Part #1 What you need to know.  Contains some pictures of adults straight fingers.  Fingers not deformed from video gaming or driving vehicles
with "High Effort Steering" systems.  Children's straight fingers can be seen on any young child that has not played with heavy toys, conducted at lot
of coloring, or played video games (including computers). Permanent and accumulative injuries are  incurred by our skeletal system when ever a
force exceeds the "material creep threshold" of our bone mass and soft tissue.  
"Our Silent Epidemic" is a 175 pages of black and white print.  It contains over 280 pictures of injured children and adults, drawings, and charts.  It
is 8-1/2 x 11 inches in a soft cover, perfect binding. This is the first and only known book in the world, on the topic of these exposed damaging
mechanical forces and their horrible destruction to the skeletal and soft tissues of both adults and children. The art and color of the cover may vary from
what is shown.

The book is composed of 3 parts:  

At the beginning of each of the 3 parts is a table of contents identifying some of the charts, pictures, and drawings of interest for the respective part.
At the end of Part 2 and 3, are pictures of individual studies, marked with deformities and comments of such (some of which are shown on this website).
Left side - last page of "The Automotive Story"         
Right side - first page of Part 3 "The Children's Story."
Consumer Product Safety Commission,
Washington, DC - rejecting our information
about our young children developing bent
and twisted fingers from video gaming by
Jason Goldsmith
One of 3 pages in Part 2 identifying the pictures, drawing, charts in Part 2 (82 pages)
"The Automotive Story." The beginning of each of the 3 Parts has a list of important
pictures, drawing, and charts.
Letter from State of WA. Attorney
General supporting a request for an
investigation into our children and
adults deformities.
●  Amar Sawar, M.D.
"Mike identifies a new concept in understanding the damage silently occurring to our skeleton and soft tissues from mechanical forces. This medical
discovery will grant the humankind a healthier quality of life and provide the science with a new way of thinking."

●  Kaushik Raval, M.D.
"Your efforts in identifying a public health problem that may need systematic investigation and ameliorative action are commendable."

●  The Honorable Tom Meyer, State of Michigan, House of Representatives, 84th District
"I believe Mr.Tomich's contentions warrant an immediate scientific study."

●  Richard W. Tomich, P.E.
"Michael Tomich has correctly expanded the accepted engineering principle of Material Creep to identify causes of deformation within the human
skeletal system. The pioneering efforts detailed in this book are revolutionizing our understanding of bone and joint deformities resulting from levels of
applied forces."
Part #2  The Automotive Story Is documentation about the initial recognition of adult's deformed fingers, taht lead to the realization of children's
deformed fingers from dynamic force processes (video gaming, coloring, computers, heavy toys).  The discovery of the mechanical forces
responsible for the adult and children's finger deformities, and other serious negative physical health problems.  Including: adult arthritic fingers,
chronic back-shoulder-neck-hip pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tingling-pain-numbness in arms-fingers and legs, migraine headaches.  The
controllable denominator for our escalating health care costs.  Identification of the dynamic forces that are generated in the body due to the initial
resistance of the "high effort steering" vehicle, and the mechanical generation and delivery of the forces by the body during the initial turning of the
wheel.  The shock loading that is generated and delivered to the body from the finger tips to the knees.  Other design flaws in todays vehicles that
adversely effect human skeletal and soft tissue health. Identification of corrective actions.
Part #3  The Children's Story  Part 3 takes what was identified in Part #2 and applies the theory to the repetitive processes performed by children.  More
information is presented about micro application of forces vs. dynamic forces, relative to children's bone calcification, peening effects, dynamic force
identification relative to video gaming, coloring, and computers keyboard and mouse use.  The process of forces generating knuckle to knuckle
mechanical stop damage is identified (sphere to sphere).
What Happened to Humankind to Cause this Increased Medical Expense?
The cause is that the designs of automobiles are not compatible with the physical capacity of the human body.  The root cause of the increased
medical costs and physical problems in our country is "high effort steering systems" and poorly designed game controllers.  
The worldwide automotive industry is creating the increased medical problems in our country and the rest of the developing driving nations that
have the high effort steering vehicles.  
The root causes of the increased medical expenses due to injuries from the HES systems and playing video games are in this book.  Reducing
the "high effort steering system" to a "low effort steering system" will dramatically decrease the health care costs.  Designing game controllers for
various age children will further decrease the health care costs of our nation.  Age restrictions will be necessary based on bone calcification.  
Young children who started playing the video games in 1982-1985 soon will need medical attention for lack of hand functionality loss and its
resulting interference with manual work.

