December 31, 2007
                                                                                                                                                         Michael Tomich
Mrs. Susan Hockfield - President                                        
Massachusetts Institute of Technology                                
Office of the President   3-208                                        
77 Massachusetts Avenue                                                
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

Subject:   The Green Machine is a health hazard to young children
     Suspend use of the Green Machine and gather those already issued.

Dear President Hockfield;  

Further to my communications with Mr. Walter Bender, young children develop bent and twisted finger deformities from using
computers. The deformities also cause hand functional losses. These permanent injuries can be seen on our web site

Our web site is the results of our 6-year privately funded study prompted after noticing my grandchildren developing bent and
twisted fingers after purchasing a Nintendo 64. Our research exposed the realization of the skeletal system having a "Material
Creep" force tolerance threshold relative to bone calcification strength. The exposed physical process involving dynamic force
injuries has been determined by our associates to be the cause of physical induced arthritis in children and adults.

Because of the focus on my continued studies, I did not become aware of your Green Machine program until recently. The
pictures I've seen on the web of the young children have prompted me to contact Mr. Bender asking for a ban on shipping. Some
of the children I've seen in the pictures are too young and will develop crippling deformities from pushing the keys, such as those
shown on my web site.

A safe age has not been determined yet. Senator Joe Lieberman's bill S.948 (which is expected to pass in 2008) will provide $95
million to study the physical and mental effects of computers and video gaming on children. Of course we are concerned for the
entire scope of the study, we see the horrible physical damage which is silently inflicted and will have a very negative impact on
the quality of their life because of their physical capability losses.

Even children that start coloring at 3-years of age develop bent and twisted finger deformities with functional limitations. The age
when children's fingers are calcified hard enough to perform coloring, use computers, and play video gaming has not been
determined yet. Such a study is beyond our financial means.  

Young children that receive your "Green Machine" computer will develop permanently bent and twisted finger deformities from
pushing on the computer keyboard keys because their bones are too soft to withstand the dynamic forces generated in the
process. The skeletal injuries will have severe consequences on their physical capabilities in earning a meaningful wage as
adults and will have a negative impact on their quality of life. Please do not ship any "Green Machines" and make arrangements
for what has already been delivered to be gathered and held in a secure location to prevent further use by children. The children's
skeletal damage becomes noticeable within 2 to 8 weeks because of the soft bone issue. Therefore, it would behoove MIT to
give this their immediate attention to prevent further injuries.

For the health and safety of our children, please call me at your convenience so we can work together to get Senate bill S.948
CAMRA Act passed by congress and obtain emergency funding to prompt the study.

If you wish a complimentary copy of our book "Our Silent Epidemic" contact me with your preferred postal address.  

Thank you in advance for your attention in this serious matter. I apologize for not becoming aware of your program before this

                                                                                    Very truly yours,

                                                                                     Mike Tomich

Mr. Walter Bender, Senior Research Scientist  E15-934  
Mr. Phillip L. Clay, Office of the Chancellor 10-200
Mr. Marc A. Kastner - Dean, School of Science 6-123
Mr. R. Gregory Morgan, Vice President and General Counsel 7-206
Mr. L. Rafael Reif, Office of the Provost 3-208  
Ms. Theresa M. Stone, Executive Vice President, & Treasurer 3-221
Mr. Subra Suresh - Dean, School of Engineering 1-206
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