Adult and Children's Injuries

Pictures of straight fingers, people that didn't drive rack-n-pinion steering vehicles:

Adult Injuries from Rack-n-pinion steering and stiff suspension  
1).  Rack-n-pinion steering:
2). Adults Back and Spine Injuries (Vertebrae Shifting):
3). Video-Healthy Low Effort One Finger Steering:
4). My fix for eliminating lower back pain:                 
5). Warning to Nexteer: (manufacturers of steering systems)
6). Warning to Michigan State Police Re; Deficient Vehicle Testing and Approval:
7). Warning to Los Angeles County Sheriff Department: Re: Deficient Vehicle Testing and Approval
8). The type of suspension you want on your police vehicles Mercedes-Benz has taken the lead to fix this error.

Warning Letter to Vehicle Manufacturers - Health Problems from Steering and suspension:
 D).  Chrysler
             E).  Hyundai
             F).  Volkswagen
             G).  BMW
             H).  Honda
             J).  Mazda
             K).  Toyota
             L).  Nissan
             M). Mercedes-Benz
Warning Letters to Various Police Agencies
PD-1 Bad Axe Police-Mi, Bay County Sheriff-Mi, Caro Police-Mi, Cass City Police-Mi, Dallas County Sheriff-Tx,
Dallas Police-Tx, Detroit Police-Mi, Huron County Sheriff-Mi, Kaufman County Sheriff-Tx, Macomb County
Sheriff-Mi, Mesquite Police-Tx, St. Clair County Sheriff-Mi, Saginaw County Sheriff-Mi, Saginaw Police-Mi,
Tuscola County Sheriff-Mi, Wayne County Sheriff-Mi.
Various Policing Agencies-1st Mailing

Children's Finger Deformities from:
          C1  Video Gaming:
          C2  Computer Mouse/Keyboard:
          C3  Wax Color Crayons:
          C4  Texting:
          C5  Piano:
          C6  Band Instruments:
          C7  NBC News Coverage - Flint, Mi:      
          C8  Request to Governors, Politicians, Unions, News Papers, Government Agencies for
                Assistance  to stop children's injuries:

MIT - Letter to MIT and OLPC Program, Nicholas Negroponte and Susan Hockfield

Microsoft - Letter of 6-2-02 Initial letter to Bill Gates of children's finger deformities
Microsoft - Letter of 10-29-02
Bill Gates Ignoring Children's Injuries
Microsoft - Letter or 2-12-03 Video Industry Action needed. Microsoft/Bill Gates
Microsoft - Letter of 6-09-04 from Microsoft's Attorney and Bill Gates
Nintendo   5-1-02 Initial consumer complaint to Michigan Attorney General  
Initial Consumer Complaint             
Nintendo   5-1-02 Initial
letter to Nintendo of children's finger deformities

Sony 4-14-02  
Initial letter to Sony about children's finger deformities
Sony 8-7-02    
Sony's Attorney Response to Michigan Attorney General, Play Station Injuries
Sony 1-21-03  
Sony Attorneys Response to CPSC on children's finger deformities (second response)
B                       FOP Members and Others That Spend Considerable Time Driving

1)Notice of serious silently occurring health problems in Police Vehicle Steering and Suspensions

2) The following health related problems, identified by our study, has been traced to the high effort steering
(resistance to movement), stiff suspensions that shake passengers, seating that does not aid in isolating
passengers from the body shaking shock loads.

Mayo Clinic is studying our research results.  Mercedes-Benz has joined us. You must learn of what to watch for to
prevent further injuries.

Dear FOP Members and Others that spend a lot of time driving:

The Michigan State Police, Los Angeles County Sheriff, NHTSA, vehicle manufacturers, various police
departments unions have been made aware of the fact that the steering and suspensions on today's vehicles are
causing many new health problems due to the fact that a new medical discovery has been made, which is the fact
that all human mass has ‘variable force tolerance threshold values’. The steering and suspensions exceed these
values…resulting in crippling injuries.

