Health Warning Letter to CDC
Children and Adults
Material Creep Force Tolerance Value is The Root Cause of Arthritis,
Muscle-Skeletal Injuries, and other Physical and Mental variances.

Material Creep Force Threshold Values (skeletal-arthritis) are directly proportional to
Bone Calcification, Factored by Internal Force Generation/Delivery to satisfy Human
Designed Process Requirements, as well External Force Generation and Delivery.
Phone Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, 11-2-10

4:25 PM

Mike Tomich-OSE, and Brenda Gilbert-CDC

Children Deformed Fingers from Video Gaming, Computers, Coloring, Heavy Toys
Adults Arthritic Fingers, Muscle-Skeletal Injuries – Dynamic Force Processes
The Root Cause of Arthritis – Humans have a Material Creep Force Tolerance Threshold Value

Children’s Finger Deformities from Dynamic Force Processes of Video Gaming,
Computers, Coloring, Texting, Heavy toys, Off Parallel Grasping Surfaces

Adults Muscle-Skeletal Injuries from Dynamic Force Processes of Stiff Steering Vehicles, Hard Vehicle Suspensions, Heavy Hand Tools, and
Lack of Isolation from Kinetic Energy Vibration/Shock-loads
Referenced Web Site:

Material Creep Force Tolerance Threshold Values Relative to Bone Mass Calcification, Internal Force Generation/Delivery and External Forces
Resulting in Arthritic Development
                                                                          Phone Meeting Minutes
                                                                  Tuesday, 11-2-10, 4:25 PM to 5:05 PM
Between Mike Tomich, and Brenda Colley Gilbert CDC, Atlanta , GA. 770-488-6295 -

1. Brenda Gilbert called contacting me relative to our message of having found the root cause of arthritis.
2. I explained that we had found the root cause of arthritis which was our discovery that the human body, in particular referencing to skeletal
bones and vertebrae disc’s have a “Material Creep” Force Tolerance Threshold Value (MCFTTV) that is factored by bone calcification strengths
and force generation and delivery variables.

Below are the contents of our discussion, and information referenced, and additional information.

          1   Children’s Soft Bones – Injuries from Video Gaming
                  1-A Children’s Injuries from Computers
                  1-B Children’s Injuries from Coloring Stroke
          2   What Effects Will The Injuries Have on Children?  
                  2-A Crippling arthritis will form in their hands when they give up video gaming,
                  2-B Why do these injuries appear now?  
          3.  Why Haven’t Parents Noticed Their Children’s Injures?
                  3-A Bone problems?  
          4.   Adult  Muscle – Skeletal Injuries
                  4-A Shock loads for Birth Control
                  4-B Easy Steering on Old Vehicles
          5.   Causes of Children’s Arthritic Fingers Deformities
                Causes of Adults Musculoskeletal Injuries
                   5-A No Shock Loading - Low Effort Steering Chart
           6.  Adults Musculoskeletal Injuries
                Steering and Vibratory Shock-loads
                   6-A Jerking shock-loads associated with Stiff/High Effort Steering                
          7.   Vibration Injury from a Shock-load (Kinetic Energy)
                Injuries from Today’s Stiff Suspensions – Seating –etc.
                  7-A Kinetic Energy - DOD Definition
                  7-B Kinetic Energy is Energy in/of Motion
          8.   History of CDC Arthritic Contacts
          9.   The Consumer Product Safety Commission
          10. Political History – Senator Joe Lieberman – Microsoft Executives
          11. Nintendo Study of Children’s Finger Deformities
          12. Communications with Microsoft
          13. In conclusion:  
          14. Immediate Corrective Actions
          15.  Few of Many Relative Newspaper Articles
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            1  Children’s Soft Bones – Injuries from Video Gaming

Children’s bones are soft, not calcified harder like adults. Because their finger bones are soft, they easily bend and twist to conform
to the gripping surfaces of the video game controller because the surfaces of the video gaming controller are off parallel to their
natural knuckle birth design. When their hands deliver the forces to hold the controller, pushing the buttons, etc, the force from the
hands pushes on their finger bones trying to get the force to neutralize by having the bone surface make full contact with their
gripping surface. Each repetitive motion results in a shock load due to their fast white-knuckle gripping and re-gripping actions.
Watch them play! They are constantly gripping, releasing, and gripping again. Each gripping force results in a mini-shock load that
causes bone surfaces to collapse within itself.  Each mini-trauma shock load pushes the bone mass into its plastic state. Each and
every dynamic force that pushes a surface (or small radial surface) into its plastic state results in a permanent injury and each
additional mini-trauma adds to the previous injury.
The mini-trauma shock-loads cause a numbing in their hands, fingers, bones, knuckles, which is why they do not complain. And, they
really do not understand what is normal or isn’t normal at their young age.  I find the video gaming controller to hurt my hands within
a few minutes of use….but they do not understand this as being bad.

