The Red Line is a human created enemy designed into our products due to failure to recognize the presence of material creep in
our skeletal system.

This shock loading dynamic force
is responsible for our national escalating medical costs because it causes arthritis, chronic
back, neck, shoulder, hip pains, Carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatic nerve injury, children and adults arthritic hands,
obesity, diabetes, depression, mood swings, birth defects, premature birth, Fibrosis, miscarriages, chronic pain medication use,
and more as identified on our site.

The shock loading dynamic force
is found in many heavy products and gripping surfaces not parallel to our birth design.
Power saws, hammers, shovels, irons, household vacuum cleaners, heavy frying pans, reciprocating saws, and many tools used
in manufacturing.

most common exposure to destructive dynamic force shock loads for adults is the resistance the automotive industry
purposely designed into the steering systems on todays vehicles and the stiff/hard suspension.  They call it "take charge of your
car" "feel the road."

Children's most common exposure is the coloring stroke, strong rapid grasping of video gaming controllers, button pushing on
computers, and riding in stiff suspension vehicles which do transmit 500+ shock loading vibrations through the children's body per
                                                    mickey tomich
+ This page is devoted to identifying the physical process responsible for development of our muscle-
skeletal injuries and chronic pain, carpal tunnel, sciatic pain, back-neck-shoulder-hip-knee operations, depression,
moods swings, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, Fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, deformed joints, and more. Our
injuries happen because the forces exceed the various material creep values of children and adults bones and
+ Simply put,
material creep causes all materials to deform over time in order to release internal stresses
resulting from
outside forces; as a broom with bent bristles resulting from being propped in a corner too long or
a wood board that bends under a load and doesn’t recover.  
 The human body reacts the same from consistent
external forces; permanent skeletal injuries.
Our Common Number #1 Enemy
Mini Shock-loading
Destructive Dynamic Forces causing
Arthritis and Other Skeletal Injuries in Children and Adults