending outwards
because she holds the thick/stiff steering wheel at the first joint in
from the tip of this finger.   
If your hands look like any pictured on our site...you must contact
the vehicle manufacturer to reduce steering effort to 'Zero.

She didn't play video gaming.      
She suffers from the following as most people do or will do from this
stiff hard steering; painful backs, necks, shoulders, carpal tunnel,
ankles, knees, hips, fingers, depression, tingling/numbness in
fingers...and more muscular skeletal injuries. Like others..they have
visited the ER thinking they were having heart attacked due to
shoulder and back pain. She never played video games. But look at
the similarity between adults driving and children's video gaming
injuries. They both appear the same, due to the same directional
dynamic force shock-loads.

WARNING TO PARENTS:  If your children played video games...do not allow
them to drive any vehicles they cannot easily turn the steering wheel effortlessly
with one finger. Manufactures can correct caster to adjust for reduced steering
effort. To do so will result in a seriously regrettable decision due to  increased
deformities leading to early life crippling arthritis.                                  
A & B

1). Bill's comfortable
position was holding the
steering wheel (Red Circle)
between his Index and
Middle fingers.
2). Today, I explained how
the stiff steering causes
his body to generate and
deliver the shock-loads
required to overcome the
resistance of the steering
wheel to move, how the
shock-loads are absorbed
by his Index finger, and
how the shock-loads
numbed his joints to
prevent any pain during the
finger deforming process.
3). He frustratingly felt the
transition of his body from
zero pain to chronic
muscle-skeletal pain; back,
neck, shoulders, carpal
tunnel, and more.
4). Like many other people,
he walks bent over at the
shoulders, because the
vertebrae in his spine have
shifted out of position.
(This can be felt by sliding
your hand up and down the
spine...the spine will feel
very bumpy/lumpy).
5). Contact your vehicle
manufacturer and ask they
adjust the steering to
"ZERO" effort.
This 45 year-old Nurse drives a stiff steering Ford Taurus
and suffers from carpal tunnel, headaches, shoulder pain,
back-neck-knee pains, Pain in the left side of her left foot
and right heel, and has significant lumpiness in her back
with burning sensation and tingling in her fingers and
Bay City, MIchiigan Brians House  mickey  
52 year-old man that is scheduled for bone replacement surgery for the area marked with a RED line above. RIGHT skeletal picture identifies the bone being
replaced. The same bone will be replaced in his right hand because of the chronic pain developing in it also. His fingers may not look injured to you...but has
serious skeletal injuries to all fingers in addition to his thumb knuckles. This is from driving a heavy duty pickup truck. Chronic pain in shoulders, back, neck,
headaches, carpal tunnel, etc. And like many other people L-4, 5 vertebrae and sciatic nerve injury. Again, skeletal-soft tissue injuries caused by stiff steering.
Meet 21 year-old Luke. Look closely at his hands. He did not play video games until 18-19 years-old. The curving of his fingers
and twisting of knuckles is due to driving his 1991 stiff steering Ford Taurus.
If you cannot turn the steering wheel with one finger at any speed, then you are developing similar injuries that will result in loss of
thumb and index finger of use.
When? Depends on bone calcification and driving time. But one thing for sure...look because you have some of these deformities
Macomb Intermediate School District (MISD), Clinton Township, Michigan