The tips of their thumbs bend outward from stress caused during pushing the buttons. Their finger joints bend backward also from
pushing the buttons and the knuckles yielding by bending backwards from the excess generated in pushing the buttons so quickly.  
When children grasp the video game controller and it starts the high and low pulsating vibrations, it causes a mini-
trauma…with each vibration. Hundred of vibrations inflicting physical injuries within seconds….which is part of the reason
children develop bone curvatures and twisted knuckles easily within 2 months.
Picture  CF 3-3 will identify more elements to consider in the
gripping vs. Forces.
With the gripping of the controller in this picture, the tips of
the fingers and the area of the hand, under the main knuckles,
is the primary contact area between the hand and controller.    
The dotted line of Circle A represents the edge of the
controller contour.  This edge is the portion that the finger tips
make  contact with during the  gripping process.  The other
edge of the controller (hidden under the main knuckles where
the fingers join the hand) is the other surface in the gripping
process.  The area between the two lines drawn from
Circle B
is the area that the fingers do not make contact with the
controller.  Though the controller appears to be designed for
full finger contact, only two spots between the controller and
hands are used.
Referring to the index finger.  The finger is curled up.  The
reason is when the finger is held in this position; it gives
added stability for delivery of the counter forces required for
both grasping the controller and resisting the offsetting
pressures generated by the thumbs.  Watch  children playing
and you will see every time a button is pushed, the fingers
generate a counter force to the thumb button pushing force
(more shock loading).
Middle finger.  The middle finger is bent downward so that it
can make full contact for force delivery in the grasping
process.  The finger wants to hug the support of the index
finger, and/or the tip of the middle finger needs to wrap the
controller.  If the finger were in a higher position, it would not
clear the back of the controller between the two handles.
The two black lines across the knuckles indicate the angle of the knuckles.  As you can see, the knuckles have been bent and twisted
from their natural parallel position to being off angular to each other.  The large circle at the second knuckle from the tip of the finger
identifies the high point of the knuckle because the knuckle is twisted.  If you look at your child's, the same might be seen, depending
on the softness, un-calcified condition of their bones when they started playing and how much they played.  The best viewing position
is to have them make a fist (does not have to be tight) then look at the knuckles along one plane and see how straight they are to each
other.  The middle finger is twisting in the direction shown because of the forces generated to hold the controller.  You will see this with
all video players.

ring finger and small finger have the high points of the twisted knuckles identified with the circles, the same with the lines drawn
across the knuckles indicating the bending.
Tips of the fingers.  (CF 3-3)  Look closely and you will note the tip of the index finger is pointed (hooked) towards the middle finger
and the tip of the middle finger is also bent (hooked) towards the ring finger.  The tips of both the ring and small fingers are hooked
towards the middle and index fingers.  As you can see with this controller, the child's fingers are trying to wrap around the edge of the
controller to grasp it because there is not any support for the tip of the fingers.  This is because of the controller having a flat gripping
surface that is too wide and does not match the contour of the fingers natural bending.  For a child with shorter fingers, the dynamic
forces are responsible for sending shock loads to the second joint of their fingers because the children are grasping so hard with the
tips of their fingers, which are laying flat to the surface.  The second joint receives the dynamic forces that cause the knuckle to yield to
multiple shock loads.

There is not a grasping/holding position on any controller I have studied that is safe for any child that has soft/un-calcified bones.  
Soft bones yield easily to dynamic forces and shock loading generated by the deep pulsating vibrations.  With their soft bones, there is
a negative consequence for every bone they use when grasping the controller.
The Box F on the child's right index finger.  The half-moon shaped circle identifies the area of the index finger making contact with
the backside edge of the game.  This contact with the edge of the controller and the unnatural gripping contact surface, causes
their fingers to bend and twist to conform to the grasping surface and play the game.  Note: All surface on the back of this game are
off-parallel to the knuckles.  The gripping forces against the index finger is forcing the skin to be compressed and rise as a bump.  
This is present on both index fingers.  This picture is a snapshot of a moment in time.  Watch the gripping actions when your
children play these games.  You will become disgusted when you see the dynamic forces their fingers are subjected to and how
horribly destructive it is to the joints and molecular bonding of the cells in their bone mass.  Both index fingers are subjected to the
same dynamic forces.
The two white arrows on the middle fingers, identify the forces against this portion of the finger.  The black arrows identify the
force running the length of the middle fingers.  The white arrow at the end of the right middle finger "D" identifies how much the
finger is twisted and the direction.  In this picture, this child is just holding the game, not gripping the game with the typical
white-knuckle death grips.  The middle and index fingers are the primary grasping fingers in this instance.  Any force whether it be
radial, lateral, diagonal, parallel is damaging to their soft fingers.  
The Boxes identified with B.  There are six positions identified with a black circle, Box B.  These circles represent the higher portion
of the knuckle because of being twisted off parallel to the natural cross axis of the fingers.
The middle fingers are the main fingers for supporting the grasp, holding the weight of the game, and absorbing much of the
dynamic forces from the thumb pushing heavy and wildly on the front side buttons.  In this position, the index fingers are the
secondary support to the middle fingers.  Regardless of what fingers are doing what, all these forces are destructive.  If this were
the only game the child played with, then his fingers would be bent and twisted to conform to these games gripping surfaces.  
However, children play various game controllers, each with a different shape  
Reiterating, children have soft un-calcified bones.  Their fingers bend and twist to the many different grasping surfaces they hold
when playing with different controllers, all of which subject their bones to damaging dynamic forces.  The surface of the game
controller they play with the most will determine the main direction of their deformities.  Consequences for the various gripping
surfaces will result in joint enlargements and deformities that are commonly identified as arthritis.
The two white circles identified C indicate the wrinkles formed by the bending of the index fingers.  These wrinkles are a true
indication that the fingers are under extreme force.  Extreme forces are damaging.   
The small finger knuckle.  The line E indicates some bending/twisting on the knuckle of the small finger.  Any bending or twisting
causes physical functional limitations in the use of the fingers and hands.  Bending and twisting is not acceptable, it will only
continue to deform the joints.

