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Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, Baptist Ministries and Boy/Girl Scouts of America
Follow this path for introduction to the Repetitive Motion Kinetic Energy Damage

1.  Children's Finger Deformities from Video Gaming
2.   Will these Video Gaming injuries prevent working as an adult?
3.   Children's Finger Deformities from Coloring
Our Book Pages 3-43 to 3-51explains causes of coloring injuries in detail
  Children's Finger Deformities from Computer keyboard and mouse buttons   

Case Studies on Flicker    
TV-25 News coverage with Dr. Sawar   
Examples of Dynamic Kinetic Energy Forces
D.       Other Newspaper-Radio-Magazine Coverage
E.       Other pictures of Children and Adults Deformities
F.        Look Inside our book

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          Section 1 - What you need to know
          Section 2 - Adults Injuries
          Section 3 - Children's Injuries
A). Michigan Senators Debbie Stabenow (Melissa Kaltenback 517-203-1760) and Carl Levin (Dusty
Houser 989-754-2494), Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (517-373-3400), , Michigan Representatives and
Senators, Mi. Surgeon General and other leading politicians know about the children's injuries. They failed
to act so we're bringing children's injuries to you.

B). Michigan Child Day Care Licensing (Jim Sinnamon and Jim Gale) are aware of the injuries and can be
reached at 517 373-8300  

C). Child Day Care Centers - We now have facilities that have banned coloring, video gaming, and
computers in the Detroit and Detroit Metro.
Do your child
a favor...just
No!  to
Video Gaming!
This child has permanent finger
deformities from coloring
because her bones are too soft
at this age.  
Time will not heal her injuries.
Her mother didn't know.
Warning - Catholic Ministries
Contacts - Catholic

Warning - Boy and Girl Scouts
News Article of Video Gaming Merit Badge

Warning - Orthodox Ministries
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Warning - Baptist Ministries
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Warning Letters to Ministries to Protect Children from Excessive Video Gaming, Computer, Texting, and Toddlers Coloring.
My people tell me not to be negative,
because it doesn't look professional.  
But, I can't with this one. Meet Dale
Kildee. He and his side kick Jim Lewis,
said they were arranging a meeting
Kathleen Sebelius so we could present
our research. He did nothing but lie.
They had no intentions of the meeting.
Because it could hurt the