  School bus drivers are experiencing the development of arthritic finger deformities because the steering effort is too stiff / tight / high effort.  
Curved fingers and twisted knuckle injuries can and will lead to hand functional losses.  
  Picture on left: Red lines identify curvatures. Red circle indicates holding/resting steering wheel between ring and small fingers.
  Picture of right: Horrible deformities that will lead to premature crippling arthritis and poor quality of life.  She has severe finger (skeletal)
injuries from driving these stiff steering school buses.
  Stress/forces cause bones to move and change shape, not arthritis. Arthritis is trying to form now, but can't because they continue to use
the fingers with the same grasping anglarity....when that stops....crippling/painful arthritis will develop quickly.
  They will experience pain when tightly grasping a surface that is off parallel to their new twisted knuckle angularity.
  Steering effort must be reduced to "Zero" Effort (turn easily with one finger). The buses are selected school districts... not only are our
children's drivers incurring these needless injuries....this is 1,000's of  
Workmen's Compensation Claims waiting to happen.  Our medical
costs will surge even more.
President Roosevelt
Examples of Straight Fingers Before Todays High Effort Damaging Rack-N-Pinion Steering
A young child that
hasn't played
video games,
coloring, or
The most noticeable, yet not recognized, physical injury from the steering is the backward curving of the thumb.

Every time we make a course correction and our body senses the resistance in the steering, (which has an
unknown value to our senses) it automatically generates and delivers a physical force of energy to overcome
the resistance, and it does this within 2/10 tenths of a second.  This results in a damaging surface shock load
to our bone mass. This can happen 140 times a minute.  The surfaces in the joints collapse within each other
(peening effect).  The force resulting in this surface damage is called a Dynamic Force.  

As the injured surface enlarges in diameter and depth, it results in the bone becoming curved and twisted as
will be shown in this document.  The repetitive shock loads inflict the injuries through a numbing process and
you don't feel the damage until arthritis forms and the pain is experienced.

The more you drive with thumb contacting the steering wheel the greater the thumb curling will be.  The only
way to off-set these injuries is by making the steering easier to turn as in the full time power steering days.
1966 Dodge Polara, 1985 Chevrolet, Caprice Classic

Initially a driver will feel stinger in knuckles for 30 minutes when first driving a tight steering vehicle. Actually it
takes less time due to the quick development of the sphere to sphere surface peening.

Children playing video games (computers/consoles)  band instruments, before their bones are calcified
develop similar injuries cover in future posts.  
Arthritic Hand Injuries caused by todays Fashionable High Effort Steering Vehicles.
Finger - Hand Deformities       
The following pictures are a result of our research.  No pictures are altered.  Lines have been added to identify
departure from normally straight fingers and off angular knuckles.  Arrows have been added to further identify
points of interest.  Text has been added for additional information from our records to add to cause and effects.
Part 1 of 3    Various Thumb Deformities Caused by Today's Tight Steering Vehicles

