Now what? -  All The Giants
by Mike Tomich
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                                                                                                     "All The Giants"

Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Dell Computer, HP Computers, Mad Catz, Child Day Care Facilities, 3rd party video gaming suppliers,
Michigan, State and Federal political leaders, CPSC. CDC, NIHCD, NHTSA, School Boards, Church Leaders, Boy Scouts, European
Union, England, Australia, and too many to mention have received educational literature clearly and simply explaining these serious
and unnecessary problems.

Our work has, and is still currently being verified by a study conducted by recognized scientist that will currently remain anonymous.
                           Our research results in Module 1 and Module 2, continues to be accepted
    Young Children with soft undeveloped (un-calcified) bones develop permanent finger curvatures with twisted knuckles from the
popularity of video gaming, computers, toddler coloring, texting for only one reason...thier bones are much too-o-o-o soft for the
repetitive compression forces that exceed the bone mass strengths, thus resulting in permanent injuries.  Todays vehicles cause
similar permanent injuries from the "high effort resistance in the initial turning of the steering wheel.

Coloring and Video industry manufacturers (Crayola Crayons [Hallmark], Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony) admit they are aware of our
children developing crippling injuries (that will interfere with full hand functionality and in many situations prevent meaningful wage
earning due to physical inabilities to perform various physical wage earning tasks).

Vehicles continue to be designed with stiff race-car/truck suspensions and stiff high resistant steering systems. NOTE: Family
vehicles should be soft riding with easy one-finger steering. Our body is not designed to be tolerate 17,400 compression shock loads
by bouncing in a stiff suspension vehicle and a horribly stiff seat in 20 minutes. Neither was our body designed to generate torsional
forces to over come the 44 inch pounds required to turn the steering wheel within .25-.35 hundreds of a second.
(NOTE: Next time you take a 20 minute ride, pay attention to how stiff your body feels after exit and stand up.

Health issues of arthritic hands on children and adults, carpal tunnel, knee-hip-shoulder replacement surgery, carpal tunnel,
depression,chronic back, neck, shoulder, wrist pain, headaches, etc can and are caused by the stiff steering and suspensions and of
course sources of compression forces in children's gaming.

Think of this! All of todays health problems started during the mid 80's  when  video gaming equipment, stiff steering, stiff
suspensions, and stiff seating all became popular.

                                                                 The Giants will Do Nothing

                                           What can you do to protect your child?
        No coloring with wax crayons until at least 5-years old
         No playing with toys that cannot be easily picked up effortlessly with 2 fingers.
                                 No toys with buttons that require striking, play phones, etc.
Limited time on computers after 13-years-old and then with a different design keyboard and mouse...not available
yet. No video gaming, Wii or electronic hand held toys requiring button pushing.
                Adult Protection

                    Have steering effort reduced to easy one finger effortless steering
            Have suspension reduced to low-smooth like a boat floating on calm waters.
                       Suspensions must be free of vibrations and compression forces.
Do not operate cash registers with touch screens....this will cause enlarged arthritic knuckles and blunt finger tips.

                               "All The Giants" and this is a sample of their wise words and actions

July 2004 and Jan 2005. Bush Administration cancels CDC Study on Children’s Video Gaming Injuries  Cindy Witt
and Paul Smutz were scheduled to perform a study of our research. Sandra E. Bonzo and Dr. Christine Blanche
ordered a halt to the study.

November 14, 2007, Microsoft Executives visit their enemy Senator Joe Lieberman’s office and seek his withdrawal
of Senate Bill S.948 (study the effects of video gaming on children’s physical and mental health).  S.948 was
withdrawn the next day. (Microsoft Executives and Senator Joe Lieberman are now best friends)

Senator Debbie Stabenow said can’t do anything until more people complain (meaning 1,000's), it has to be a
grass roots effort.

Senator Carl Levin…he knows but turns his head.

Congressman Dale Kildee He said for three years he was arranging and an appointment with Secretary Kathleen
Sebelius, Department of Health and Human Services henceforth. He lied.

Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm said she would help, but refused to inform parents

Present Michigan Governor Rick Snyder knows of these injuries and has refused to inform parents.  

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