May 1, 2002
                                                                                                                                           Mike Tomich
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Mr. Tatsumi Kimishima – CEO                                              
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Nintendo of America
PO Box 957
Redmond, WA  98073
PR 425 882-2040

RE:  Design Flaw in Nintendo Game Controller – Urgent
Nintendo Controllers Crippling children’s hands

Dear Mr. Kimishima:

I have two grandsons who play games with your Nintendo.  Recently I saw my young five year old grandson staring at his hands
while opening and closing them.   This is a sign from him that there is a problem.  I examined his hands and fingers and
alarmingly discovered his fingers were twisted and bent.  Both of my five and ten year old grandchildren have this problem.  This
distortion and bending is symmetric to both hands.  This distortion and bending does conform to a precise fit of the shape of the
controller handles.  I have examined other children’s hands and found the same condition/trend.

You do have a design flaw which results in crippling damage to children’s hands.  This damage to the fingers, and possibly the
inner hands, is not reversible.  It is permanent.  This damage will result in arthritis when the movement/function of the joints is
changed or redirected (when they stop using the controller).

The controller needs to be designed for more compatibility with the hands.  I think what might be happening is when children play
the game, and because the game moves so fast, they hold the controller with a death grip.  

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Being the honorable man that you must be, I would hope that you would do all in your power to correct this design and
immediately stop the crippling of the children’s hands.

You must notify your existing purchasers, put a warning on the container or controller, so people can be aware of the
consequences of using the controller, and do a redesign that will be more compatible with the users hands.  The controller puts
off-center pressure/load on the fingers, which results in a twisting effect on the finger joints, thus causing the finger joints to
deform and the bones to twist and bend.

In any event, I plead with your company to take immediate Corrective Action as soon as possible…this matter is of the utmost
urgency.   I know a wide range of people that play these games.  Maybe this is attributing to the high rate of the carpal tunnel

I think you know the children’s bones are soft at this young age.  Again, I urge to investigate this matter henceforth.  Please feel
free to contact me with any questions you have.  This is a real issue.  Children’s hands are being crippled now as you read this
letter.  I would appreciate a response to this letter.  If there are any questions I will be glad to explain exactly what I’m writing about
and show you.

Please see to it that this letter reaches all the necessary personnel at Nintendo.  This problem exists in the Sony Play Station
Controller also.

                                                                               Very truly yours,

                                                                                Mike Tomich

Mailed Certified Return Receipt to Mr. Tatsumi Kimishima
Initial Letter to Nintendo