Picture CF 3-7 is a 5-year-old youth holding a game controller.  The white and black arrows are the various angles in the force
delivered by the hands and fingers to hold and play the game.  These arrows are a partial representation of the damaging forces.  
The black lines drawn between the knuckles represent the centerline of the finger and the off angularity of the fingers to the hands.  
These gripping surfaces, as with the other controllers, results in shock loading to the joints as the thumbs are pressed in a frenzy to
play the fast response game, the death gripping white-knuckles, gripping and re-gripping, off angularity of the gripping surfaces to
the knuckles, and all the elements of playing the game resulting in the deep pulsating penetration of the built in controllers
vibrating motors.  Children with soft, un-calcified bones should be prevented from playing the games.
Picture CF 3-8 is an 8-year-old young boy.  His fingers are permanently bent and twisted.  He has been observed to have problems in
handling small items.  He unknowingly lives with physical functional limitations and deformities that will increase as he gets older.  He
will suffer needlessly because the product is not considerate of the human physical tolerance level of the young people, the young
users with the soft bones.  Initially, someone designed the first controller for the comfort of their adult hands, did not consider any
negative consequences with the children using the same controller.  The adult designer had adult calcified finger bones.  The force
generated to play the games was not a damaging force because adult bones are so much harder than the children's are.
Millions of our children are now quietly suffering.  They and their parents do not realize the full extent of physical consequences the
children will suffer from playing video games at an early age, nor how it will be devastating to the quality of their future life, as they
grow into adulthood.  There is much written about tendinitis, quick mental response gained form playing the games, but nothing about
finger deformities.  No one has examined or even considered the physical deformities that are being caused in children.  I suspect only
a few have compared their children's bent fingers to their own (which are possibly also bent from driving high effort steering vehicles).
How far are the vibration and shock loading transmitted through the skeletal system?  What are the long-term consequences on the
children's eyes, their nervous system?  Can the bending and twisting of the children's fingers lead to the beginning of a new
evolution in humankind?  Will there be physical birth defects in these children's children, because of the children receiving this
damage so early in their life?  Will it have a long-term effect on their thought patterns?  Can the negative effects become embedded in
their genes and passed on to their children?  These questions need answers.  
I believe our body adjusts to external factors, which prompts our evolution.  I believe this is an external factor that can cause an
evolutional change.  If the controllers remain, as they currently are, our children’s children may be born with fingers that are already
bent and twisted to conform to a video game controller.  

Today, with both parents working to support the family, we have evolved to the dependability of the Child Day Care Centers.  
Children as young as six weeks old attend Child Day Care Centers.  I know the children have to remain orderly.  Children are not
allowed to randomly do as they please and get into mischief.  Their days in the centers are structured to keep them orderly.

Child Day Care Centers encourage coloring and video gaming for behavioral control.  At the time of this writing, Michigan does not
have limitations establishing allowable lengths of time for children to play video games or repetitive motion games.  The damage to
the young children is a result of shock loading and dynamic forces that exceed the material creep threshold of the player, yet
Michigan does not limit the activity that causes it. However, we do have a large Day Care Business that has banned video gaming,
computers, and coloring in its facilities across America. ‘xxxxx-xxxx-located in Novi, MI.

Presently, we do not have a tangible value for the material creep thresholds verses the age of young people.  In addition, there is no
reliable information to clinically proven facts on this issue.  

