Good Straight Fingers
Good Straight Fingers
Famous People Pictures Part 2 of 2
Famous People with finger deformities as noted
Can you guess who they are?
+Forward our website to your friends so they may see the children's finger deformities from video gaming, computers and
coloring during the ages when their bones are too soft to tolerate the damaging high forces.
+ If you suffer from a painful shoulder-back-neck-hips-carpal tunnel-arthritis or other physical pain....refer your physician to our
web site so he may discover the sources of the damaging dynamic forces  
+ Automotive companies must eliminate steering wheel resistance and lower effort requirements
+ Video and computer manufacturers, coloring industry and toy makers must add age restrictions to prevent small children's soft
bones from bending due to dynamic forces.
Prevent children's crippling finger deformities by not allowing your children to play video gaming
or use computers until your physician says their bones are hard enough to withstand the damaging
grasping forces incurred with each.

Prevent toddler's from finger deformities; please do not allow them to color or play with heavy toys.
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Personal notations are those of mike tomich
He was ridiculed, disgraced, and
sent to prison!  Why? Because
he dared to
think differently,
and said the sun did not revolve
around the earth, the earth
revolved around the sun.
Nicolaus Copernicus 1473-1543
Top Picture: Jim: These injuries are from driving a
stiff, high effort, resistant, variable assist power
steering vehicles. Do you drive a SUV? Truck?
Spend a lot of time driving?  Your medical advisor
tells you the deformities are caused by arthritis.
Doesn't appear that way in these pictures.
You must also suffer from back pain (lower L4-5).
Shoulder pains? Headaches? Hip pain?

Test your vehicle....can you turn the steering
wheel effortlessly when placing the tip of your
index finger on the surface of your steering wheel
facing you?

No?  Have your steering wheel effort reduced so
you can do such with one finger. Contact me and I
will help you with additional changes required to
make your vehicle compatible to the human
physical functional limitations and prevent
additional injuries while driving and riding
Jim Harbaugh, 49s coach, 10-17-11
The gentleman to the right of Jim also
suffers from driving injuries.
Jim...stop holding
the thick steering
wheel between your
small and ring

This type of an injury
any discomfort
when driivng.

The bones are
numbed when the
dynamic forces are
inflicted and puch
the bone surface
into its plastic state.

Each mini-trauma
accumulates and
expands the injury.

If you had held the
steering wheel near
the main body of the
hand, the whole
finger would be bent
outward as shown
in our site.

This would not have
happened with
effortless, low effort
one finger steering.
Jim Harbaugh 10-17-11
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- Help protect our children, forward our site to your friends.   
- Ask your vehicle manufacturer to eliminate the steering resistance.

