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Famous People with deformities as noted. Can you guess who they are?
+Forward our website to your friends so they may see the children's finger deformities from video gaming, computers and
coloring during the ages when their bones are too soft to tolerate the damaging high forces.
+ If you suffer from a painful shoulder-back-neck-hips-carpal tunnel-arthritis or other physical pain....refer your physician to our
web site so he may discover the sources of the damaging dynamic forces  
FormerPresident George W.
His small fingers are
bent away from the hands
because he holds the
steering wheel between his
small and ring fingers."Do
you miss me yet?"
The straight fingers of President Theodore Roosevelt. He was in a wheel chair.
All of us know her. Her right hand index and middle
fingers are bent towards the ring finger. The ring
finger is bent towards the middle. Her small finger
has been forced outward from holding the steering
wheel between it and the ring finger.
Oprah Winfrey
The bent fingers of a famous actor. In
addition to being bent, his knuckles are
twisted. His fingers will become arthritic.

Richard Gere
The Moth Prophesy, 2002
This is an actress from Scary Movie 3 - 2003. We don't
know what vehicle she drove, but our studies have
taught us they will have gotten worse. We believe she
is experiencing painful and/or aching joints by now in
Shelly Winters. Picture was taken years ago before
the "high effort steering."  If you read our book then you
appreciate the beauty in her
straight arthritic-free
The Senator Harry Reid - His right hand indicates he
has driven a vehicle while holding the steering wheel
between his small and ring finger. We can see his
bent fingers and twisted knuckles from "high effort
steering" vehicles. He will suffer from arthritic fingers
with physical functional limitations and painful joints.
The hands of a very famous female singer. Her small
fingers are bent outward from the hand as experienced
from driving. Her fingers are bent and knuckles are
twisted. Sadly, she will develop crippling arthritic fingers
and functional movement limitations.
This is the right hand of a young actress in the movie
"The Arrival."  She has finger deformities from driving
todays "high effort" steering vehicles. People with
small frames develop and show deformities much
quicker than larger framed.  Small or large frame
doesn't matter, they all develop finger deformities and
other skeletal injuries resulting in arthritis and
The straight fingers of our young beautiful Carley Simon.
We can see she drove a car with an easy 'one finger'
steering system, rather than the "high effort," "stiff
steering" systems on todays vehicles. We didn't play
video games either.
No wonder Matsuzaka is a top notch pitcher, he
has decent this picture it appears that
he hasn't played video games or driven "high effort"
steering vehicles.
The advertisement says; "She Loves Her BlackBerry." We don't
think she recognizes her index finger being bent towards the
middle finger. From this picture we can also see the deformities in
her middle and ring fingers. BlackBerry use by young people can
cause these deformities. Without further information, we feel this
is from video gaming as a child when her bones were soft and
yielded to the dynamic forces generated in the video gaming
1996 Movie: "The Arrival"  This is a picture of Charlie Sheen's
fingers in 1996. At that time he was driving a vehicle that had a
"high effort steering" system. Because he held the steering wheel
between his index and ring fingers, dynamic forces caused the
small finger joint to deform, thus causing the finger to bend
outward. His fingers show they are beginning to become bent.
This picture of Charlie Sheen was taken
during the filming of "Scary Movie" 4/5
years after "The Arrival." This picture
shows the increased bending in his
fingers. Also we can see the twisting of
his knuckles.
From the TV series: "Happy Days." Picture on left is
"The Fonz"
(Henry Winkler) dancing with Richie
Cunningham (Ron Howard) in the series that ran from
1974 to 1984. In this scene Fonze's fingers are
+ Automotive companies must eliminate steering wheel resistance and lower effort requirements
+ Video and computer manufacturers, coloring industry and toy makers must add age restrictions to prevent small children's soft
bones from bending due to dynamic forces.
______________________"LOST" 4-4-07______________________
The following pictures were taken from the "Lost" series which aired the week of
4-4-07.  These actors and actresses are not aware of their damage from driving
their "high effort steering" system vehicles that directly  cause these deformities and
hand functional losses. Some physical functionality losses are already incurred.
Bent fingers, twisted joints, joints off
parallel from each other. Caused by
driving "high effort steering" vehicles
Bent fingers, arthritic joints
The fingers holding this cup are
deformed from driving "high effort
steering" vehicles. Index and middle are
bent towards the ring, ring towards the
middle. Small is curved with tip towards
the ring finger. The curvature of the small
is from holding the thick steering wheel
between the small and ring fingers. Her
knuckles are also twisted. Sadly, she will
suffer from joint pain.
A picture of Oprah waving to the crowd of people gathered to see her in S. Africa. Sadly, we can see she has
deformities in her right hand. Her index and middle fingers are bent towards her ring finger, and her ring finger
is bent towards the middle finger. The outward bending of her small finger is caused by holding the steering
wheel between her small and ring fingers. Her index, middle and ring fingers are bent off perpendicular to the
cross-axis of her hand. This is also caused by driving a high effort steering vehicle. Sadly. Oprah will develop
painful arthritic joints.            
 Oprah Winfrey
This famous actress and singer has the typical finger
deformities found on the hands of drivers of "high effort
steering" vehicles. She is another person destined for
painful joints and the development of arthritis. Other
health problems are created, such as sore/painful
shoulders-lower back-mid back-upper back-hips-neck,
lumpiness in back between shoulder blades, and
more. Many medical operations are become necessary,
with unsatisfactory results. How often have you had an
operation only to have the symptoms appear again?
Medical sciences are being introduced to this, and it is
a slow process. Refer your physical or chiropractor to
our website. Until the steering effort is reduced to a
value that is compatible with the human physical
skeletal capabilities, Americans will continue to develop
chronic physical pain and skeletal deformities, and
continue our escalating medical costs.  
Jennifer Lopez
The year is 1960 and we have a picture of our famous comedian  Groucho Marx in a
Skippy Peanut Butter advertisement.