I have explained the creation of the dynamic force variance due to the calcified condition of the children's bones.  Another process
children love, which is just as damaging as video games, is coloring.  The reason this is so damaging is because young children, who
are not old enough to hold the controllers, start coloring and drawing when their bones are much softer than the children who are old
enough to grasp the video games controllers.  Children in Day Care Facilities start coloring as soon as they can hold a crayon.  
Intentions are good, but the damage is bad.  Children have been coloring for years; however, Day Care brought the coloring to
younger children.

On March 3, 2006, I phoned Binney & Smith Inc., manufacturers of Crayola Crayons in Easton, PA. They have investigated this
and started producing child friendlier products…however; at this time, I see their new products still fail to meet acceptable Material
Creep factors.
When a force causes a mass to move into its plastic is called a “Dynamic Force” because it is the force that resulted in a
change occurring in the mass that does not allow the mass to return to its prior form. In our case elongation of the molecular bonding
of the cells in bone mass.

Children that play video games on computers and use computers normally.
The same frantic process happens when they play using the mouse and keyboard. Watch them play a game on the computer. You
will see how frantically they bang the keyboard keys, and muscle the mouse and its buttons.

When they quickly slam the keyboard keys they, are again generating more force than necessary to get the keys to respond. All
addition forces are absorbed by the bone mass as a mini-trauma shock-load as previously described in video gaming injuries. Module
1 of our web site shows pictures of children’s injuries from using computers. Watch the children…they jerk the
mouse back and forth within fractions of a second (mini-trauma shock-loads from the fast repetitive motions of the weight of the
mouse)…as well as the button pushing on the mouse.  
1-A    Children’s Injuries from Computers
As seen in Module 1on our web site for computer injuries. They are similar to video gaming injuries. Fingers bending backwards at
knuckles, curved finger bones, twisted knuckles with twisted knuckle surfaces parallel to each other (meaning both surfaces are
parallel to each other---twisted evenly).

Module 1 of our web site has more pictures. You can even see more by contacting Microsoft, Nintendo and
Sony for their private study results.

Referring to
Right hand coloring. Children constantly press down on the side of their right hand to anchor it for delivering the
coloring stroke…the small finger receives the blunt of the forces with it tapering off as it moves up the fingers through the fist.
The coloring stroke requires the children to push the hand down while it moves the crayon in the coloring stroke arch. The
coloring stroke generates a force/stress that exceeds the strength of the children’s soft un-calcified bones.  
The arch is shown and described in Pages 3-14 through 3-52 in the free copy of our book “Our Silent Epidemic” down loadable on
our web site.

Coloring crayons (wax, liquid, etc) have always caused these injuries since the wax crayon was produced in the early 1900’s.
           1-B        Children’s Injuries from Coloring Stroke
                2     What Effects Will The Injuries Have on Children?  

The visual physical injuries as shown on Module 1 of our web site can be best analyzed by you at the CDC. I have witnessed
children losing some or all meaningful use of their thumbs and index fingers because the thumbs are bent outward, and arthritis
forms in the 1st knuckle of their index fingers, thus preventing/interfering  the hands ability to pick up items of weight, and
working with small parts. Another example is a seventeen year-old unable to hold a book pinched between thumb and index,
because end of thumb was bent outward over 40 degrees. Every child I have examined has developed these deformities that will
prevent or interfere with their ability to perform meaningful wages as adults because their hands will have severe limitations
relative to physical tasks. And.....a very poor quality of life as elderly adults.
2-A Crippling arthritis will form in their hands when they give up video gaming, when they stop using the surfaces of
their knuckles that have now become twisted to conform to grasping surfaces of the game controller-computer mouse, etc.
Knuckles that are now twisted 30-45 degrees off parallel to their hands. When they enter the work force, they will be subjected to
light duty because anything heavy will cause their knuckles to want to bend to become parallel to the new grasping surfaces. This
new twisting action will cripple them permanently.

2-B Why do these injuries appear now? Because when I was young, my mother stayed home, like many other women she
was a homemaker and watched her children. We played on our large porches, on sidewalks, in the streets.

With both parents working, children have been attending Child Day Care Centers. Coloring is used for behavioral control.
Meaning, children are encouraged to spend too much time coloring. As such, they are subjected to the damaging stresses caused
by the coloring stroke. Injuries are accumulative, but in my young days many of my brothers and sisters played outside. On a cold
day playing Chinese checkers, Monopoly, checkers, school, Mother-May-I, Hide and seek. We conducted coloring occasionally,
but nothing like today.

Children enter Day Care Centers as young as 6-8 weeks old. Children are taught to hold crayons when only a couple months old.
Some have had their hands taped to hold a crayon because they did not have the muscle control to do it on their own. They had
great difficulty trying to learn at such an early age.
          3    Why Haven’t Parents Noticed Their Children’s Injures?

