This letter is a CDC reply to our letter introducing researchers and Federal Agencies to our study
results indicating autism is physically induced and not a chemical cause.
This is from Coleen Boyle, Director, National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities.
The "Unintentional Injury Department of the CDC" was going to conduct a study on children's finger deformities from video gaming
five years ago. But, at the last moment, someone prevented the study from starting. Watch for this information to appear.
Thank you Coleen Boyle for your kind letter.

The proper people at the NIH have been contacted by letter (Oct. 17, 2001) and phone.  My previous calls
have been unanswered, but I will continue to call them.  I would appreciate it if you would contact an
associate and ask them to return our calls.

There is nothing nice about what autism is doing to our children. Every additional day without warning
pregnant mothers is inexcusable.

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