What is so unique about this picture?  Groucho has straight fingers and his knuckles are
NOT twisted.  In those years vehicles did NOT have the "high effort steering" systems
that we have on todays vehicles.

Steering systems which require our body to generate a dynamic force to overcome the
resistance of the steering wheel to turn.

Dynamic forces which silently and quickly inflict permanent and accumulative
musculosketal injuries such as lower-middle-upper back-neck-shoulder-elbow-wrist-
and hip pain, carpal tunnel, migraine headaches, (misdiagnosed) sinus headaches,
ruptured-henerated-bulging disk, degenerative back disk disease, and much more.
In 1960, I drove a 1951 Ford which didn't have power steering, but it still was easier to
turn than my 2000 Chevrolet Impala which has grossly caused my fingers and knuckles
to bend and twist as well as permanent skeletal damage.
- Help protect our children, forward our site to your friends.   
- Ask your vehicle manufacturer to eliminate the steering resistance.

- Forward our site to your friends so they may learn how to protect their young children from repetitive motion dynamic force processes
like video gaming, coloring, texting, and computers until their bones are strong enough to withstand the damaging forces.
* Groucho, Compliments of Reminisce Magazine - April 2006 issue
View NBC, TV-25 news
coverage of three children
with deformed fingers from
video gaming.
Flint,  Michigan, USA
Click Picture for
Case Studies -  
Additional Injury
Prevent children's crippling finger deformities by not allowing your children to play video gaming
or use computers until your physician says their bones are hard enough to withstand the damaging
grasping forces incurred with each.

