June 1, 2002

                                                         Mike Tomich
Mr. Bill Gates
Microsoft Corporation
1 Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052             Cert. R-R # 7000-0520-0015-0415-3016  Rec’d 6-10-02

RE:  Nintendo, Sony, and possible XBOX Game Controllers:

Dear Mr. Gates:

The Sony and Nintendo game controllers have a major design flaw.  Our children’s fingers are becoming bent,
twisted and deformed from grasping and holding the handles of the game controllers. Their fingers conform
perfectly to the contour of the handles. Along with the firm grip they use, the Nintendo controller vibrates,
sending shocking loads to the finger joints, which are already under stress from grasping the handles.

This damage is irreversible.  And only worsens with use, once the twisting has happened.  Their quality of life will
be adversely affected.

I spoke with Sekou in your Technical Support this morning and he said he was going to send an e-mail about
this subject, to his supervisors.

Attached is information relative to my communications with Sony and Nintendo.  Please contact me ASAP.  This
is of the up most urgency.
                                                                 Yours truly,

                                                                Mike Tomich