Letter of 11-4-13 thanking Merceds-Benz for implementing a new suspension on their vehicles which will
prevent impact forces from road bumps shaking the human body which results in skeletal (joint replacements,
fibromyalgia, mood swings, depression, degenerative disc disease, etc.) soft tissue injuries (L-4, L-5) and the
shaking and jerking of the nerve cluster in at the base of the unborn child which our research has identified as
being a major factor in autism.  

NOTE:  Pregnant women should not ride in vehicles with stiff suspensions.

Mercedes-Benz 2nd corrective action must be to reduce the steering effort.  Eliminate the ramped resistance in
the steering systems.
Letter to Mercedes-Benz Motor Company
If a driver cannot turn the steering wheel easily with one-finger...then it will cause arthritic
hands and joints.  All drivers must isolate their body from the shock-loads that are
transmitted through the human body when driving over uneven road surfaces.  
                                                                   “Our Silent Epidemic”
                                Professor Kenneth Granke M.D.,  Amar Sawar M.D.,  Kaushik Raval M.D.,  Michael Tomich Q.E.
                                                                             xxxxxxxxx, Gagetown, Mi. 48735 - USA
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                                                              November 4, 2013

Daimler AG – Board of Management                                                                                                             Page 1 of 2
70546 Stuttgart

Dr. Dieter Zetsche
Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard
Dr. Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt
Mr. Wilfried Porth
Mr. Andreas Renschler
Mr. Hubertus Troska
Mr. Bodo Uebber
Dr. Thomas Weber

Re:        Health Problems from Steering and Suspension Systems – Mayo Clinic
        Discovery of Variable Material Creep Force Tolerance Threshold Values in Human Mass  

Dear Dr. Dieter Zetsche:

I’m flattered that Daimler’s took the time to investigate the information from our study about the serious
health problems caused by the presence of shock loads in stiff suspension systems when traveling on
uneven road surfaces.  I also think you realize now that our body has a “variable material creep force
tolerance threshold value” but Daimler does not have a total understanding of it.  It is a new science with new
rules for ergonomics, and your present designs, as with the rest of the automotive industry, fail to stay within
the new safe limitations in ergonomics.  Therefore, people will continue to develop various muscle and
skeletal injuries. I wish you would have contacted me about our study results, I would have been pleased
sharing this with Daimler.  

Physicians have researched for the cause of autism for over twenty-six years, and they still say they still
do not have a clue for the cause.  Autism started to surface in the 80’s at the same time vehicles were
switching to stiff suspensions and stiff steering systems.  I can remember the advertising on television “Take
charge of your car,” “Feel the road.” Seven years ago that our research led us to the connection between
how the stiff suspensions boosted the effects of the shock loads generated on uneven road surfaces and the
effects of those shock loads on the embryo.  

Therefore, a reduction in autism numbers will be realized with the Magic Ride” because it will help isolate the
embryo from the seven-million-plus mini-trauma shock loads during the pregnancy.
 Dr. Christopher Walsh,
Children's Hospital Boston states “autism happens in the Uterus.” Hospital of Boston “it affects all kids, all
races.  Dr. Christine O’Rourke-Lang, Autism Behavior Analysis; “everyone knows someone with autism now.  
Reference ’PBC presentation 'Decoding Autism' (9-19-11, Sara Lee Kessler).  CDC 3-21-13, Autism is now 1
in 50 children and no hint of a cure is available.

                                                                                                                                    Page 2 of 2

Though you have, what appears to be, a good suspension system, it is still not the answer.  Have your
engineers failed to realize the negative impact and chronic health problems caused by the high-effort
steering?  The high-effort steering must be replaced with low-effort steering to avoid forces pushing human
mass into its plastic state.  Reducing the steering effort and providing “Magic Body Ride” is not the total
answer.  People will continue to develop chronic health problems until all processes are within the "variable
force tolerance threshold values".   

I hope to communicate with you soon.  If I do not hear from you within the next 60 days, then I’ll assume
you’re not interested in our information but, for the safety of your customers, correct all damaging processes
in your vehicles.

Again, thank you so much for the suspension changes....autism will end when all automotive companies have
followed your example.

                                                         Yours truly,

                                                     Michael Tomich     and/for

                    Kenneth Granke M.D.,  Amar Sawar M.D.,  Kaushik Raval M.D.

Cc:         Dr. Granke
       Dr. Sawar
       Dr. Raval
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