Caused by the resistance in todays rack-n-pinion, tight, high effort steering that results in curved and twisted fingers and enlarged deformed arthritic
knuckles. Due to the resistance in the turning of the steering wheel there is a jerking/thrusting of physical forces required to make steering
corrections within the required 2/10 th's of a second.  In this section we are focused on Thumb injuries.
Note: There is not a safe position to hold the steering wheel without developing arthritic deformities and other health problems.
This backward bending of these fingers is caused by only being able to get entire fingers
wrapped around the fat/thinck steering wheel. Only able to hold the steering wheel with the
palm of the hand and the end surfaces of the finger.  All the damaging dynamic forces are
absorbed by these two surfaces, making this event happening within 6,000 miles.  
Curved thumb. Position for developing curved thumbs
and enlarged knuckles. Notice enlarged knuckles on 1,2
4. Index knuckle is very arthritic and painful. With
various losses of use.
Curved thumbs.Thumbs become curved in
this position when holding steering wheel
and knuckles enlarge with arthritis.
Curved thumb.  Position for developing curved thumbs
and enlarged knuckles. Notice enlarged knuckles on  
baby finger and index. 1 & 4. 1,2 4. Index knuckle is very
arthritic and painful. With various losses of use.
Left wrist will develop carpal tunnel. Right
hand fingers will be curved and twisted from
holding wheel like this. Thumb has outward
bending stresses.
This is a speedy way to cause the
development of carpal tunnel and curved
thumb. One hand with double stresses to
carpal tunnel, enlarging knuckles, back
bending of thumb. Also, left shoulder socket
destruction and causes carpal tunnel
This position causes sever stress to bending
thumps back due to being close to the center
of the wheel thus requiring delivery of
stronger physical pressures to the wheel,  
This also causes the outward bending of the
baby finger.
Another case of developing carpal tunnel,
backward curvature of the thumb, enlarged
knuckles and degeneration/destruction of the
TRAPEZIUM join(s) on either hand with future
replacement of #1 Metacarpal bone on both
hands..Good carpl tunnel position.
NOTICE: All shock loading stresses have a numbing effect on the bones and tissues because they are so quickly applied in 2/10 th's of a sec, therefor injuries are not readily noted due to the numbing effect of the
quick force until the injury becomes arthritic and painful.  Degenerative back disc is linked to the tight steering, however a major contributor of whats called "Degenerative Disc" is the stiff suspension bouncing our
bodies 300+ times a minute at 60 mph.  Take time to look at your hands and fingers
Notice how the thumb becomes twisted in the
effort of fully grasp the wheels surface.  The
thumb and other fingers do bend and twist
when applying the stresses to turrn the wheel
and overcome the built in resistance.
Enlarged painful arthritic knuckles.
This is going to be a mess of twisted, curved,
arthritic fingers/joints, knuckle replacements,
with loss of various physical capabilities in use
of crippling hands.
Holding steering wheel in this position results
in carpal tunnel..which she ahs ahd in both
The following group of pictures are of Thumbs Bending Backwards due to stress on thumbs during steering adjustments, turning corners, and the thick heavy steering
There is not one safe position to hold the steering wheel without developing arthritic deformities.  In the following two groups of pictures you will see many different arthritic deformities due to generating and
delivering forces to over come the resistance of the steering system within 2/10 th's of a second which causes shock loads to hands and joints (125 shock loads at 60 mph on a smooth road with minimal road crown).  
There is no power assist steering, after 5 -10 mph resulting in a lot of stress on our joints and tissue due to the necessary short time response required to control the vehicle. Everyone has this bending of thumbs.
Curved fingers
Baby fingers bent outward from holding thick steering wheel between
ring and baby fingers and righ hand between ring and middle.
A mess from using various holding positions
Holding cross bar on steering wheel
Holding steering wheel between Index and Middle Fingers.  Index
develops curvature from trying to grasp side of wheel. Same with baby
fingers..curvature again Rest of off angular is typical.
Holding steering wheel between baby and ring. Rest of curvatures, etc.a
re typical with 10-2 position.
Drives her Cadillac from Port Huron to Detroit everyday
Small fingers are bent outward due to holding wheel
between baby and ring at the end of baby.  Other
twisting, curving, enlarged knuckles are due to holding
wheel at different positions. Each position generates a
different deformity due to the off-parallelism to the
knuckle. This can all be avoided by easy one finger
Three hours and more driving from St.
Claire to Troy (Mi).  3 to 4 hours of
driving time.
Drove from Marlette, Mi. to SVSU in Saginaw every day
for classes with new Impala. She noticed her fingers
develing curvatures. Family sought answers from other
family members. No history of arthritis.
Every driver has this to some degree.  It happens because the
steering wheel is to think and the hand will not fit around it.  
Therefore the wheel is held by the finger ends and the palm of our
hands.  This is more pronounced in smaller framed people.
This picture typical of all drivers.  It's an
inherent defect in the holding of the fat
steering wheel. Can be remedied by
proving easy one finger steering.  Loss of
gripping in first joint is unavoidable.
Finger tips off parallel. Long lines indicate finger
curvatures and twisting of fingers and knuckles. Notice
how the short lines across knuckles are so much off
parallel to each other. See how baby fingers are curved
toward ring fingers due to hold steering wheel between
them and ring fingers.
This is typical with all drivers. Degree
is bending of knuckle is contingent on
driving time.  The more you drive the
worse it bends. Injury amount also
varies with holding position.
Typical injuries with S-10
Typical injuries from F-150
Pontiac Sunfire Area A indicates the holding position with the hands resting on the
cross support as shown in 2nd picture.  Third pictures shows how her fingers
developed the off perpendicularity to the cross axis of the hand. This is common
when people hold the wheel on the cross support. The forces delivered to