- Forward our site to your friends so they may learn how to protect their young children from repetitive motion dynamic force processes
like video gaming, coloring, texting, and computers until their bones are strong enough to withstand the damaging forces.
View NBC, TV-25 news
coverage of three children
with deformed fingers from
video gaming.
Flint,  Michigan, USA
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These finger deformities are from driving stiff steering vehicles. Injuries from basket ball would result in backward curving fingers, which can't be seen in these
views. His small fingers are curved and twisted from holding todays thick steering wheel between the first and second knuckles. This happens because of the
jabbing motions used to deliver the forces to overcome the resistance of the steering wheel to turn.  These injuries should be interfering with his career with
more interference in the immediate future.  Will have a poor quality of life as he ages because his fingers will lose strength due to twisting of knuckles, and
deflection of forces from off angularity. Unable to perform meaningful physical tasks.    Mr. Richard Hamilton             
mike tomich 12-9-11
Jim's finger deformities aren't from arthritis; they are from the stiff, resistant
steering on his vehicle. Unless he makes changes, they will only get worse.
The B/W picture
to the left is from
a man that was
holding the wheel
between the
index tip and
middle finger
causing the index
to bent outward
as shown.
Blue lines show how straight the fingers should be.
Black lines indicate deformities.
Good straight fingers- from the 1972 movie
'Deliverance.' This is from the youtube
Dueling Banjos. If you want to see what
straight fingers used to look like look at the
movies of the 60's-70's, and early 80's,
because during that time...vehicles did have
FULL TIME Power Steering (easy one finger)
The Famous Actor Ronny Cox
Good Straight Fingers
Detroit Lions QB - Matt Stafford. Red lines indicate curvatures in fingers from driving a vehicle with resistant turning steering (power assist steering).  
Index is curved towards middle finger and middle towards ring. Ring towards middle and index, small bent outwards but curved towards ring finger.
Thumb is bent outward from hand at least 10 degrees or more. Knuckles are also twisted. These injuries are permanent.
The biggest problem at this
time is his thumb in that it will lose its gripping strength due to force deflection in off angularity knuckles and developing pain
.  Steering effort must be
reduced to zero steering and steering wheel redesigned. Many other problems are associated with stiff steering and suspensions, etc.
Can't see his right hand, but looking at this picture (Red
jersey), his injuries have gotten worse...maybe more driving
time...newer vehicle with stiffer steering?
Permanent Finger injuries from stiff steering vehicles.
Permanent Finger injuries from stiff steering vehicles
The one injury that is clear for your view is the
curvature of his index finger.
Shawn also has a serious problem developing
with his thumb.
Regrettably, this young man will experience a
shorter than normal career...they will lose the
use of their thumbs and index fingers...loss of
gripping strength.
Detroit Lions QB Shawn Hill
Permanent Finger injuries from stiff steering vehicles
To View Famous People List #1 click: Famous People #1
Black lines mark the deformities.
These are from driving and other
design flaws in the steering and
seating of todays vehicles.

Christian Ponder-Vikings QB

Vikings. His index and middle are
curved at the end..from the game or
driving? Most from driving and other
vehicle designs that exceed the human
physical limitations of the skeletal

Joe Webb Vikings QB

As with many players injuries that can
progressively get worse and shorten
their careers.

Lions kicker 12-2011. All finger curvatures and twisted knuckles have serious short
and long term permanent, negative consequences on our quality of life. "Feel the
road," "take charge of your car" advertising in 1985 was the beginning of our present
health crisis because vehicle designs started to exceed the physical capabilities of
our skeletal system. Our skeletal system is a foundation, and all foundations have
physical limitations. What you don't see in these deformities is the hidden/silent root
cause of arthritis.
 This Young man is Jason Hanson                    
The red lines indicate the curved fingers and twisted knuckles from driving todays fashionable resistant
steering, big thick pretty steering wheel, with race car suspension. The medical industry has numerous
names for these deformities..arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, buschards nodes..etc. He doesn't have arthritis,
his bones have changed shape, his joints have surface injuries and in later life when he stops using his
hands in the same fashion/processes as he does today...arthritis will form in his joints. This young man
can prevent further injuries. But at this time, injuries can not be undone. Who is he? He's the heart throb of
many women...
Jim Schwartz, Head Coach Detroit Lions.                                                                                   miketomich
To prevent permanent muscular-skeletal injuries, if you can not turn your steering wheel effortlessly with your small finger (at any speed) Tell your
manufacturer to reduce the steering effort to "Zero." Unless this is done permanent ligament, tendon, disc, skeletal, and nerve damage will
continue to silently develop with each movement of the stiff steering vehicle. The World-Wide Automotive Industry (GM, Nissan, V W, Toyota, Honda,
Saturn, Mercedes, etc.) are aware of the damage caused by stiff "high effort" steering systems on their vehicles. My testing of vehicles has
identified the Ford Crown Victoria, or the Mercury Grand Marquis to be the lowest effort steering available. However,  they still have too much
resistance which will also cause L-4, L-5 disc compressions injuries, curved, bent, and twisted fingers; it takes longer for the injuries to happen.  
My 8-years of testing has not found one safe vehicle that allows safe delivery of the awkward torsional forces required to overcome the resistance
of the "high effort" steering systems.         
                                                                                                                     Mike Tomich
The small finger on the right hand has an inward curved deformity that is a result of holding the thick steering wheel between this and the ring finger
while driving a vehicle with the high effort/resistent/stiff steering (steering that can not be turned effortlessly with one finger). This young actress will suffer
serious arthritic joints and hand function losses if she does not take immediate corrective actions. Her other fingers also suffer from driving deformities.
Her driving easily allow for her to hold her small finger in this position. She plays the roll of Emily Thorne in Revenge.
The lovely young actress Emily Van
Camp.  PS: f you know her...send me her contact at I can help her prevent further injuries.
The Bad Author
Do you see a problem with this ad? Yup! The
index finger should follow the green line.  The
blue shows you just how far that finger is curved
out of position. Another driving injury. Can you
see all the deformities with the other fingers?
Well, I can, they all have serious knuckle
problems that is going to have horrible
consequences later in life when they change
daily processes or careers.
OH! Maybe Chase is telling us that if you're late
on your bill...we'll bend your fingers like this?
Straight fingers. This is the way it
used to be when children grow up
playing too much video gaming,
computer use, or being encouraged to
color in Child Day Care Centers
(endless coloring for behavioral