Symptoms of injuries
Here are just some of the medical problems caused by design changes that result in mini-shock-loads that push
matter through its elastic state and into its plastic state.  Plastic state meaning permanent change in

Lower back pain, back pain between the shoulder blades, burning sensation and itching in back between shoulder
blades, annoying numbness in small-ring-middle fingers, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, bent fingers, twisted
knuckles, bone replacement surgery, enlarged knuckles (do not allow the tip of any finger to ride on the surface of
the steering wheel, neck pain, degenerated disc in neck, neck fusion surgery, shoulder pain-unable to move arm,
chronic shoulder pain period, numbness in both hands due to vertebrae shifting in back between shoulder blades,
sciatic nerve problems causing leg pain, degenerative disc disease-lower back disc rupture (usually L-4, L-5) (this
happens from both the steering and suspension problems-twisting forces from steering and shaking forces from
suspensions).  Soreness in hips (usually appearing after 5 minutes of walking), knee replacement and chronic
ankle (knee isn’t supported when generating and delivering the forces necessary to overcome the resistance in
the rack and pinion steering system, lower back fusion and rod placements.  The outer end of the thumb is bent
outward, away from the hand…you cannot make full comfortable contact with the thumb while holding the pistol….
like you used to be able to do.
Your thumb is bent outward as shown in Module 2, Line Item #2 in our web site
.  Injuries are eminent with the steering and suspensions but more pronounced with smaller
framed people.  Finger injuries are usually visible within 6,000 miles.  

Bouncing of the body causes depression, mood swings, inability to sleep, and chronic fatigue due to the
inflammation throughout our body.  Autism started to surface right after introduction of the stiff suspensions (as
well as other ailments), autism is not a chemical is due to multiple vibrations shksing the embryo and
injuring the nerve cluster and the base of the brain and spinal cord.  Pregnant women riding in today’s stiff
suspension vehicles is the common denominator.  The texture wore off the
steering wheel, and it’s now slippery/smooth? Your hands are calloused?  Maybe you haven’t noticed that their
calloused yet?  No matter what you use, or what location you hold the steering wheel…there is no safe position.  
The only safe choice is to have the steering changed to easy one-finger steering.  Steering ratios
can be adjusted to accommodate easy one finger steering.    .

The Michigan State Police and Los Angeles County Sheriff are testing and endorsing a list of vehicles for
police duty which are causing serious permanent functional loss injuries or prompting surgeries that only provide
limited improvement.  This is a silently occurring event with no happy ending.  Keep in mind that the
resistant rack-n-pinion steering, stiff suspensions and video gaming all became popular at the same time, which is
the reason these injuries have gone unrecognized for 25-years. Parents were using their injuries as bench marks.  

The resistance in the rack and pinion steering, even when slightly moving the wheel, results in impact forces
to all body muscle and joints, causing bone curvatures, bone and knuckle twisting with additional joint deformities
( Module 2, #2 or click here and
development of arthritis.  The resistance in the rack-n-pinion steering and stiff suspension cause most of the
muscle/skeletal injuries we experience with our skyrocketing increases in medical expenses in our country and
developing countries that are driving more.  The steering resistance, and repetitive body shaking caused by the
stiff suspension because the suspension does not
isolate passengers from the repetitive bumps/shock loads caused by uneven road surfaces.

Just as our children develop permanent finger deformities from the repetitive motion forces pushing mass
into its plastic state (all of Module 1), we also experience the same and more. Resistant steering and suspension
can be traced to our new plague of muscle/skeletal injuries.
Some communications with Sony Play Station  Click:  

Autism. The common denominator found with autistic children is the mother riding in a vehicle with stiff
suspension thus subjecting her to the body bouncing impact forces caused by the shock loading forces generated
by the uneven road surfaces.  Then, to further aggravate the problem, the baby is put in a hard baby seat, and
attached to the back seat.  The back seat bounces higher than the front, subjecting the baby to even stronger
impact forces.  During the depression and WWII unwanted pregnancies were terminated by shock loads generated
while jumping down stairways, off running-boards, etc. Women are subjected to 7 million+ shock loads in 6 months
of normal riding in stiff suspensions.  Mercedes-Benz (which brought us the stiff suspension) has implemented a
new electronic suspension system that isolates passengers from the shock loading road bumps.  Mercedes very
informative video is available at:  Or click on the
link on our web site in Module 4 - #1 “Mercedes-Benz "Fully Active" NEW Soft Suspension”.   Electronic
suspension can manually or automatically be changed to suspensions for high speed handling.