Children’s video gaming started in the mid 80’s. Stiff steering vehicles started in the mid 80’s.  Both video gaming and stiff steering
vehicles became popular at the same time. Parents thought nothing of seeing their children with curved fingers because their
(parent) fingers were also curved. The common denominator was both child and adults developed the same injuries at the same
time. If the CDC wishes, I can take their representative to poverty-stricken countries where children do not play video games or
color, and you will see straight fingers without arthritis in children and adults. Dr. Sawar and I visited facilities where children were
not able to perform coloring or play video games. Their fingers were straight, just like some in the small mountain villages of New

3-A Bone problems?  You at the CDC are physicians, you know more about the calcification of bones then I do, yet, physicians
cannot agree on age verses calcification. Some say their bones are not hard until after puberty. No two doctors have agreed on
when it is safe for children to perform these various mini-trauma, Dynamic force, repetitive motion stressful processes.  As you,
Ms. Gilbert have acknowledged, their bones are extremely soft at this age.

The coloring stroke results in Dynamic force mini-trauma with each stroke of the crayon. The left hand is pressed down hard to
hold the paper/book in place to prevent movement during the coloring stroke. This pressing down on the paper results in too
much stress and their joints twist and fingers curve to adjust to the strong repeating stresses and are thus forced to make full
contact with the surface.

Module 1 of our web site has additional coverage of the damage from coloring stroke. And again, as we
experience with video gaming and computers, the grasping surfaces of the crayon are off parallel to their fingers…resulting in
curvatures and twisting. With coloring, you’ll see the small fingers have a smooth curvature to them. Video gaming-computers and
texting have a sharper curvature.
                             4  Adult  Muscle – Skeletal Injuries

4-A  Shock loads for Birth Control. During World War II birth control was practiced by repeatedly jumping off running
boards, down steps, latter rungs, wooden boxes, etc. The shock-loads caused by this jumping would travel through the body and
the baby and womb. Many miscarriages were had by this and not reported. The elderly I have interviewed told me almost all
would have a miscarriage. The few that did not have a miscarriage normally had a mentally retarded or deformed baby. They did
not realize at the time, but they were subjecting their bodies to a shock-load that rippled through their body causing injuries from
the clashing of matter. The unborn child received every damaging shock-load. Water is the main source of transmitting energy in
our body. These repetitive shock-loads resulted in miscarriages, and birth defects, and today hundreds of damaging shock-loads
are being delivered to unborn babies

4-B  Easy Steering on Old Vehicles. In 1966 I drove a Dodge Polara 500.
I could turn the steering wheel with a feather at any speed. Cracks and bumps
in the road were absorbed by the suspension that rode smoothly like a boat in
the water. After driving a full day, you would get out of the vehicle and feel great.
You could drive forever and not have any muscle or skeletal aches or pains.
The Dodge like many other vehicles in that era had FULL TIME Power Steering,
which made driving so easy and enjoyable because you did not have to exert
such tiring forces to make steering corrections.  
               5        Causes of Children’s Arthritic Fingers Deformities.
                              Causes of Adults Musculoskeletal Injuries.

Causes of adults muscle skeletal injuries, Back – upper – mid, L-4, L-5 disc, Neck-Shoulder-Elbow-Hips-Sciatica Nerve-Knee pains
Pain Side of feet & Heels, Arthritic Large Toes, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Migraine Head Aches, Chronic Fatigue,
Depression, Back, Neck, Knee, Hip, Shoulder Operations/Replacement joints, Increased appetite-obesity, Carpal Tunnel, Physical
Therapy, Rituxan treatments, Anxiety, Moods Swings, Sleeplessness, Burning in backs, Crippled Hands.
Bold Line “B” shows a gentle low delivery of forces required to turn a Low-Effort Steering System such as a 1964 Pontiac, 66
Dodge Polara, 66 Ford, 78 Dodge Charger.  NO shock-loads are generated or received.
Line “A” shows the plot of force generation and delivery of a shock-load because the force is generated and delivered within 2/10
ths of a second. On a straight, level road, this can happen 86 to 140 times per minute.
This causes
vertebrae’s to shift because muscles are anchored to spine and forces are not equally generated in the body nor
equally delivered to the resistant steering wheel. My study reveals the Trapezius m. causes major disc shifting from these forces
from the 7th cervical vertebra, down to the 11/12th Thoracic vertebra. However, most shifting appears to be from the Rhomboid
major m., Serratus posterior superior m., Rhomboid minor m., and the Splenius capitis muscle. The shifting of the discs is clearly
shown in
Module 2 of our web site in Line items #3 right side of Module 2.
The disc shifting
is factored by angularity of the skeletal to the centerline of the steering wheel effort, as well as other factors of
distance and amount of steering effort, etc. You will also see the results of steering damage in women being more concentrated in
the 1st through 3rd Thoractic and shown on #3 as the humps that appear in this area.  
Men’s convex disc movement is also shown and it varies, as previously identified with the variables of centerline, etc. Some people
have attended visits with Chiropractors. Chiropractors have been able to reduce and even eliminate the chronic pain in backs,
arms, hands, and fingers. The inflammation in these areas seems to be a big factor Chiropractors are able to reduce. Or eliminate?
As I have personally experienced, they can reduce or eliminate the burning and chronic pain in my back, as well as chronic pain
and numbness in my hands…but obviously, they are not capable of eliminating or preventing skeletal damage.