Prevent toddler's from finger deformities; please do not allow them to color or play with heavy toys.
Be sure to view the 4 links at the bottom of this page for additional pictures and case studies
Click camera to see
damage that will
prevent supporting
himself as an adult
He holds the steering wheel between
his small and ring finger of his right
hand, and between the index and
middle of his left hand. His index is bent
towards the middle, middle towards the
ring, ring towards the middle, small has
bending towards the ring, but knuckle is
deformed allowing small to point
outward from hand.
Unfortunately, he like many others don't
even see this. The silent destructive
mini-trauma mechanical process
accomplishes these injuries without any
pain or discomfort...only very mild
symptoms signals are sent from the
skeletal system to our conscious mind.
Our former President Bill Clinton
The straight fingers of a famous young man in 1976. No video gaming,
computers, or stiff steering in 1976.
  John Travolta
She holds the steering
wheel between her small
and ring. All fingers have
permanently bent and
twisted deformities which
will interfere with her
quality of life. We hope
she will see our site and
prevent her baby from
developing the injuries
from heavy toys, coloring,
gaming, and computers.
Nicole Richie
We see deformities, but can't enlarge
enough to distinguish if  video gaming,
coloring, or driving is the dominant cause of
damage. It appears she just started driving.
Zhang Zilin
President Barack Obama. His fingers are bent and twisted from
driving a "high effort steering" vehicle (can't turn the steering
wheel with one finger). His small finger is bent outward from his
hand because of resting the steering wheel between it and the
ring finger. Very common with everyone today. This is an
exclusive trade mark of the world-wide automotive industry "high
effort steering" systems.
mike tomich
She doesn't appear to drive very much,
but we do know she drives a vehicle with
a thick steering wheel and holds her hand
on the wheel with it rested between her
ring and small fingers. This is the number
one giveaway today. A "high effort"
steering system causes this. It is so very
Angelina Jolie
A beautiful young actress celebrating her engagement to the man she loves. She has permanent finger deformities from driving a "high
effort" steering vehicle. Her index is bent towards the middle, the middle towards the ring-and hooked at the end, ring towards the
middle, knuckle of the small is deformed from steering wheel between it and the ring finger. When she bends her thumb, she will see
the end is twisted and bent outward from the hand. She has a small frame, injuries will happen faster, she will have crippling arthritic
joints in later life. I wonder if she has a painful shoulder yet? It is so sad this is happening to our young. It's a disgrace that President
George Bush, the NHTSA, CPSC, CDC, and his cabinet have turned their heads to this for 6 years now. Her vehicle manufacturer must
reduce the effort on her steering system to prevent further skeletal, disc, and nerve injuries.
     Katherine Heigl
Left: Senator Hillary Clinton campaigning in Iowa 12-07. The white lines next to her fingers
indicate the direction of her bent fingers. The tip of the small on her left hand hooks
towards the ring. All fingers show damage, typical of high effort steering vehicles.
Middle: A
young boy at her rally. No one noticed the inward bending of his index fingers (circle A) and
his twisted knuckles. Circle's B show the inward bending and twisting of his small fingers.
This is typical of experiencing dynamic forces during the ages when his bones are too soft.
This young boy will grow to have a poor quality of life. The damage is already set in place. We owe these injuries to the video gaming industry
and George Bush. The injuries suffered by this young boy are very common today. We can only find straight fingers of physically handicapped
children that haven't colored of played video gaming.
Right: The hand of a senator with deformities from driving " high effort " steering
vehicles. His finger injures are labeled as Rheumatoid Arthritic hands, the unrecognized root cause is dynamic forces generated in the "high
effort" steering systems.
Solution? Reduce the steering effort. End of deformities and the plaque of chronic physical pain in America.
Left: Holding his hands up
after adding their
impression in the cement at
the famous Chinese
Restaurant in California.
Can you see the driving
deformities before looking at
the picture below it?
Will Smith

