OLPC XO Program (One Lap Top per Child Program)

OLPC XO is Causing Young Children to Develop Permanent Finger Deformities
Do Not Use distribute or use OLPC XO Lap Top Computers without Age Restrictions

Attention Organizations and Countries
                                                                           “our silent epidemic”
                                         m. tomich, a. sawar md, k. raval, md, k. granke md, r. tomich pe
                                                                                 May 18, 2009

Mr. Nicholas Negroponte, Chairman
OLPC XO Organization
P.O. Box 425087
Cambridge, MA 02142

Subject: Children Developing Bent and Twisted Fingers from OLPC XO Computers
My Letter of 12-31-07

Dear Mr. Negroponte:

My reason for this letter is to reiterate the fact that young children develop physically bent and twisted finger deformities from
using computers. This happens because their finger bones are not calcified hard enough to withstand the repetitive dynamic
forces generated with using computers.

Children, like adults, have a “material creep” force tolerance threshold value that is much lower than adults because of their
soft bones.  A friendly 1 lb. repetitive motion force would not injure an adult because their finger bones are large and calcified
hard.  That same 1 lb. repetitive motion force becomes an injuring dynamic force with accumulative injuries because the
child has smaller and softer (un-calcified) finger bones.  Children do develop the bending and twisting of their fingers within
a few weeks with noticeable physical changes which they don’t recognize because the injurious dynamic force mini-traumas
are inflicted with a numbing effect…thus the children do not feel any discomfort.

Children’s injuries are permanent and result in hand functional losses. Their injuries occur simultaneously causing
knuckles to twist, finger curvatures, and out thumb. Once the deformities are started, they only get worse. Children will grow
to lose their gripping strengths and inability to perform meaningful physical labor in supporting themselves as adults.

Scenario: Take the arthritic joints, bent and twisted finger deformities from a 90-year-old person and give them to someone
in their 20’s-30’s. Because that is what the computer industry is doing to our children.
Finger injuries that have taken a lifetime to create from the mini-trauma dynamic force is now being expedited to our young
people. This information is on our website and in our free (downloadable) book.
Your OLPC XO program is doing this.. I can see such on your web pictures.

When I became aware of your OLPC XO program in 12-07, I immediately sent a letter to you and Ms. Susan Hockfield
warning of our discovery and asking that you add age restrictions to your computers.  Age restrictions to avoid children with
soft bones from using them. After seeing a recent article that OLPC XO program had shipped 500,000 units to children
around the world, I shuttered at the thought of how many of these children have unknowingly developed the deformities
shown on our web site: http://www.miketomich.com.   

I admire your knowledge with having developed the media lab at MIT, I am totally ignorant on that subject. My forte’ was
mechanical failure analysis (material creep-dynamic forces-force generation and delivery). I have nine positive locking
differential patents (4104931) specifically designed for planetary reduction axles such as logging equipment which are
made today by Eaton Corporation.  The differentials were designed with 8620 steel with a microstructure/core strong enough
to prevent the change of forces to dynamic forces.

As you can realize, there is a major difference between material creep and the media lab. OLPC XO assumes it is OK to give
computers to young children. However, it is not. Every young child that uses the XO will develop curved fingers and twisted
knuckles that will result in hand functional loss and a poor quality of life as adults. It’s disappointing to know my information
was ignored because OLPC XO website (http://www.laptop.org/en/) contains pictures of children that have developed curved
fingers from computer use as I feared would happen. I assure you, their injuries are permanent and quite serious.

I read that Microsoft and others have been involved in the OLPC XO program. I am surprised that Microsoft has not made you
aware of the children injuries because they have known about it since June 1, 2002 (Microsoft’s Mr. Bill Gates on 6-1-02).
Nintendo and Sony were contacted in April/May 2002, with Nintendo conducting their own preliminary dynamic force study
concluding in June 2002. HP has added warnings but has not defined skeletal injuries.

Please visit my website and click on the three children’s pictures on the left side to see these injuries. This will provide you
with the information you need to identify the injuries I speak about. You can confirm our study results by taking your own
pictures of children’s hands that have not performed coloring, played video games, or had prior use of computers. Then,
retake pictures every week and visual physical changes will definitely be noticed within a few weeks (dependent upon
computer use time). X-raying the children will not work at this stage of the study unless done as we suggest in our book.

It would behoove OLPC XO program to stop distribution, and remove the computers until age restrictions are identified by
OLPC and understood by users. You have such wonderful engineering resources at MIT that can consult you on our material
creep dynamic force factors.     

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, I will do everything I can to help your cause.