And these hands we not exposed to
todays stiff/high effoprt/think steering

Good and healthy. Very-very-very light
curving and twisting.
Good Straight Fingers/Healthy Hands
Good Straight Healthy Hands/Fingers
As a child this adult never drove a modern
high effort stiff steering vehicle, played video
games, attended a Child Day Care Center, or
played with a computer. Take a close
look...your hands aren't as healthy as this. No
future arthritis with these hands. You have to
guess this one. I'm not telling.               
Good Healthy Hands
She drove vehicles with easy one finger
steering. She didn't grow up playing too much
video gaming, computers, or attending Child
Day Care Centers where they teach toddlers
how to hold a crayon and encourage coloring
for behavioral control. She has a small amount
of curvatures on her right hand index and
middle fingers. But by todays standards...she a
shining star.                   
 Actress Marlyn Monroe
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Sorry these pic's aren't clear..did the best I could.
Middle pic shows how his small fingers are bent
outward from holding the steering wheel between
them and his ring fingers. Index and middle fingers
are curved towards the ring finger. Both of his thumbs
have a pronounced curvatures (similar to those seen
from playing musical instruments) or holding/gripping
the steering wheel while turning or steering
adjustments. I though he had a chauffeur? These
injuries are not heredity :)
Donald Trump           mickey
Mickey and Whitney
Typical finger deformities from repetitive dynamic forces pushing bone mass into its plastic state. Vehicle designs now exceed the human physical force
tolerance threshold tolerance capabilities, thus resulting in our rash of health issues plaguing our country for the past 20+ years (carpal tunnel-chronic
muscle-skeletal injuries, and even autism). I've informed this man and the automotive industry of vehicle design errors. They ignore my communications.
As driving increases in developing driving do medical costs. Young people are now suffering from what used to be only elderly health
problems. Arthritis is now crippling young people and restricting hand functionality. Lose of gripping pressures results from force deflection from curved
fingers and twisted knuckles coming from stiff steering.  What is the major problem that allows this madness to continue?  The same exact enemy that has
always interfered with change throughout history...and that is the human "entrenched tunnel vision" (paradigm thinking). I've been saying for years to think
different. Change only happens when someone dares to think differently, ask why, and think different.  The man? Bob King, UAW President DEC 7-11-11.
The automotive industry complains of medical costs per vehicle...yet their vehicle designs are the root cause of our muscle-skeletal injuries.
  mickey tomich
Buyer Beware!
Just because
they sell it;
doesn't mean it's
Avoid developing
these deformities of
curved fingers,
twisted knuckles,
tendonitis, carpal
tunnel, etc. by driving
vehicles with easy
one finger effortless
steering systems.  
The curvature of
the small finger is
due to holding the
thick steering
wheel between
the small and
ring finger.