Search for Children's Straight Fingers took me to the Amish Community
Myself and a Arthritic Specialist, Amar Sawar, M.D., visited families in a mid Michigan Amish community examining the young children's fingers
and hands for deformities in the summer of 2006.  The Amish children do not play any video games.  Unfortunately, Amish children start coloring
at a very young age like non-Amish children.  It is the coloring process that causes the deformities of Amish children's fingers.  As you will read in
Part 2 and 3, calcification of bones vary in the toddlers through adolescence and this, plus the dynamic forces, cause bending and twisting of the
children's bones.  
When I examined some young children that colored only (did not play any video games) I saw different deformities between coloring and video
players (there is a difference between the bending and twisting of each process).  Coloring has a smooth uninterrupted bending of the small
finger.  When we visited the Amish children, I expected to see straight healthy fingers.  Not so, the examinations proved that coloring was a source
of dynamic forces that resulted in fingers becoming bent and twisted similar to the video games.  Amish children's entertainment is coloring.

Visually Impaired Children have Straight Fingers
Dr. Sawar and I visited a children's center for the visually impaired.  We saw young children with straight fingers that were not deformed from
coloring, playing video games, etc.  

Straight Fingers are in the Movies before the late 80's
Those who do not drive cars, play video games, or use coloring crayons, such as in the poverty countries, have the straight fingers.     
You can see straight fingers in movies dating back to the early years and ending in the mid 1980's, such as “The Great Escape”, “Wizard of Oz”,
“Gung Ho”, “The Magnificent Seven”, even the old "Godzilla" movies, and many more.  
A movie that gives a good view of deformed fingers was the 2002 Spiderman movie.  At the end of the movie, the young actress gave Spiderman a
hug and her hands are clearly displayed.  The bending and twisting of her right hand fingers is very noticeable.
Our National Out-of-Control Healthcare Costs
Health care costs have sky rocketed over the past 12 years.  Physical
therapy facilities have experienced an increase in treatments for shoulder,
neck and back by 300 % to 400 % in three years.  Carpal tunnel is now
commonplace.  Health care costs in 1980 were $246 million, 1990 - $696
million, 2003 - $1.7 trillion, 2005 - $1.9 trillion and rapidly rose after 2000.  
Daimler Chrysler and GM stated health care costs were $1,500 per vehicle
in 2005, which is more than the cost of steel for the vehicle.  GM wanted to
cut the $1,500 per vehicle health care costs by a third ($1 billion) in 2005
and another $1 billion in 2006.  GM blames soaring health care costs for its
latest financial woes.  You will see that the automotive industry is
responsible for creating a majority of these medical expenses.
The information in book uncovers the hidden source of the physical
problems to our bodies that results in increased medical costs.  Case
studies identify similarities among individuals with different frame sizes
and job duties.  A cause of carpal tunnel is identified.  The information in
this book will show you how to avoid these types of injury.  You will discover
why so many people are having difficulty with their gripping functional loss,
why thumbs are bending outwards and becoming useless, a source of
degenerative back disease, shoulder pain, headaches, and much more.
Product designers, including the video, automotive, hand tools, power tools,
crayon manufacturers, toy makers, and many more have failed to consider
the human physical capacity of their different age, frame size, customers in
their designs.  Despite items used by the consumer that are advertised as
ergonomically correct, the designers did not factor in the Material Creep
Threshold of the human body.  
This information provides you a foundation to build on how to further identify
and avoid these damaging forces.  You will identify finger deformities and
learn how to protect children from these horrible deformities that will
interfere with their quality of life.  You should be able to identify damaging
Feathered Fingers:  Fingers that bend backward at their
tips because of only being able to hold the thick steering
wheels with the palm and finger tips.
17 year-old with video damage
Some of the contents found inside our book, "Our Silent Epidemic"  - Dynamic forces
Help protect your friends and family from these injuries by forwarding our site to your friends.
19 year-old girl with video damage
25 year-old with video and Chevrolet
Cavalier damage
These drawings and the information on the
following pages identify the processes in the
generation, delivery and receipt of the
destructive-accumulative dynamic forces which
cause our young children's fingers to become
permanently bent and twisted with physical
functional losses during the coloring process
Picture from 2004
from driving a
Mercury Cougar
Picture 2 years later
from driving the same
Mercury Cougar.
Fingers much worse.
Damage caused by the high effort
steering of the Pontiac Sunfire.
Bent and twisted fingers from gripping the
Chevrolet Impala steering wheel. This is typical
finger damage for Impala drivers.
Typical twisting of knuckles and finger bending of Impala drivers and other
vehicles with "high effort steering" such as Toyota, Durango's, Chrysler, Dodge,
SUV's, Jeep, VW's, Silverado's, F-150's, Mustang, and many foreign vehicles.
All gripping positions are damaging with
the "high effort steering"
Hard working, non driving,  Amish hands..with
straight fingers
Knuckle twisting and miss-alignment caused by "high effort steering"
Young lady in her 30's with
deformed fingers from driving a
F-150 and F-350
There are over 320 pictures charts and drawings to aid in the presentation and understanding of the information which is presented in layman terms.  