Skeletal damage is not avoidable with the present stiff suspensions, and steering. Other design flaws that exceed the human
material creep factors are various width and heights in their designs. All of which must be corrected..
You know how the Ph.D.’s in the automotive industry work…they all have tunnel vision. What I call paradigm thinking. Call these
injuries what you want, but they are caused by stiff/high effort steering vehicles.
This chart will serve as a representative of a
driver making a left turn while using only his
right hand. The forces and stresses are
identified (obviously, not inclusive).

Note: In stiff/high effort steering the muscles
cycle from a relaxed state to a taunt state
within 2/10 ths of a second (this is the
inherent design defect).

WHITE ARROWS represent some of the
major muscles that snap to a taunt state and
contract to deliver the necessary forces to
overcome the steering resistance.
The large Trapezius covers a large area of the
spine. The Infraspinatus, Susraspinatus, ,
Rhomboid major, Rhomboid minor, Serratus
posteria superior, Levator scapulae, Splenius
capitis, Trapezius, Semispinalis capitis,
Superior auricular, Deltoid, Brachialis,
Brachioradialis, Supinator, Extensor carpi,
Flexor carpi radialis, Flexor carpi ulanaris,
Pronator teres, Large Platysma and as you are
aware, many more muscles are involved in this
process of turning the wheel.

RED ARROWS: Represent the amount of
forces being pulled on the various parts of the

BLUE LINES: Represent compression forces
exerted on the spine because of the muscles
pulling down on their secured/attached
positions. The forces that the muscles
generate, pull lateral, angular, and downward
to L-4, L-5 and then transmitted to the hip
joints and finalized at the feet.
The vertebrae in the L-4 region are the largest in our spine, yet
the most troublesome with chronic pain and necessities of bulging
disc operations, fusions, etc.
My research has shown that the
three factors that cause this is the
lap belt, stiff steering and lack of the body from being isolated to
road noise vibrations.
The jerking motions generated in turning the wheel or steering
adjustments have this area of the back as the main fulcrums point.
All the weight of our upper torso is included with each and every
vibration from road noise, jerking to turn the steering wheel, and
not allowed to move because of the stiff seating and lap belt
holding it firmly.
Torsional forces for turning the steering wheel
resistance does radiate to the toes. The one common denominator
is people driving today’s stiff steering, stiff suspension, and seat
belt vehicles.
Amish have similar problems, not to the degree that we do, but
they receive dynamic force shock-loads because their leaf springs
are mounted side to side rather then front to back and then side to
side. The side to side does not absorb the shock-load when
starting to move in the buggy.
           7       Vibration Injury from a Shock-load (Kinetic Energy)
                 Injuries from Today’s Stiff Suspensions – Seating –etc.

7-A  Kinetic Energy - DOD Definition:
Kinetic Energy (KE) - is energy of motion. An object which has motion, runner, finger, muscle, vehicle, rock, bullet, and
falling apple – has kinetic energy. Many forms of KE are vibration (the energy due to vibration motion), rotational
(rotational motion), translational KE (motion from one location to another). To keep things simple, we will focus upon
translational kinetic energy. The amount of translational kinetic energy (from here on, the phrase kinetic energy will refer
to translational kinetic energy) which an object has depends upon two variables: the mass (m) of the object and the speed
(v) of the object. The following equation is used to represent the kinetic energy (KE) of an object.

Shock Load – the resulting impact of (KE) energy in motion. The harder a hammer is swung the deeper the nail is driven.