Lower Left:
The black lines
indicate the bending and
twisting of his fingers. If the
damage was from video
gaming alone, it would be
rather evenly dispersed.
This picture indicates that he
drives a "high effort" steering
vehicle, and favors his left
hand. Indications are that he
has a problem with his left
shoulder that comes and
goes. More likely stays.
Physical therapy helped me
over come the problem
twice.  Notice how his small
fingers are bent
outward...this again is typical
of todays steering systems
that are causing so much
chronic physical pain
throughout the human body.
Kim Kardashianon on left. Sadly..all three ladies
have deformed fingers from driving "stiff steering
All of his fingers are bent and twisted from driving a "stiff steering"
vehicle and could have been video gaming also. The first time I saw
performers with high effort steering deformities was when the young
lady hugged Spiderman at the end of Spiderman I movie.  Katt Williams
Regis and Kelly. ABC morning. They both have deformed fingers from driving stiff
steering vehicles. The fingers are the first in the skeletal system to become bent
and twisted because they are the smallest bones. Sometimes physical deformities
easily happen within two weeks. Regis is always complaining about his fingers not
working right. Kelly's left hand shows the departure of the fingers from being
perpendicular to the cross axis of her hand. It is imperative that if they are going to
drive, they like everyone else, must drive a vehicle with zero "0" effort steering to
prevent further permanent skeletal injuries.
The contents of our web site is copyrighted but is offered free for
public/commercial reference with proper credits.
Two lovely talented ladies winning the Gold Medal again.  My love
to both of them and all the participants in the 2008 Olympics in
Right: Unfortunately, I can see that Kerri and Misty both drive
vehicles with "high effort" steering systems. With the information
I have read, I suspect that Kerri is wearing the black shoulder
brace (white arrows) due to the mini-shock loads generated in
driving such a vehicle.  The shoulder is only one of the first
problems to develop. Sadly, her continued driving with result in
loss of physical ability to continue the games.  Misty...her fingers
are curved, bent, and twisted like Kerri's.  These Injuries will
continue to develop and prevent their successful playing.  
Top Right: Look closely at both hands. See how the LH index is
bent outward and curved inward? The small is bent outward
from  the hand. The steering wheel is being held between these
two fingers when the dynamic forces are delivered to the
resisting steering wheel.
Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor, G Medal Winners, Beach
Former governor of the State of Michigan, John Engler. His right hand fingers are bent and twisted more
than the left hand.  This is from driving. He doesn't perform physical work except using the phone.
Photo Detroit News, 10-14-08, Steve Perez                                                                                                                                
Small finger bent outward from her hand (held steering wheel
between small and ring finger. Index curved towards middle. Middle
curved toward ring. Ring curved towards middle and index. These are
typical driving deformities. I don't think she drives a vehicle as a
governor, so her injuries are from before that. Michigan's former
Governor-Jennifer Granholm.
Mickey's 2 cents: Here she and John Cherry are laughing and
having a good time, all the while knowing our children are developing
permanent finger deformities from video gaming in Day Care Centers
where gaming is encouraged for behavioral control. They want to
build a statue to honor her? A supreme court nomination? A disgusting
By holding the weight of this musical device
with her thumb and the pressing of the keys
has resulted in shock loading forces causing
her thumb to develop the curvature shown with
the blue line.  This is a simple engineering
discipline which means the weight plus the
button pushing has resulted in dynamic forces
that exceed the material creep threshold of her
bone mass. Various deformities result from
various instruments.
Sarah Palin  Pictures
compliments of People Magazine          
Musical Instrument Damage
She is a popular talented actress that has finger deformities from driving today's "high effort" steering
vehicles. I don't know what vehicle she drives but sadly as it is she must suffer from chronic
muscle-skeletal injuries.

The green lines indicate where her fingers should be. The black lines indicate their departure from normalcy.

If she is right handed then her right hand is much worse than her left hand.

Her knuckles are twisted. Her ring finger wants to lay on top of her middle finger vs. versa.

If she visits her physician he will tell her she has a bad case of arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. He will also
tell her she has degenerative back disease... a catch-all that is used frequently.

High effort steering results in: shoulder, neck, lower back, upper back, hip, knee, sciatic nerve pains.
Hip-knee-shoulder replacement surgery.. Depression, obesity, anger, chronic fatigue, etc  
Jennifer Aniston
He was a BUG when he
was a young man. His
index finger curves over the
middle finger. His middle
curves towards the ring.
Ring curves towards the
middle. Small bends
towards the ring finger.
These injuries are from
driving a vehicle with a stiff
"high effort" power steering
system not from a guitar or
piano. The Mercedes is
such a damaging vehicle.
Sir Paul McCartney from
the popular singing group
the Beatles.
Driving Injuries
Did you know we have been beating on Ford
and GM to get rid of their "high effort" steering
systems because it results in shock-loads
traveling through our skeletal system and body
with each steering movement we make?

They have known about this problem since 2001

There are other problems with the vehicles that
must be corrected to comply with the new
ergonomics discovery we made.

But now...what about the millions of people
suffering permanent muscle-skeletal injuries
from all the vehicles over the past 20 years that
have caused stiff "high effort" injuries?        

If you can not turn the steering wheel
effortlessly with ONE FINGER at ANY SPEED,

Need soft suspension and soft seats to absorb
road vibrations.