overcome the steering resistance caused the fingers to develop this deformed
angle.  It isn't easy to see this unless hand is held in this manner.
This picture was taken appr. 5 years ago.  The tight steering doesn't only effect the
hands but it causes serious injury to other bones and tissues due to the jerking
stresses our body generates to overcome the steering resistance,  Today she can
hardly move due to these stresses.  Dr's save she is full of arthritis.  Bones don't
move by themselves.  It takes physical forces, stress to make this happen.  Arthritis
is secondary.  Did you know arthritis is our body's way of repairing our joints?  
What went wrong? Off parallel forces.
You should be able to notice why the baby fingers
have the curvatures (remember holding steering
wheel between them).  Index curvatures are worse
due to holding the ends of the fingers on the
wheel when delivering the shock loading, dynamic
force-stress within 2/10 ths of a second.
This is really a bad case of knuckle deformity caused by holding the wheel right at the very
back of the fingers. SW identifies the position.  The knuckle will become arthritic and may
need replacements. All the fingers are curved and twisted as shown in other pictures. Look
at the index fingers on both hands. I don't know the design of her steering wheel so I can't
comment on the true cause of the deformity. She may have held the wheel between the
first and second knuckles..  She was about 20 years old.
Another holding steering wheel between baby and ring.  Rest of curving and twisting is
common with todays rack-n-pinion designed in resistance.
Baby is  bent outward from holding wheel at ends of baby
fingers. Curved arrows indicate twisting direction of bones.  
Straight arrows indicate direction of curvatures of fingers.
Fingers should be in line with some of the straight lines
drawn for the two starting knuckles. Usually you'll find the
fingers are normally straight from the first two but develop
twisting at the second knuckle down.
All fingers are typical of todays rack-n-pinion steering. Can you see how
the baby fingers are deformed due to holding steering wheel between
ring and baby?
Thumbs curved back from driving a
Chevrolet Truck.  Bad but not as bad
as others. He has problems carrying
even a phone book between his
thumbs and index finger unless he
holds such between his first knuckle
and main knuckle of index.
Arrows identify curvatures. Circle 1-2 shows enlarged knuck from
holding steering wheel in area of DARK arrow.
View of enlarged knuckle due to resistance in the steering system.  Nexteer Steering Systems calls the resistance an engineering marvel!  Yup!  They didn't test the resistance to see what impact the resistance would have on our    physical
capabilities.  What they created is arthritic joints, not only in our hands but pulling our vertebrae outward in our back creating the so called elephant hump.  The steering also leads to neck, shoulder, upper back pains and rotor cuff
replacement surgeries, collapsing of disc in back and neck.  Our body wasn't designed by nature to generate and deliver the torsional forces necessary to overcome the steering resistance.  These injuries become horribly painful joint and
knuckle pains helping to increase pain pill addictions.
Pain simulating a heart attack?   Yes, it happens because the steering resistance and muscles developing the torsional forces required to overcome the resistance are anchored to your vertebrae...thus the vertebrae get pulled outward
from the body.  During this process the nerves in the back go through a stage of compression and excruciating pain is transmitted from the back, between the shoulder blades, through to the chest which is makes you believe you're having
a bad heart attack.  The pain doesn't let up and you rush to the ER only to find out, thank God, that it isn't a heart attack.  This pain will repeat itself on many occasions with more trips to the ER.  
GM, FORD, Chrysler, Mercedes and other automotive producers have been made aware of this and the suspension problems.  You need a steering system that can be turned with one finger and soft suspension like a boat traveling in
calm waters
Left thumb bend outward from
driving a FORD Van.
Another example of damaged hands due to the tight, high effort steering caused by resistance.
Madonna...you should be able to identify the deformities.
I think you know who this is. And you can tell he drives stiff steering
vehicles.  All vehicles today have stiff steering.  Good luck.  If you find
one that can be driven with one finger...let us know.  Like the 1985
Chevy Caprice Classic, or the 1966 Dodge Polara. The good cars
with soft riding too.
I can't believe this but this is GM's president.  She doesn't drive much
but enough to cause her thumbs to bend back and fingers to curve.
Good shot of thumbs
Picture on right shows how the fingers will mold to the shape ofgripping the steering wheel on
the left.
Gary has enlarged knuckles, thumb and curving back.
The thumb and knuckle changes are common today
with all drivers based on amount of driving. Don't
recognize it?  Look closer at your hands, in addition you
also have twisted knuckles as shown in this link.  These
injuries are permanent. To prevent further
damage...have steering effort turn down to easy one
finger turning and also have suspension adjusted so it
rides like a boat in calm waters. If not you will be
crippled with arthritis in later years...and you can thank
the auto industry for it.
Twisted knuckles. Left picture shows middle finger with first knuckle bent to your left, as well index finger first knuckle. Right picture
shows second knuckle on middle finger at a 26 degree twisting to your right as well as the index second knuckle. See smaller picture
below.  These injuries are permanent and they do reduce your physical functional ability.  The easiest physical functional loss is the
ability to open jars, carry heavy objects, shaping of joints.  To prevent further injuries have steering effort reduced to easy one finger
steering the way vehicles were 30 years ago....this short video is what we all need.
Bent from holding the steering wheel.  Everyone has
this to some degree. It's unavoidable with our present
high effort steering (tight steering).  You sure lose
gripping strength between thumb and index...plus
horrible pain develops from arthritis.
I was very surprised to see these curved
thumbs with our President Trump.  This
comes from holding the steering wheel as
shown in some pictures at the top of this link.

