Dynamic Force, Dynamic Load - A force producing change, characterized by or producing change or
progression.  The force or load applied which results in matter exceeding its material creep threshold, thus
resulting in a permanent change.  

Force - Physical power or strength exerted to drive or propel against resistance.  The effort (force)
required to overcome the steering wheels resistance to turn.  Vehicles of old would turn with one finger
thus, they required much less force than the vehicles like the stiff steering "high effort" Chevrolet Impala.

Dynamic Forces:
- result in a permanent skeletal injury and soft tissue (such as a disc)
- results in permanent cumulative injuries
- exceed the strength of the bone mass
- inflicts damage quickly and without pain
- exceed the strength of the bone mass, but for our examples does not result in broken bones
Dynamic Force
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Flint, Mi USA
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Protect your young children from finger damage....do not allow them to conduct video gaming,
use computers, or toddlers with coloring and heavy toys.
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These injuries will prevent
children from meaningful
employment as adults