Letter to Michigan State Police Vehicle Qualification Testing for Police Duty Applications
The following letter was sent to the Michigan State Police Precision Testing Facility to warn them of health problems incurred by
drivers and passengers due to the hidden resistance in steering systems and stiff suspensions.

The present steering and suspension systems are much cheaper to produce. However, the automotive industry didn't know human
mass has a "variable material creep force tolerance threshold value" and it does and will forever react negatively to compression
forces.  Steering must be easy one-finger turning with soft suspension.  Steering ratio can easily be adjusted to accommodate the
lower effort steering.  Variable suspensions can accommodate any necessary police chases.   

This is our link for easy non-injuring one-finger steering:  

Mercedes-Benz's soft, non body shaking suspension can be viewed at this link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScpgI1w5F6A

Information relative to human mass injuries is included in Module #2-Line items 1 thru 5, and autism in Module 4, on our web site

Mercedes-Benz is now producing soft electronic suspensions.  Mayo-Clinic is conducting trials on our information.
                                                                  November 25, 2013
Michigan State Police
Precision Driving Unit
7426 N. Canal Rd.
Lansing, MI 48913
Lt. Jim Flegel, flegelj@michigan.gov
Sgt. Ron Gromak, gromakr@michigan.gov
Sgt. Mike McCarthy, mccarthym4@michigan.gov
Sgt. Matt Rogers, rogersm11@michigan.gov

Re: Serious Health Problems - Steering and Suspension Systems–Mayo Clinic–Mercedes-Benz
   Discovery of Variable Material Creep Force Tolerance Threshold Values in Human Mass  
   Police officers suffering chronic lower back pain

Dear Gentlemen,

Attached is a copy of a letter that was sent to Col. Kriste Etue.  It highlights the results of the impact of negative damaging
forces on drivers of vehicles with the stiffer steering and stiff suspensions on vehicles.

I sent notice of these injury causing mini-traumas and the effects it has on passengers and drivers on 2-16-2003 to Col.
Tadarial Sturdivant, Lt. David Halliday, and Captain Dan Miller, and arranged for a meeting with General Motors.  MSP
never responded and GM declined assisting us with our research.  Guess it was because, and as usual, someone thinking
outside of the box.

We continued with our research and discovered the information we presented to you was not only correct but it was merely
a drop in the bucket; a whole new science.

Your vehicle testing program is actually approving vehicle for use that is causing serious muscle/skeletal deformities, and
chronic pain.  

Any steering that cannot be turned with ONE FINGER damages soft and hard tissue in the human body. The stiff
suspensions shake the body causing hip joint pains, headaches, achiness, depression, mood swings, and the lower back
pain suffered by so many police officers I’ve spoken with.

Before reading the letter to Col. Etue, it would behoove you to download a copy of our free report “Our Silent Epidemic”
(Step #1) in Module 6 at www.miketomich.com, also “Picture-reference guide” (Step #2).   

Feel comfortable contacting me with any questions.

                                                                  Yours truly,

                                     Michael G Tomich

                                                              Michael G. Tomich      and/for     
                    Amar Sawar M.D.,   Kausik Raval M.D.,   Professor Kenneth Granke M.D.

Cc:   Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue (USPS)
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