Eliminating My Lower Back Pain
It worked for me and friends

miketomich.com Module 4 Line Item #5
Crippling pain returned to my L-4, L-5, sciatica nerve after back surgery repair of a bulging disc.

A combination of the seat belt anchoring my waist to the seat (2000 Impala and 2007 Malibu) and the stiff
suspensions caused the inflammation to develop in my back thus resulting in the crippling pain.

The following pictures are of a cushion I added to my seating to isolate my body from the road bumps. This
eliminated my lower back pain...and has prevented its return for over a year now since I started using it.

I'm not a physician, I'm a quality engineer, if you have any health questions about using this consult with your
physician.  He will probably want to know about it for his back pain.

Within a few days my back pain was gone, after the inflammation disappeared.
Due to the inability of the suspension and seating
to prevent the vibrations from traveling through
my body, I experimented with the product shown
in this picture.

The 1-1/2"  foam on the back of the seat must
rest on the top surface of the foam thats sits on
the top of the seat. The 3" cushion on the top of
the seat must be trimmed to match the contour of
the back of the seat (the closer the better). Do not
add a protrusion like I did on the top of the back
foam piece (the hump).

I have not researched the toxicity or out-gas of
this foam padding or any padding. I use a silky
bead sheet draped over the foam cushions to
allow easy sliding in and out of the seat.
Malibu has horribly hard seating and stiff steering.

This arrangement has eliminated my L-4, L-5 pain
and Sciatic nerve problem.

I do not endorsce any modification of the original
manufacturers vehicle design or Federal Safety
Mandates. Please consult with your manufacturer before
making any changes to your vehicle. This is shown only
as a reference to my experimentation with stiff
If you find a better arrangement for cushioned
seating, or questions, please contact me at
miketomich@yahoo.com with "Seating" or
"Fingers" in the subject line.
If you're planning on having a child, and before using a baby seat in the back of your vehicle, please read
Module 4.

We believe autism is physically induced and our information may help isolate the embryo from the 7
million+ vibrations traveling through the baby due to the stiff suspensions and seating.

A baby should not be placed in the back seat of a vehicle which has stiff suspension and also the baby
seat lacking cushioning to isolate the bay from shaking dynamic force trauma vibrations.                     
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This link is a video of the new suspension system
Mercedes-Benz has designed to isolate occupants from
the shaking caused from uneven road surfaces.

Mercedes-Benz "Fully Active" NEW Soft Suspension