You may not be able to notice the
deformities in his other fingers as well as I
can.  But they are there.

I've seen pictures of his adult children and
they have driving fingers with bending and
twisting deformities.

I'm sorry what future problems you'll have
Mr. President
Jennifer Aniston: You know who this
actress is.  This is her left hand that shows
the curves in her finger.  Right hand is just
as bad.  Maybe some day I'll get the
chance to meet her.
Oprah drives her fingers are not
perpendicular to the cross axes of her
knuckles and she hold the steering
wheel between her ring and small
Mark Hackel - Macomb County Executive, MIchigan.
His thumb is bent backward.  Can see the deformities in his other fingers
She held the fat steering wheel tightly against her hand near the
knuckle. The knuckle may require replacing as others have had
done. Her thumb has some curving.  You can't see it but her
knuckles are enlarged.
Mathew Stafford - Detroit Lions Quarterback.
Picture below shows how his thumb is bent
outward. In time this will effect his ability to
throw good passes and eventually be unable to
even hold the ball. His thumb is bad...it is not

You can see he holds the fat steering wheel
between his index and middle finger...but not
alot...just enough to cause it to curve towards
the middle finger.

You can see his middle is curved towards the
ring finger and the ring finger is curved towards
the index finger. Hummmm.

His small finger is curved towards the ring
finger because he holds the steering wheel at
the root of the fingers  and at the second
knuckle from the end.

Being he lived in Highland Part, Texas and I
lived in Mesquite and our football team played
Highland Park; I felt like friends. So I sent him a
letter about what was happening to him due to
the driving.  I expected an answer but never
received one.

As Dr. Kakar and Dr. AN at Mayo Clinic in
Rochester, MN said; "People think we're
crazy.  But Mayo confirmed the information on
our web site www.miketomich.com but now they
won't come forward and share their

Know why??  Because it's better to allow all the
problems you find in our web site to continue
because, as Ian Rubin said at NBC "Your
attacking all the giants."  Meaning; computers,
auto, health, video gaming, toys, tools, etc.,
and it might Knock the hell out of the economy.