7-B      Kinetic Energy is ENERGY IN/OF MOTION.
Every bump in the road results in the transmission of two damaging shock loading Kinetic Energy WAVES (KEW) through
the entire human body.
Because of road noise (cracks-pot holes-black tops, etc) one minute of driving at
55 MPH results in 360 to 580 Kinetic
Energy Vibrations being transmitted through the human body.
A 30 minutes drive results in 14,100 mini-trauma
Kinetic Energy vibration waves transmitted through the body.
A vibration is only felt when matter separates during
“gravity free state” and clashes together again. We call this a vibration but it is shock-load from two masses clashing
together as in Vertebra against Intervertebral disk.
This represents between
4.3 to 6.9 Million destructive mini-trauma, shock-loading, tremors (vibrations)
transmittal through the human body from road noise.
The shock-loading from muscle mini-traumas jerking shock-
loads from a relaxed to flexed position within 2/10ths of a second, results in
79 of 128 steering adjustments per
with 946,000 to 1,540,000 over 12,000 miles.
My research has concluded that the
human body is subjected to 5,246,000 to 8,540,000 mini-trauma, damaging
shock-loads, vibrations, Negative Kinetic Energy Waves, etc, in 12,000 miles
.  And we wonder why our national
health costs are so high. And we wonder why we have Autism and all the other issues.
The energy wave is similar to that found when you stick your finger in a pot of water and watch the ripples. The Kinetic
Energy acts like a Tsunami in the body.  The Kinetic
Energy Waves separate matter at the molecular and cellular
and provide the clashing back together of the matter (shock load), rebounding actions. These are min-traumas. You
might want to read this history lesson which is repeating itself with the automobile this time. http://miketomich.
Remember that Kinetic Energy, which is not absorbed by the present stiff suspension and hard moulded seats, is passed
to/through our human body and absorbed as a negative change where it is felt. Damages from vibrations accumulate. This
is a partial list of problems caused by the Kinetic Energy of stiff steering-hard suspensions: back – upper – mid, L-4, L-5
disc, Neck-Shoulder-Elbow-Hips-Sciatica Nerve-Knee pains Pain Side of feet & Heels, Arthritic Large Toes, Fibromyalgia,
Rheumatoid Arthritis, Migraine Head Aches, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Back, Neck, Knee, Hip, Shoulder
Operations/Replacement joints, Increased appetite-obesity, Carpal Tunnel, Physical Therapy, Rituxan treatments, Anxiety,
Moods Swings, Sleeplessness, Burning in backs, Crippled Hands

Autism, birth defects, premature births, mental retardation… 5 to 8.5 MILLION VIBRATIONS through the unborn
child. A Tsumani, an earthquake to the unborn child.

                        8  History of CDC Arthritic Contacts
July 2004, You have TWO GOOD EMPLOYEES that care about children and are not politicians. Cindy Witt and Paul
They were going to schedule some research into our team’s discovery. Cindy and I spoke much about the
particulars in our discovery. She understood the problems about children’s injuries.
Bonzo pulled the plug on their beginning the research 8-13-2004. Why?

Dr’s Charles Helmick and Jeffrey Sacks (Arthritic Research) have been aware of our discovery since my conversation
with Charles Helmick in 2007. A copy of our book “Our Silent Epidemic” (free download on our web site) was also sent
to them.  They have done nothing in three years. CDC failure.
                  9  The Consumer Product Safety Commission
Dr. Jason Goldsmith at the CPSC has a degree in Physics, understands our discovery, and yet has done nothing despite hours of
positive intentions phone calls. He has done nothing in seven years to prevent children’s injuries.
      10  Political History – Senator Joe Lieberman – Microsoft Executives
In 2007, Democrats gained control of Congress. Prior to that Senator Joe Lieberman tried for 5-6 years to get a study conducted on
the effects of the media and video gaming (CAMRA Act). Obviously, the Video Industry influenced the Republican Controlled
Congress and prevented passage of CAMRA. In 2007, the Democrats arranged for the vote/passage of the Lieberman’s CAMRA
Act S.948. On November 14, 2007, the CAMRA Act was delayed after Microsoft’s Executives visited Senator Lieberman's Office in
Washington, DC, and discussed the video gaming industry.
Since the visit with Microsoft Executives on November 14, 2007, the CAMRA Act (S.948) was pulled out of congress and is sitting
on Senator Lieberman's Desk. (Parts of this have been deleted from publication).

     11  Nintendo Study of Children’s Finger Deformities (Not Made Public)

          12  Communications with Microsoft - (Not Made Public)

          13  In conclusion:  

The causes of our Musculoskeletal injuries have been traced to the NEW VISION of our Skeletal System as having a “Material
Creep Force Tolerance Threshold Value” that is factored by the variables of bone calcification, generation and delivery of Kinetic
Energy by the body and receipt of various forms of Kinetic Energy from External sources.

Product designs must comply with the Threshold Values that must be established in order to eliminate and prevent negative health
issues, including all mentioned in this letter and our web site.

recognition of Material Creep in our soft tissue and skeletal is a Monumental Breakthrough in health.
I can see even in the design of tools of the stone age that, they too suffered from arthritis if they indeed lived long enough. There
are many tools and processes today that exceed the Material Creep Threshold. However, they can easily be corrected. The far-
reaching effects of Material Creep relative to the human body
will become a science in itself and a major health breakthrough.

                        14  Immediate Corrective Actions
#1 Arrange for some of our staff to meet with the Thomas R. Frieden, and Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
#1 Ban the use of video gaming, computers, coloring in Child Day Care Centers
#1 Add age restrictions use to video gaming, computers, coloring in Educational Facilities.
#1 Inform parents of these hazards
#1 Automotive Industry- switch to soft suspensions
#1 Reduce thickness of steering wheel.
#1 Implement full-time power steering
#1 Eliminate ramped resistant designed in to electronic steering.
#1 Redesign Seats, vehicle height, width
#1 Educate doctors in Material Creep Engineering Discipline and Kinetic Energy
#1 Reduce steering effort on vehicles and isolate drivers from road noise. There are companies that can reduce the effort. Rubber
cushions for drivers are needed with concentration of pregnancies.

