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                                                                                  August 10, 2010

Re: Children Developing Arthritic Fingers (deformities) from Video Gaming

Your Holiness, Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, Priest, and Friends:

Millions of your parishioner’s children are developing curved finger deformities, bent and twisted knuckles, and arthritic joints from video gaming,
computer key board and mouse use, and even too much coloring. To avoid these permanent skeletal injuries they should not perform coloring until
they are at least 5 years-old or computers until they are at least 8-years-old. (A. Sawar, M.D., Rheumatologist-Neurologist) Video at YouTube (http:
//www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKLiThENVRU). Children should then be monitored closely for any signs of physical changes (Module #1) on our
website www.miketomich.com.

The root cause of their finger deformities and injuries is simply because children’s bones are not calcified hard as adults are. Their undeveloped soft
bones are much too soft to withstand the repetitive motion forces occurring in clamp-like grasping of the video controller, computer mouse and
keyboard keys, and the panic pushing of buttons. The strong panic, white knuckle gripping results in damaging, numbing shock loads to their small
bones, which yield to these forces resulting in permanent finger curvatures and twisted knuckles.

Our research discovered the human skeletal system has a “material creep force tolerance threshold value” (MCFTTV) which is a factor derived from
the strength of the bone as determined by bone the amount of calcification. Meaning…adults with strong calcified matured bones can play video
games without experiencing children type injuries because adult bones are solid and have a higher MCFTTV. Because children’s bones do not reach
full calcification until after puberty, their bones are soft and yield to the excess repetitive motion forces (mini-traumas)…thus resulting in the injuries
shown on our website. Note: Each repetitive motion injury can and does inflict ‘permanent’ and ‘accumulative’ injuries that do cause a degree of
hand functional loss. In Module 1: “Children's Permanent Injuries from Video Gaming, Computers, Texting and Coloring - The Electronic Age
Fallout” you will see “Injuries that prevent children working as adults.” Web site link (http://www.miketomich.com/Childrens-Injury-List-Pics.
html). Pictures shown on this link are not the worst-case scenarios, but are becoming common especially with dedicated players. Injuries usually
appear within two months.

You are wondering about coloring. Dr. Sawar and I were prompted to investigate this after spending weeks examining Amish children in Mid-
Michigan. Amish children do not play video games, but they do spend considerable time coloring. Coloring injuries appear similar to video gaming
and computer injuries (see Module 1, “Coloring injuries”). Coloring is used to keep children occupied when parents work hard on daily chores.
Coloring injuries were verified when Dr. Sawar and I visited facilities of physically and mentally impaired children and found they had straight
fingers because they were unable to perform coloring and other similar mini-trauma processes.  

Child Day Care (working parents) and pre-school is a major contributor to children’s deformities because they encourage coloring, video gaming, and
computers for behavior control. Some facilities tape crayons to their fists before they are old enough to hold them.
Until recently, I believed our seven years of communications with the manufacturers, and leading politicians would result in implementing age
restrictions to prevent children’s injuries during the soft bone ages. Unfortunately, they failed to do this and have not warned parents. (Michigan’s
Day Care centers unofficially asked centers to remove video gaming).

Though the video industry admitted their awareness of the children’s injuries (Microsoft-Lieberman meeting 11-14-07, Nintendo study 2002), they
continue to market their products without age restrictions and sponsor video gaming competitions, etc. Over the past several years, millions of
children have unknowingly joined the permanent injury list and will suffer a poor quality of life.

Parents fail to see children’s injuries because the stiff steering systems on some of today’s vehicles result in a strong “dynamic force” impact to
adult’s hands just as video gaming does to children’s soft hands. (Each turn of the steering wheel results in Kinetic Energy impact/shock-load being
transmitted through the soft tissue and skeletal system within “Two-Tenths” of a second. Both stiff steering and video gaming became popular in
the mid 80’s with each inflicting similar arthritic injuries).

Since we started our direct mailing to school districts in December 2009, we now have School Districts within the United States conducting their
own verification of children’s injuries. Some Child Day Care facilities have started to take corrective actions by removing coloring and using soft
lightweight toys. Some governors have asked their State Health Departments to investigate these issues. U.S. Congressman Dale Kildee ( Michigan )
is trying to arrange a meeting with Secretary Kathleen Sebelius at our U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. We have physicians that
support our information, and professors at U of M and Michigan State. Unfortunately, an official at the CDC was prevented from conducting an
investigation in this matter.

If you doubt our information, you can verify our findings by comparing Day Care or Pre-school Centers to physically challenged children unable to
perform these repetitive motion processes. (Compare fingers of young entry-level children to those of older that have experienced the repetitive
motion processes). Disregard new born until three months old.

It would behoove you to eliminate all injurious processes in your schools; we should purge your facilities of such. To protect the children, it is
necessary to make your parishioners aware of these injuries.

                                                                               Yours truly,  

                                                                           Michael Tomich

                               K. Granke, M.D.,   K. Raval, M.D.,   R. Tomich, P.E.,   A. Sawar, M.D.

Contacting schools in; Alaska, Arizona, California (Los Angeles), Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, New York City, Philadelphia,
Texas (Mesquite), Utah, Virginia, Washington (Redmond), Washington DC.
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