This book is the original publication of a major discovery which combines Medicine and Engineering disciplines to expose the root cause of physically
induced arthritis in humanity.

The information in our book will provide an understanding of the damaging forces from generation, to delivery and receipt. It will provide information on how to
recognize dynamic forces in various processes, how to avoid them and prevent injures.  Product designers will see a new the need for future designs that are
compatible with human physical capabilities and natural skeletal and soft tissue design.  Manufacturers will be able to reduce their work related injuries and
lower medical expenses. Medical costs for industrialized countries will be dramatically reduces.  When implemented, physical chronic pain will only belong to
real injuries and not hidden causes.   
Did you ever notice
how much x-tra skin
we are accumulating
on our elbows. Twenty
two year old young
girls that drive "high
effort steering" have
folds of skin.
Bending and twisting caused by driving a Chevrolet Van
A 30 year-old mother with deformities from
driving a Chevrolet Blazer
The unnatural gripping position
when holding a thick steering
Bent and twisted fingers from driving
various "high effort steering" vehicles.
Outward bending thumbs from "High effort steering" vehicles
Some of our innocent children that started playing video games and computers when their bones were too soft to tolerate the dynamic forces
which caused their fingers to become permanently bent and twisted with functional limitations.
The dynamic forces generated, delivered and consequences are
identified in this drawing and explained in our book.
The dynamic forces generated, delivered and
consequences are identified in this drawing and explained
in our book.
The serious bending and twisting consequences of playing video
games.  Finger functionalities are lost.
The contour of the computer
mouse results in children's finger
deformities which include bending,
twisting and rerouting of the finger
tendons and loss of functionality.
Young people's deformed fingers from video gaming
4 years-10 Month deformities from playing Nintendo
64 video games within 6 months of once-in-a-while,
not-very-often playing
A 20 year-old young
lady with finger
deformities from
driving a F-150
This outward bending of the small fingers is caused by holding the thick steering wheel
between the small and ring finger.
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