Thank you for you assistance, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Mike Tomich
          15  Few of Many Relative Newspaper Articles

15-1  Our Chronic Muscle Skeletal Health Problems of Today
Why do we have such a medical burden in our country?
CDC: More American adults hobbled by arthritis 10-7-10
-That jump was "more than we would have expected," said Dr. John Klippel, president of the Atlanta-based Arthritis Foundation.
- 50 million people with the joint disease

15-2  Fight to overcome autism gets major boost, higher priority
By Kathleen Sebeliu - Secretary of Health and Human Services – 10-9-2009
- President Obama. We needed a new focus and new resources because autism has emerged as an urgent public health
Altogether, the federal government will provide nearly twice as much funding for autism research in the upcoming fiscal year as
we had just three years ago.
- Scientists thought autism was a rare disorder that affected 1 in every 2000 kids. Earlier this decade, we revised that estimate to
say that 1 in every 150 kids was somewhere on the autism spectrum. Our most recent data suggest that autism may be even more
common than that. Almost every American I talk to about this issue knows at least one family that is affected by autism.
Government finds higher autism figure: 1 in 100

15-3  Two new government studies indicate about 1 in 100 children have autism disorders — higher than a
previous U.S. estimate of 1 in 150.
By CARLA K. JOHNSON, AP Medical Writer Carla K. Johnson, Ap Medical Writer – Mon Oct 5, 1:02 am ET
-The new estimate would mean about 673,000 American children have autism. Previous estimates put the number at about
-The other government estimate has not been formally released yet. But because of the new published findings, officials from
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decided to announce Friday during an embargoed press briefing that their
preliminary findings also show about 1 in 100 children have the disorders.

15-4  Chronic Pain Makes 50-year-olds Feel 80 – Wed Sep 16, 2009, 11:46 am ET
-"We found that the abilities of those aged 50 to 59 with pain were far more comparable to subjects aged 80 to 89 without pain,
of whom 4 percent were able to jog 1 mile and 55 percent were able to walk several blocks, making pain sufferers appear 20 to 30
years older than non-pain sufferers," said study leader Kenneth Covinsky of the Division of Geriatrics at the University of
California, San Francisco.
-Chronic pain is a huge problem for middle-aged and older adults. In fact, 24 percent of the people in the study suffered from
moderate to severe pain most of the time. About 75 million U.S. residents endure chronic or recurrent pain, other studies have
found. Migraines plague 25 million of us. One in six suffers arthritis.
-While pain is poorly understood, many experts now recommend physical exercise to combat many types of chronic pain, in
addition to medication in some cases.

15-5  Disability benefit claims surging  
By SAM HANANEL, Associated Press Writer Sam Hananel, Associated Press Writer

May 12, 2009 file photo, Social Security Administration Commissioner Michael Astrue speaks …

Officials estimate they will receive 3.3 million new disability claims over the next year, up from their previous estimate of 3 million
projected just five months ago.

Since October, the number of people waiting to have a claim processed has jumped a stunning 30 percent, from about 556,000
eight months ago to more than 736,000 in July.

15-6  Spending on health to rise dramatically
KEVIN FREKING, Associated Press WriterTue Feb 26, 6:26 PM ET   2-27-08

By 2017, total health care spending will double to more than $4 trillion a year, accounting for one of every $5 the nation spends,
the federal government projects.

15-7  Premature births worsen US infant death rate
MIKE STOBBE, AP Medical Writer Mike Stobbe, Ap Medical Writer 11-3-09

ATLANTA – Premature births, often due to poor care of low-income pregnant women, are the main reason the U.S. infant
mortality rate is higher than in most European countries, a government report said Tuesday.

About 1 in 8 U.S. births are premature.

Premature babies born before 37 weeks tend to be more fragile and have under-developed lungs, said the lead author of the new
report, Marian MacDorman of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

15-8  AHRQ Brief Details Prevalence, Cost of Chronic Conditions
The federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has released a statistical brief suggesting that chronic
diseases affect roughly 60 percent of the U.S. adult population and accounted for more than half of all medical expenses in 2005
- Meanwhile, adults ages 18 to 34 reported that chronic disease treatment accounted for roughly 29 percent of their medical
- Overall, spending on chronic disease treatment in 2005 averaged $1,064 per person for patients with one chronic condition and
$4,571 per person for those with two or more chronic conditions.
                       6        Adults Musculoskeletal Injuries
                             Steering and Vibratory Shock-loads
       6-A     Jerking shock-loads associated with Stiff/High Effort Steering      
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