Need it quiet to prevent hearing loss. miketomich
Her fingers should follow the green line, not the red. They are off
square to the cross axis of her hand. Right-black lines show
departure from normal. All this due to "high effort" steering vehicle.  
Did You Know
that Richard Wagoner, GM CEO
has known since July 2001, that
the stiff "high effort" power
steering on their vehicles
(especially the Impala) result in
permanent muscle and skeletal
injuries, requiring neck-back
operations, degenerate back
disease, chronic
hip-neck-shoulder-back pain.
Rheumatoid arthritis, the cause of
carpal tunnel,  and more.  Did you
also know Ron Gettlefinger (UAW
President) knows about these
injuries also?
Believe it or's true
Did you know every time you turn the stiff
steering wheel on your vehicle a shock load is
transmitted through your entire body? And that shock
load causes inflammation in all joints resulting in:
+ Chronic pain & Tenderness
+ Fatigue
+ Problems with:
+ Disorganized thinking
+ Emotional Changes
+ Sleep Problems
Did you also know this is has received the name of
Have your steering effort reduced and you'll
feel better...I guarantee it.   
Congressman Dale Kildee of
Michigan. We have identified the
curvature in his index and middle
fingers from dynamic forces
incurred in turning the stiff
impact steering on his vehicle.
His fingers are bent from driving a
Stiff "high effort" steering vehicle. The
curved lines indicate such. He will
lose strength in his hands from this
as well as back-neck-shoulder pain.
Detroit Lions QB - Kitna
A US Senator and brutalized Vietnam P.O.W. with
"high effort" steering injuries. His fingers should be
 Senator John McCain
Her father was a very brave and loved President who
sought change. Her fingers are curved and knuckles
twisted from driving. She will lose hand strength, and
use of thumbs.  Two arrows point to locations steering
wheel held in.                               
        Caroline Kennedy
18 year-old actor. Bent-twisted fingers from either video
gaming as a child or driving "high effort" steering.
Injuries happen within weeks for either causes.
      Matt Damon
Left: Our First Lady Michelle Obama has injured
fingers from driving stiff steering vehicles. The
above picture shows how her middle finger curves
upwards at the first knuckle (Red line and arrow).
This is common because of the thickness of the
Thus she holds the wheel with the palm of her
hand and her finger tips and when she delivers
forces to overcome the steering resistance to
move...the impact forces are delivered through the
palm and finger tips.                                     
Right: Further injuries are identified with the 4 Red
Michelle holds the wheel between these
two fingers which is why they are angled away
from her hands. The world-wide automotive
industry isn't aware the human skeletal system
has a material creep force tolerance threshold
value that's based on bone calcification factored
by internal force generation and delivery as well
as similar external variables.
Straight Fingers
No stiff steering cars.
Straight Fingers
No stiff steering cars
+Former President Bill Clinton. Red lines indicate typical deformities from stiff steering vehicles.
+Index Finger is curved towards the middle finger.
+Middle towards ring finger.
+Ring finger is typically bent towards middle finger, but because he held the steering wheel between the tip of his
small finger and ring finger....the ring finger did not bend as typically seen.
+He also drove with the steering wheel between his ring and middle fingers.
+If he continues to drive stiff steering vehicles his hands will become crippled and arthritic. +Bone replacement will be
He drove 67 miles every day for 5 years... his hands are shaped to conform to the contour of the stiff steering wheel.
He's hands are useless now.
Your children's hands may look like this 17-year-old young man...from video gaming. He can't perform physical tasks now.
Even Chief of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullin has driving injuries.  Right small finger is angled outward from holding
steering wheel between fingers. Let hand shows injuries from driving...not ships either.
Left: We see curved fingers and twisted knuckles of Prince Charles. His right index is curved over the middle
finger and his small is curved over the ring finger. The curvature of his small finger is caused by holding the
thick steering wheel between his small and ring finger. That plus the stiffness in the steering system results
in shock loads when turning the wheel. His index finger? The same cause and effect as with his small finger.
Right: Prince William and Kate from other pictures I have Prince Williams has similar driving injuries...but
now as badly as Prince Charles. Kate has curved fingers and twisted knuckles as does Prince Charles and
Prince William. Unfortunately Kate will develop arthritis and all of their injuries are permanent and can only be
corrected with bone and knuckle replacements.  Mercedes was building stiff steering vehicles well before
                                                                             picture courtesy of People Magazine, November -29, 2010 Issue     Mike Tomich
Mr. Lance Armstrong, a fellow cancer survivor. His fingers
are deformed from the curvatures and twisted knuckles.
These injuries appear to be from driving a vehicle with teh
stiff-resitent steering system like the Chevy-Impala,
Malibu, Silverado, and all other GM vehicles. It woudl be
interesting to see how he holds the handle bars when he
races his bike.
   Mike Tomich
Valerie Bertinelli

February 17, 2010

The black lines show how much her
fingers depart from being straight.

Every one of her knuckles have some
twisting. This is typical because as the
fingers apply gripping forces to the
steering wheel they twist and curve to
make full contact with the grasping
surfaces which are off parallel to their
natural knuckle birth design.