                                                                                Yours truly,

Michael Tomich and/for  K. Granke MD, K. Raval MD, A, Sawar MD, R. Tomich PE

PS: This letter and other letters to MIT, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, and pictures will be posted in a link on our home page
www.miketomich.com instead of inclusion in this letter.  

One Laptop Per Child XO Program - OLPC XO
Mr. Charles Kane President, Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Antonio Battro -Chief Education Officer
Mr. Robert Fadel - VP International Operations
Mr. Edward McNierney - VP Software Development
Mr. Rodrigo Arboleda H. - President and CEO, Ibero-America & The Caribbean
Mr. John Watlington - VP Hardware Development
Mr. Habib Khan - Director of Education for South and Central Asia
Mr. Anthony Wong, S.B.S., J.P.- President, China and South East Asia
Mr. Satish Jha - President and CEO, OLPC India
Mr. Walter De Brouwer -President and CEO, OLPC Europe
Mr. Rodrigo Arboleda H. – President and CEO, Ibero-America & The Caribbean
Mr. Walter De Brouwer -President and CEO, OLPC Europe
BOD = Mr. Joe Jacobson (MIT)

Centers for Disease Control
Mr. Thomas Frieden
Ms. Ileana Arias, PhD                           
Mr. Grant Baldwin, PhD, MPH                  
Mr. Richard Besser, MD                          
Ms. Janet Collins, PhD  chronic disease
Mr. Nicholas Farrell, BS                         
Mr. Joe Henderson, Chief of Staff
Mr. Richard Hunt, MD, FACEP                  
Mr. William Nichols, MD, MPA                   
Ms. Tanja Popovic, MD                          
Rear Admiral Anne Schuchat, MD,                  
Rear Admiral Steven L. Solomon, MD,          
Mr. Ed Sontag, EdD,                          
Mr. Edwin Trevathan, MD, MPH,                  
Mr. David Wallace, MSEH                          

Mr. Robert Horvitz, PhD, Nobel Laureate         
Assistant Nick Anisimov     
Mr. Wolfgang Ketterle, PhD, Nobel Laureate                 
Mr. Phillip A. Sharp, PhD, Nobel Laureate                 
Mr. Samuel C. C. Ting, PhD, Nobel Laureate         
Mr. Susmu Tonegawa, PhD, Nobel Laureate     
Mr. Frank Wilczek, PhD, Nobel Laureate     
Ms. Susan Hockfield, President of MIT         
Mr. Subra Suresh, PhD, Dean of Engineering  
Mr. Claude R. Canizares, PhD                 
Mr. Mark A. Kastner, PhD, School of science

National Science Foundation
Mr. Craig Robinson
Ms. Annette Douglas
Mr. Thomas Pererson
Mr. Michael Reischman
Ms. Christina Bloebaum
Microsoft - Letter of 6-2-02 Initial letter to Bill Gates of children's finger deformities
Microsoft - Letter of 10-29-02 Ignoring Injuries Bill Gates
Nintendo   5-1-09 Initial consumer complaint to Michigan Attorney General  Initial Consumer Complaint
Nintendo   5-1-09 Initial letter to Nintendo of children's finger deformities
Sony 4-14-02 Initial letter to Sony of children's finger deformities
Sony 8-7-02    First letter from Sony Attorneys to Mi AG on children's finger deformities
Sony 1-21-03 Second letter from Sony Attorneys to CPSC - children's finger deformities
Microsoft - Letter of 6-09-04 from Microsoft's Attorney and Bill Gates
Microsoft - Letter or 2-12-03 Video Industry Action needed. Microsoft/Bill Gates
The 3 following pictures are deformities from computer useage    (miketomich photo collection)
Black lines identify bending and twisting deformities. Blue lines are where fingers should be.
photo's OLPC XO
photo's OLPC XO
Additional Letters to OLPC- Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony

December-2007 a letter was sent to Mrs. Susan Hockfield -President of MIT, and Mr. Nicholas Negroponte - MIT Media Lab,
informing them of children developing curved fingers, twisted bones, and twisted knuckles from computers.  Children's
deformities happen because their bones are too soft and easily yield to the self generated repetitive motion dynamic forces
developed in the using process. OLPC XO should not be given to young children with soft bones.

April-2009, OLPC XO Mr. Nicholas Negroponte announces they have shipped One-Half Million lap top computers to children
around the globe.

May 18, 2009,
Our letter sent to Mr. Nicholas Negroponte at OLPC XO Program Officers, Copies to CDC, NIH, National Science
Foundation, MIT, asking they stop shipping until age restrictions can be added.                                          
             mickey tomich
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OLPC XO - Letter of 12-31-07  First letter to Nicholas Negroponte and Susan Hockfield - MIT