The lower back pain experienced by so many officers is due to the stiff suspension bouncing the officer.  The
seat belt holds the lower torso secure to the seat and as the body bounces the L-4, L-5 area separates and
clashes together again, resulting in eventual decompression of the disc.  The twisting generated during the human
body generating and delivering the forces to overcome the rack-n-pinion steering resistance delivers twisting
shock loads to the vertebrae and disc as well.  Compound forces hammering the natural protective function of the
disc, leading to disc failure.

What about the NHTSA, CPSC, S.A.E., General Motors, other vehicle manufactures, and political leaders
in Washington?
 We have filed complaints…now we are loaded with red tape. Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder,
and former Governor Jennifer Granholm turn their head to this, as well as Senator Debbie Stabenow and Carl
Levin and numerous others.  Michigan’s economy is automotive.  Unfortunately, Senator Debbie Stabenow’s office
says this has to be a grass roots effort before she can do anything to assist us.  Can’t get past the phone
screening at National Institute of Health.    

Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN agrees with our information shown in Modules 1 and 2 (children and adults
injuries) ( and they are presently conducting proper protocol studies for acceptance by
medicine and science.

Module 2, Line item #B is a copy of a letter sent to the
Michigan State Police, Col. Etue, to warn her of the long
term effects and approving vehicles with rack-n-pinion steering and stiff suspensions for police duty .  Be sure to
read our letter to her as it covers more information Module 2, Line item #B or click here Letter to
Police-Nov-23-13.html , letter to Michigan State Police Vehicle Testing Unit: MSP Vehicle Testing Unit. Letter to
Los Angeles County Sheriff Department and Vehicle Testing; LA County Sheriff.

There are two major problems you must be corrected immediately to prevent new injuries and stop
continued expansion of existing hidden muscle/skeletal injuries

Problem #1- Reduce steering effort so the wheel can be turned easily with ONE FINGER. See a short acceptable
steering video at, Module 2, Line item #4. Or click here

Problem #2- Isolate passengers from the stiff suspension shock loads that are allowed to travel through the
passenger’s body.  Passengers need to sit on a cushion to help isolate them from the body shaking forces.  What
I use is posted on my site in Module 4, Line item A-2, or click here

To get the most out of our letter to Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue, Director of the Michigan State Police and Sheriff Leroy
D. Baca LA County Sheriff, download a copy of our free report “Our Silent Epidemic” in Module 6, (Step #1)  or
click here: (will take 3-4 minutes),
and print “Picture-reference guide” in Module 6, (Step #2) or click here:

Questions…feel comfortable contacting me at

                                                         Yours truly,

                                                         Mike Tomich

A good place to start looking for the hand/finger deformities is with your children and significant other.  Refer to
our pictures in Module 1 when holding your children’s hands or hold a straight edge along the hand.  Fingers
should be straight as shown in this link

Vertebrae shifting, back deformities (also referred to as osteoarthritis-which it is NOT) are shown in this link:  http:
// At the top of this link are pictures of two teenagers with
good concave backs.  The rest of the pictures are identified accordingly.  These back deformities are caused by
the process of generating and delivering the forces to overcome the resistance in the steering….and the total
process conduced within 3/10’s of a second.   This link will show you the startling change in vertebrae shifting out
of position in our 13-year-old model, after he started driving with a permit for 3 months.

Please post this on your board for members.