Small finger is angled outward from
body of hand 20 degrees. This
happens when the steering wheel is
held between the ring and small finger.
It isn't unusual for the small finger to
bend outward 60 degrees +. Such
injuries are shown throughout our web

She will lose the effective physical use
of her thumbs and index fingers. All
physical duties will develop limitations.
The Honorable Dave Bing, Detroit Mayor attending Michigan Governor Rick Snyder's
inauguration Jan 2011 in Lansing, MI.
Mayor Bing has done a lot of driving, in a vehicle with resistant power assist steering.
He has crippling arthritis in his right hand index finger knuckle (red arrows). The rest of
his fingers have permanently twisted knuckles and curvatures. His below his collar is
developing a hump. Head is protruding forward from back. See back injury pictures in
Module 2, #3. He can expect numbness in his fingers and chronic more as
identified on our site for adult injuries from stiff steering vehicles.
Jonathon Papelbon Boston Pitcher. Driving injuries. Also he
has a off postiion thumb..not from pitching.
Dave Brandon U of M Coach 2010
Dave your fingers are deformed from driving
stiff steering vehicles. Stop holding the
steering wheel between your ring and small
fingers. Look at the small...they are curved
inward...this happens because when you
grasp the wheel between these two fingers,
the finger naturally tries to wrap around the
thick steering wheel, especially when it is
high effort resistant variable power steering
like you drive.
Charley Crist - Florida Governor Sept. 9, 2010
His index finger is curved towards the middle. Middle is curved
towards the ring finger. Ring is curved towards middle. Small is
angled outward and has a slight left curvature. These are driving
He is fully aware of children developing finger deformities from
video gaming, he ignores telling the Day Care Facilities in Florida
to stop encouraging children to play video games.
 Politicians -
sometimes they just don't care about anybody but themselves.  miketomich
Fideo Castro - Good hands/fingers. Didn't drive todays vehicles with
stiff-high effort-resistant power assist steering.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel 12-17-2010
All fingers have curvatures and twisted knuckles. She does
drive and I bet it's a Mecedes...a Mercedes will cause these
injuries within an easy 6,000 miles of driving their high
effort-feel the road-resistant-power assist power steering.
Elvis Presley - Good hands/fingers. Didn't drive todays
variable power assist high effort resistant steering.
Ron Gettelfinger - Former President of the UAW
speaking during contract negotiations with GM.
He and GM's then President, Richard Waggoner were
arguing about UAW membership soaring health
soaring health costs from muscle-skeletal injuries. :)
The stiff suspension and high resistant steering
system is the cause...and they both have curved
fingers and twisted knuckles from driving the GM
vehicles.  Just too funny... MikeTomich  
PS: Roger Smith is also guilty of these design errors.
Republican Presidential Hopeful 10-21-11. Fingers are
curved with twisted knuckles. These are driving injuries.
Note: The inward bending of the end of his index finger is
caused by holding the steering wheel between the first
knuckle and middle finger. The outward bending of his
small fingers is also due to holding the wheel between
the small and ring. His deformities are a result of physical
forces. The material creep force tolerance threshold value
of each deformed finger bone has been exceeded thus
bones entering their permanent plastic state.
Presidental Hopeful - Herman Cain
Her small finger is curved inward and her ring finger (between
the body of the hand and first outward knuckle) is curved
inward. Holding the steering wheel between these two fingers
at these two points. Index finger is curved and twisted as all
are. Steering must be reduced to "zero effort." Easy, effortless
one finger steering.
 Paris Hilton April 2007
We remember this show (most of us anyway). All 4 of these pictures have actors/actrusses
with straight fingers.   
Alfred Hitchcock Show
Don't look too bad? Wrong! His index and middle fingers are off center
a good 3/8" to 1/2" Small is even more. Anyone know what he drives?  
Because he does drive. Could be from some video gaming also. I
hope he implements age restrictions on video gaming, computers
and toddler coloring.
Mahmound Ahmadinejad, President of Iran
mike at
To prevent permanent muscular-skeletal injuries, if you can not turn your steering wheel effortlessly with your small finger (at any speed) Tell your
manufacturer to reduce the steering effort to "Zero." Unless this is done permanent ligament, tendon, disc, skeletal, and nerve damage will
continue to silently develop with each movement of the stiff steering vehicle. The World-Wide Automotive Industry (GM, Nissan, V W, Toyota, Honda,
Saturn, Mercedes, etc.) are aware of the damage caused by stiff "high effort" steering systems on their vehicles. My testing of vehicles has
