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William Federspiel - Saginaw County Sheriff                     David W. Rothe - Chief of Police  
110 S Hanselman Street                                                   110 S Hanselman Street
618 Cass St.                                                                     Bad Axe, Mi. 48413-1442
Saginaw, Mi. 48602-2044
                                                                                     David Brown - Chief of Police
Leland Teschendorf - Tuscola County Sheriff                  1400 S. Lamar Street
420 Court Street                                                               Dallas, Tx. 75215
Caro, Mi. 48723-1606                                                       
                                                                                    Anthony Wickersham - Macomb County Sheriff
Kelly J. Hanson - Huron County Sheriff                            43565 Elizabeth Rd.
120 S Heisterman Street                                                  Mt. Clemens, Mi. 48043
Bad Axe, Mi. 48413-1311
                                                                                    Derek Rohda - Chief of Police
John E. Miller - Bay County Sheriff                                   777 N. Galloway Ave.
503 Third Street                                                               Mesquite, Tx. 75149
Bay City, Mi. 48708                                                          Joey Martin - Assistant Chief
Tim Donnellon - St. Clair County Sheriff                           David Byrnes - Kaufman County Sheriff
1170 Michigan Rd.                                                           1900 E. US Highway 175
Port Huron, Mi. 48060                                                       PO Drawer 849    
                                                                                     Kaufman, Tx. 751142
Lupe Valdez - Dallas County Sheriff
133 N. Riverfront Blvd.                                                      Benny Napoleon - Wayne Count Sheriff
Dallas, Tx. 75207                                                              4747 Woodward Ave.
Jesse Flores-Chief Deputy                                                Detroit, Mi. 48201-1307
Marlin Suell-Chief Deputy                                                  Daniel Pfanne - Undersheriff
Gary Lindsey-Asst. Chief Deputy                                      Raphael Washington - Chief- Operations
Debbie Foster-Asst. Chief Deputy                                     Dennis Richardson - Deputy Chief, Operations
Cheryl Wilson-Asst. Chief Deputy                        
Blaise Mikulewicz-Chief Deputy                                         James Craig - Chief of Police
Jesse Herrera-Asst. Chief Deputy                                     1301 Third Street
Blaise Mikulewicz-Chief Deputy                                         Detroit, Mi. 48226

Brian Lipe - Chief of Police                                                Michael Bouchard - Oakland County Sheriff
612 Federal Avenue                                                         1200 N. Telegraph Rd., Bldg 38 East
Saginaw, Mi. 48607-1558                                                  Pontiac, Mi. 48341

Brian Newcomb - Chief of Police                                        Bruce Smith - Chief of Police
150 Montague Avenue                                                      46525 Continental Dr.
Caro, Mi. 48723                                                                 Chesterfield Township, Mi. 48047

Michael J. Cecchini - Chief of Police                                 Leland Teschendorf - Tuscola County Sheriff
501 3rd Street                                                                  420 Court St.
Bay City, Mi. 48708-5903                                                 Caro, MI. 48723

Craig Hayes - Chief of Police                                            Kelly Hanson - Huron County Sheriff
6560 Main Street                                                              120 S. Heisterman St.
Cass City, Mi. 48726                                                         Bad Axe, Mi. 48413

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Re:  Police Officers Silent Health Problems from Steering and Suspension Systems - Mayo Clinic - Mercedes
       Discovery of Variable Material Creep Force Tolerance Threshold Values in Human Mass  
       Police officers developing arthritic fingers and suffering chronic musculoskeletal pain

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Some of you may have heard or read our news articles about children developing arthritic fingers from the
repetitive motions incurred while video gaming and adults developing similar hand/finger injuries due to the
resistance in the steering wheel to turn (which is intentionally designed into the steering system) during turning
and/or vehicle course corrections.  We have new endorsements which is why I’m contacting you again to end the
development of the silently occurring health problems with our police officers.