All we've done is identified a weak link in the
design of our body meaning inability to
generate and deliver torsional forces and the
application of material creep and dynamic
forces casing premature wear.
Kim Kardashian.  Look they all have bad thumbs and twisted
fingers and fingers that curve backwards due to being unable
to fully grasp the fat steering wheel.  Only holding the wheel
with the tips of their fingers and the palm of the hand.  This
happens to almost all women.
Here's a good picture of how her fingers
are curved backwards from holding the
steering wheel with the ends of her fingers
and the palms of her hands.  
Dave Bing-Detroit Mayor at inauguration of Michigan's Governor Snyder.  This is
a blow-up of the picture above. Many deformities in his hand also. Lines should
be straight.  Knuckle on index finger is enlarged (red and yellow arrows).
Obama's right hand clearly shows how he held the
steering wheel between his ring and baby finger in the
area mostly from the first joint from the hand forward.
Michelle Obama. You can see
how the ends of the fingers
are curved backwards.  This
deformity is caused by holding
the fat steering wheel with the
ends of the fingers and the
palm of her hand. Her thumb
is curved backwards also.


Once you get these
deformities...they never get

These are from previous
driving and then with modern
high effort tight steering
Small fingers outward from holding fat steering wheel at root of
finger which will require knuckle replacement later in life.
Will these cause the skin on the sides of your nose to become stretched over time?
Will the constant pulling forces cause the skin to exceed its material creep limits?
Pictures in this section were taken from drivers of these two vehicles.  Tight steering and grasping
surfaces of the various steering wheel crossover bar results in different finger deformities.  NOTE:
ALL STEERING WHEELS...no matter what position you hold them DO DEFINITELY CAUSE HAND
AND FINGER DEFORMITIES...period!  Every driver has a injury(s) shown on this link.
Aspen Dental Receptionist.
18-year old young girl from driving 6 months.
Driving a Chevrolet pickup truck.  Fingers are off perpendicular to the
cross axis of his hands.
Fingers of left hand of lady in blue clearly show
how fingers tips are bent backwards and thumb.
Right hand shows curvature of index and middle
finger.  Both hands show enlarged knuckles
caused by tight steering.
Bently CEO
She had a operation through the front of her neck to her collapsed disc in the back
of her neck. This is due to the mini, but accumulative, injury by the jerking motions
our body incurred every time we move the wheel and feel that small resistance in
the turning. The injury collapses the disc repeatedly until it expands pinching a
nerve and or collapsed disc requiring and operation on the disc.  This is common
as well as hip, knee, shoulder replacements and depression, mood swings, etc.  
The above 6 pictures are from a lady that was a house wife but became the full time driver for her home due to her husbands health problems. These pictures reflect her hand/finger injuries
from the family Oldsmobile she drove.  The steering on this Old's was tight...tight steering started in 1986 along with stiff truck type suspensions.
Top Left;  the 10 to 2 position she always held the steering wheel. Notice how thumb of right is shown bent to the left and enlarged knuckles of both hands.
Top Middle; being the steering wheel is round and thick your finger grasping knuckles are off parallel to the wheel thus causing fingers and knuckles to twist and turn to make full contact with
the wheels surface. The tight steering wheel resistance and our body having to generate and deliver the forces to overcome the resistance a shock/jerk force is applied to the fingers, thus
causing the fingers to bend and twist from repeated shock loads. Causing permanently arthritic enlarged knuckles, curved fingers and twisted knuckles.
Top Right; enlarged knuckles on the hand are clearly viable.  Finger knuckles show enlargement and twisting.
Bottom Left; right hand grasping wheel. Notice twisted knuckles on Index and Middle finger
Bottom Middle; Your doctor tell you have arthritis. And people will accept that. Some of this is not arthritis. They say it's expected with out age.  NOT SO!  The creation of tight steering and
stiff suspensions has lead our research to discover the root cause of arthritis....and our discovery involves mini dynamic forces expediting material creep.
Bottom Right;  Thumbs bent outward from the stiff steering.