identified the Ford Crown Victoria, or the Mercury Grand Marquis to be the lowest effort steering available. However,  they still have too much
resistance which will also cause L-4, L-5 disc compressions injuries, curved, bent, and twisted fingers; it takes longer for the injuries to happen.  
My 8-years of testing has not found one safe vehicle that allows safe delivery of the awkward torsional forces required to overcome the resistance
of the "high effort" steering systems.         
                                                                                                                     Mike Tomich
CEO of Nokia. Holds the steering wheel
between small and rings on each hand. Left
index and middle are considerably twisted.
Unusual deformities. I'd like to know what his
vehicle is. Looks like he enjoys video gaming
or too much phone texting?
 Stephen Elop
Chrysler Fiat President. Too much driving.
Take away his company car and gas expense
card to stop further deformities.
Jim Henry ... miketomich
Afgan President Hamid Karzai 12-27-10
Personal notations are those of mike tomich
Good Straight Fingers
Why  was he ridiculed, disgraced,
and sent to prison!  Because he
dared to
think differently, and
said the sun did not revolve
around the earth, the earth
revolved around the sun.
Nicolaus Copernicus 1473-1543
Index and middle fingers curved towards ring
finger. Ring curved towards middle finger.
Small bent outward from body of hand and the
end of the small hooked towards ring.
Helen Mirren 9-12-10
The heart-throb of the 50's. The sports cars
he drove had stiff steering. Not often do we
see these injuries on earlier photos. Some
high effort steering problems were present
then but not as stiff as todays vehicles.
James Dean
The vehicles in Japan have the same stiff, high effort resistant steering systems as we and Europe
do. It is a serious World-Wide Automotive problem that is causing premature arthritis, plus mated
with the stiff suspensions...we now have the chronic muscle-skeletal system pain and health issues.
The human body was not designed by nature to be subjected to all the bouncing that occurs with stiff
suspensions, nor the fast (2/10's of a second) drastic torsional forces generated and delivered by the
body to overcome the steering resistance.  How many miles has he driven a stiff steering vehicle?
Enough to cause him to develop curvatures and twisted knuckles and fingers.
Naoto Kan, Prime Minister of Japan, Picture of 7-10-10
Why  was he
disgraced, and
sent to prison!  
Because he dared
think differently,
and said the sun
did not revolve
around the earth,
the earth revolved
around the sun.
Nicolaus Copernicus
A young man who will lose his ability to play pro ball unless he takes immediate corrective actions to prevent development of further
injuries . His thumbs and index fingers will fail him. The picture of the left hand shows his thumb is angled outward about 35
degrees and twisted. The index and middle fingers are curved towards the ring. The ring is curved towards the middle. Small is
bent outward from the hand.  He has twisted knuckles and knuckle deformities throughout all fingers. He holds the steering wheel
between his index and middle and small and ring. The curvatures of the index and middle is from the grasping position on the
steering wheel.  His injuries will continue to get worse until the steering system is corrected as well as other vehicle designs that
will and are silently developing serious-negative-permanent accumulative health injuries.
Mathew Stafford - Quarterback -  Detroit Lions    8-27-11
Sadly, this young man has a major problem developing
because his vertebrae are shifting out of position due to the
unequal forces pulling on the vertebrae during turning a stiff
resistant steering wheel. The vertebrae will continue to get
worse with resulting in numerous pinched nerves and chronic
pain. He must have his steering effort reduced to effortless
one finger steering ASAP.
Click here to see more pictures of such serious injuries.
Picture is from the new weekly Revenge Series on ABC. Sorry I forgot
his name.                                                                      mickey
Amazon's "Kindle Fire Ipod" advertisement of 11-15-11. Notice
anything wrong with the finger?  Red line shows how it's
curved, short black is twisted knuckle position. The thin black
line is center line of finger center to finger.  Finger
curvature appears to be from high effort steering. 11-15-11
An example of Good Straight Fingers. The only exception is he injured the
index on his left hand.
Straight Fingers
Straight Fingers
He holds the steering wheel  after the first knuckle on
both small fingers, whiich is why they curve inward.
Not enough resolutions to clearly mark twisted
knuckles and other curvatures.
Tom Cruise
George earns my KMA
award because his
admimistration stopped the
CDC from investigating
children's injuires from
video gaming. As George
said; 'I've never found a
corporation I didn't like.'
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