Our twelve years of private research has continued to expose new processes that contain the presence of mini-
trauma forces that push our soft and hard body tissues through its flexible state and into its plastic state of
permanent accumulative damage consisting of twisted knuckles, curved fingers, and ruptured disc, shoulder-
back-neck-hip-sciatic-pains occur, in addition to depression, mood swings, fatigue, and more.  This happens due
to our discovery that all mass has a “variable material creep force tolerance threshold values.”  

“Variable material creep force tolerance threshold values” is a new scientific discovery, just like gravity and
physicians initially learning about germs.  By knowing our body’s weak points we can prevent arthritis, chronic
pains, muscle/skeletal injuries and autism.

Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN agrees with our information in Modules 1 and 2 (on our web site www.miketomich.
com) and they are presently conducting proper protocol studies for acceptance by the medical field.

In the past I contacted the Saginaw Police and the Saginaw County Sheriff to present our information about the
physical injuries created while driving the Chevrolet Impala, but was turned down.  Today, I’m coming to you again
because the automotive industry has begun responding to us.  We have contacted the vehicle manufacturer’s
and Mercedes-Benz has responded by designing a new suspension system that will isolate passengers from the
body shaking that occurs due to the stiff suspension and uneven road surfaces.  In Module 4 of our web site we
have two YouTube videos of the Mercedes new smooth suspension.  Electronic suspension can manually or
automatically be changed to stiff suspensions for high speeds.

Module 2, Line item #B is a copy of a letter sent to the Michigan State Police, Col. Etue, to warn her about their
approval of defective vehicles for police patrols. They are approving vehicles for police duty which are not safe
for use because mini-trauma forces exceed the “variable material creep force tolerance thresholds” which results
in serious long term negative health consequences and very poor quality of life.  Be sure to read our letter to her
as it covers more information and
look closely at all 5 Line items in Module 2.

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There are two major problems that must be corrected immediately to prevent and stop further muscle/skeletal

Problem #1-Reduce steering effort so the wheel can be turned with ONE FINGER.  In addition to the hands and
fingers becoming arthritic, the vertebrae shift out of position in the back
(see Module 2, Line item #4,

Problem #2-Isolate passengers from the stiff suspension shock loads that are allowed to travel through the
passenger’s body. The stiff suspensions shake the body causing hip joint pains, headaches, achiness,
depression, fatigue, mood swings, and the lower back pain suffered by so many police officers I’ve met.

To get the most out of our letter to Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue, Director of the Michigan State Police you will need to
download a copy of our free report
“Our Silent Epidemic” (Step #1), in Module 6 at, and
print “Picture-reference guide” (Step #2).   

Please feel comfortable contacting me with any questions.  I’ll be glad to visit you personally and show you
physical supportive evidence of our research results, the seriousness of our warnings and how to avoid certain
injuries until new designs are implemented.  Feel free to have a manufacturer’s representatives present, and
anyone else you feel comfortable with.  Please post this letter for your police officers to read.

Just remember, there aren’t any enemies here, just a new major health improvement discovery.

                                                              Yours truly,

                                                 Michael G. Tomich      and/for

      Professor Kenneth Granke M.D.,    Amar Sawar M.D.,    Kausik Raval M.D.
Destructive Impact Forces on Human Body Mass from Steering and  Suspensions
Professor Kenneth Granke M.D.,  Amar Sawar M.D.,  Kaushik Raval M.D.,  Michael Tomich Q.E.
Gagetown, Mi. 48735   U.S.A.
                                  -               December 2, 2013
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This is a copy of our letter to management of various police agencies making them aware of serious silently
occurring muscle and skeletal injuries caused by the high effort steering in the vehicles they drive. Defective
vehicles tested and approved for police duty by the Michigan State Police and Los Angeles County Sheriff

Why are they suddenly defective?  A "variable force tolerance threshold value" has been discovered in human
body mass (muscle-skeletal) and the repetitive motion forces that occur during our human process of generating
and delivering the forces necessary to overcome the resistance in the steering...cause bones to develop
curvatures and twisted knuckles...leading to hand functional losses, injured knuckles, and arthritic hands.

The five line items in Module 2, at, contain the needed information and examples of the
injuries.  Necessary corrective actions by the vehicle manufactures are listed in this letter.

Vehicle manufactures can easily correct these injurious processes.