Warning to Children's Day Care Center Facilities
A 5 1/2  year study on children's fingers becoming bent and twisted, and developing physical functional limitations as a result of
those deformities is explained in the various pictures and text of this website.  Children's bones and knuckles do become bent and
twisted from heavy toys, coloring, computer use, and video gaming.  The deformities are caused because the study revealed the
fact that the human skeletal system has a Material Creep Force Tolerance Threshold.  This means some forces/stress the children
are subjected to can and do result in accumulative injury to their small bones by the stress (dynamic forces) turning into torsional
forces, which cause their fingers to permanently bend and twist.

These are very serious and permanent injuries that do alter their physical functional abilities with handling small parts, and the
injuries once inflicted, will intensify with simple physical tasks as they age.  The children's  injuries are easily avoided by
prevention.  Prevention meaning; not allowing the children to perform processes that generate stresses (dynamic forces) which
exceed the Material Creep Threshold of their soft (un-calcified) bones (see website glossary).  Refer to pictures of children's fingers
on "Home" page.

During our study it was discovered how popular Day Care Centers had become.  Realizing the magnitude of the children's
deformities and its unrecognized root cause, we contacted Mr. Jim Sinnamon, Director of Michigan's Children's Day Care and
Home Licensing Centers.  As I'm sure you are aware, Mr. Sinnamon's Group is responsible for establishing the operating rules
and auditing your centers to assure compliance.
Michigan Child Day Care Licensing - Jim Sinnamon Director   517 373-8300
7109 W. Saginaw, 2nd Floor, Lansing, Mi. 48909

In April 2004, Mike Tomich contacted Jim and the Michigan Department of Education making them aware of the discoveries relative
to coloring, video gaming and Mike's concerns for children's repetitive motion involved with computer use in Day Care Facilities,
Kindergarten, and First Grades in elementary schools.  Many conversations detailing the cause and effects were conducted.  

In May 2004, Jim Sinnamon sent Mike Tomich a letter informing Mike that his concerns were going to be addressed in that he, Jim
Sinnamon was going to change the rules from allowing children to play as much as they wanted,  to a new restriction of 30 minutes
per day per child.
Coloring Damage
Computer Damage
Video Damage
December 7, 2006, the new rules were implemented without any restrictions for the video gaming, toddler coloring, computer use, or
heavy toy handling, even though we were told restrictions will be applied.

R 400.5108 Equipment (in part).
(1) A center shall provide an adequate and varied supply of play equipment, materials, and furniture, including all of the following:
(d) Child-sized or appropriately adapted for a child's use.
* Assuring that all toys, games, and other play equipment is appropriate for a child at his/her stage of development........etc.

The above language makes Day Care Centers responsible for children's injuries..

If you are responsible for a Children's Day Care Facility, contact your liability insurance carrier, Department of Day Care Licensing, and
seek answers in writing as to what ages are appropriate for children handling heavy toys, coloring, video games (portable/console) and
computers.  The information on this site explains the mechanics of the damage from dynamic force shock loading effects on the skeletal
system.  A study must be conducted to establish a standard for children...because every physician has a different opinion (See Note #1 at
bottom of home page).

The magnitude of the problem between Material Creep vs. Bone Calcification requires a bone study to determine bone calcification
strength.  Determinations need to be made as to what age is appropriate relative to toddlers with heavy toy handling, wax crayons vs.
liquid crayons, different size computer mouses and video controller sizes.  The biggest damage causing process that I have found is their
gripping process.  When they grasp something, their fingers bend and twist to make full contact with the surface they are grasping.  
Surfaces that are not parallel to the knuckle result in torsional forces that cause the twisting knuckles and bones.  Surfaces that are
parallel to their knuckles cause the knuckles and fingers to bend backwards.  So what is the answer?  Children should not be allowed
access to dynamic forces when their bones are too soft (un-calcified) to withstand those forces without yielding.  

We suggest Day Care Facilities check with your medical source, and Mr. Jim Sinnamon at the Michigan Department of Child Care
Licensing and inquire what other form of entertainment can replace coloring, video games, computers, heavy toys, etc.  As identified in
our book, children do break crayons when coloring, and this breakage results in Dynamic Force shock loads...therefore if you insist on
children using crayons before a safe age for them to use the crayons is determined....
remove broken crayons and do not melt the
crayons in different containers for the children to use.  Children using broken crayons, that have been recycled, is just as dangerous as
new crayons in that their gripping surfaces are still off parallel to their knuckles and may require even more gripping efforts than they
would with the standard crayon, which could also lead to fingers being shock loaded to bend backwards at various knuckles.

I know owners, and managers have the pleasure of witnessing the growth and development of our lovely little people, and as adults we
try to do everything for them.  I was told the rules were left like they are so when medical support came, a swift change in rules would be
implemented.  I was also informed that a verbal communication would be had with every Day Care Facility in Michigan, to make them
aware of the problem of children's finger deformities.  Medical support by Dr. Sawar, and Dr. Raval relative to children's injuries has been
obtained, as well as other physicians, with more becoming  interested.
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Beware: Do not allow young children to play video games (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Wii, gameboy, or any hand held
gaming, computers or repetitive motion devices, during the ages when the children's bones are too soft (un-calcified) to
withstand the dynamic forces generated in these handling processes. Children will develop permanently bent and
twisted finger deformities and hand/finger functional losses from these processes. A major functional loss will be the
use of their thumbs in adult life.
To Prevent children's crippling finger deformities:
1)  do not allow the playing of video games or using computers until they are at least 8 years-old.
2)  do not allow children to start coloring until they are at least 5 years-old.
3)  do not allow toddlers to play with anything they cannot easily grasp and hold with 2 fingers.
See Note #1 at the bottom of our home page.
Attention Michigan Child Day Care Facilities: Contact your liability insurance agent for further information,
and/or Mr. Jim Sinnamon, Director of Child Day Care Licensing 517-373-8300, 7109 W. Saginaw, 2nd Floor, Lansing, Mi.
48909. If you contact us, do so by e-mail (miketomich@yahoo.com) with the word "children" in the subject line and include
your phone number and best time to call (US Calls only). Other states contact your corresponding agency.
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8-12-09  Crayola Crayons (Smith-Barney/Hallmark Corp.) has introduced many new soft tips coloring devices and shapes for small
children to use in place of the wax crayons. They are not safe for children's soft, non-calcified, undeveloped finger bones. Read our
notice to Scientist, Engineers, etc.
Material Creep