Next time you drive, pay attention to feeling the resistance incurred when moving the wheel, and to how the bumps
in the road radiate through and shake your body.
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Warning Letter to FOP's
                                     Open Letter to ALL Police Officers, Command, Agencies

This isn’t junk e-mail.  This letter is being sent to you to make you aware that the rack-n-pinion and suspension
systems are silently causing serious health problems such as finger curvatures and twisted knuckles and other
issues mentioned in this letter and our further information for you that is posted on our web site.  Your command
officers have been made aware of these serious health issues.  One example of suspension and steering health
issue…chronic lower back pain…is not from your wallet of gun belt. Stiff suspensions cause separations of L-4, L-
5 due to mini-trauma vibrations/shock loads. The stiff suspension fails to isolate drivers from the multiple shock
loads caused by speed and uneven road surfaces. High effort steering transfers twisting force to L-4 and L-5
because the lower torso is secured firmly to the hard molded seating….inflammation and disc degeneration and
rupture. (For now sit on a soft cushion to isolate yourself from the road bumps…your back pain will go away.

There is more information in this letter and posted in Module2 under FOP. It would behoove you to read this as
injuries can and will escalate to crippling arthritis and interference of conducting police duties….and causing early
workmen’s compensation disabilities.

Police duty vehicles are not safe and we have informed the two testing and approval agencies of the injuries, the
Michigan State Police and the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department.  

The two main unrealized dangers is in the rack-n-pinion steering and suspension systems which long term cause
fingers to deform (curvatures and twisted knuckles) and hands develop arthritis leading to various hand and body
physical functional losses in addition to chronic muscular skeletal pain and discomfort.

Because you spend so much time in must become aware of what to look for and how and know how
to prevent these muscle, skeletal, and nerve damages.  This link, from our web site, shows typical unrecognized
finger/hand deformities from the high effort steering resistance to turning (used to be easy one-finger steering,
example 1985 Chevy Caprice). Other steering
related problems; carpal tunnel, chronic shoulder, tennis elbow, chronic lower back pain/ache (L-4, L-5 area),
chronic pain/burning sensation between shoulder blades, lumpiness in upper back (vertebrae moving outward
from natural position), pinched nerves in neck

Mercedes-Benz’s investigation has resulted in their implementing a new suspension system in their vehicles and
they are presently working to eliminate the resistance in the steering and provide easier one finger steering.  
Shown in this link:

In addition to Mercedes-Benz’s eliminating the stiff suspension, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN (noted on our web
site) agrees with the steering and suspension problems and is presently conducting further studies.

Please read the four page document with information to you which is linked at the bottom of this letter.  The best
you can do, until fixes are implemented is ask your Police Department to reduce the steering effort to easy one
finger steering ( and find a cushion to help reduce the body
bouncy shock loads caused by the stiff suspension.  Wal-Mart carries a forever comfy cushion for $20. There
may be others in the market.  Read the 4 page references my personal corrective action.

Today’s vehicles should have easy steering like the police vehicles in the 80’s, like the Chevrolet Caprice Classic
you had for police duty that didn’t have stiff steering and suspensions that caused our chronic health problems.
This short video is of easy one-finger steering that does not cause health problems:

Don’t wait for our politicians or manufacturers to help…I think you will have to pursue this matter with your
command officers.  The Michigan State Police and LA County Sheriff have been notified of these new design
flaws.  This is a new science discovery….the human body has a “variable force tolerance threshold value”.  
Processes that exceed the various values can and do easily result in permanent muscle, skeletal and nerve
injuries.  Other processes cause injuries but vehicles are the most popular.  Injury areas accumulate and grow.

Back injuries from today’s stiff steering:
Simple fix for my lower back pain that isolated me from the multiple compression shock loads traveling through my
body because the stiff suspension was too hard to isolate my body from the uneven road surfaces.
Please read the attached 4 page document and look at all 5 Line items in Module 2 (also noted in the 4 page

Feel comfortable with questions…

Yours truly….   Mike Tomich

PS:        Please post or e-mail this to your members.
       If you wish updates on our project send e-mail to

Cc: A. Sawar M.D.,  Professor K. Granke M.D.,  K. Raval M.D.  
Communications to FOP Lodges 1-20-14

Informing them of Dangers of Driving Resistant Rank-n-Pinion Steering and Stiff Suspensions
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B - Additional information submitted to FOP
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