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Our research exposed the following spine injuries are caused by 'resistent to turning' steering vehicles. The Pain Clinic at Henry
Ford Hospital in Detroit, Mi., has a waiting list for Epidural injections to the back and neck. Hospitals in all states are expanding
pain clinic capacities. It's at epidemic proportions, it's effecting you and you don't make the connection to steering.

The following can be attributed to Carpal tunnel, tingling, numb, fingers, chronic pain, headaches, chronic fatigue, burning
sensation, tingling, inability to move neck freely, collapsed disc, arthritis build-up, etc.

The injuries shown are permanent...they happen quickly with long driving time. Chiropractor treatments provided me with some
pain relief in my fingers, but have not been able to reposition the shifted vertebrae.       
Teenager with a good smooth
concave back.
Neck is parallel with spine
Green Arrows point to the good  
concave spine.
These 4 pictures were taken (2008) two years after switching from an old
easy-steering vehicle to a stiff-steering 2001 Pontiac Grand Am.  Her back
developed the hump and shifted vertebrates after driving the Gran AM. In 2006
her back was concave without a hump, and her neck was straight up.
Top Left: Enlarged lump at base of neck.  Her spine is convex.
Top Middle:  Red Arrows identify hump developed after driving the Pontiac Gran
Am. Shoulder has moved forward. Neck is protruding forward.
Top Right: Right shoulder is down (right arm dominant drive).
Bottom Right: Another picture of the hump between A and B. Arrow C identifies
the right shoulder having moved forward. Neck center-line is in a forward position.
Age: 62
Age: 62
Age: 26
Age: 26
26 year-old young lady drove
Ford F-150 and now Ford
Explorer...both had stiff steering
which caused these permanent
Left: Red arrows point to the
hump that has developed from
turning the high effort stiff
steering vehicles.
Right: Side view of hump. Neck
is starting to protrude forward.
Shoulders have responded to
the lump by protruding forward
(this eliminates pain/discomfort
for time being)..   
Denny is a 67 year-old

Red Arrows identify the
lumpiness in his back
(shifted inflamed
vertebrates). Convex spine.

Blue Arrow shows the
better concave spine.

Denny drives and always
has driven Chevrolet Pickup

Denny has received relief
from pain by visiting a
Age: 19
Good Concave Spine
13 years-old
Meet Joey a 19 year-old young
man that drives an older Mercedes

Picture #1 of 1 Lumpiness
developed after driving his old
Mercedes Benz for 18 months to
school and after school jobs.
Pictures #1 of 1,2 ,3 Indicate
vertebrae and disc shifting from
driving a Chevrolet Work Van also
with stiff-steering (turning
resistance is high effort steering).

Red Arrows identify the
movement in his spine.

His shoulders have developed a
natural forward rest position
because it hurts in the Red Arrow
area stand upright. In this position
it doesn't hurt. Like older adults,
lean forward and the
discomfort/pain goes away.

His neck is protruding in a forward
+The problem starts in his neck
and continues downward past the
last Red Arrow. The condition is
slowly advancing below the last
Red to the first Green Arrow.
+Green Arrows show area of good
concave spine.
Age: 67
Age: 67
Age: 67
Age: 65
In 2000, I purchased the new Chevrolet Impala. Within 6 months, my vertebrae had shifted from a good concave to this a lumpy, nerve pinching
condition. I have chronic pain in the left lower side of my arm including small, ring, and middle finger of left hand. There is a burning, aching, pain
in the vertebrae areas identified with Red Arrows.

The Red Arrows point to the permanent deformities from disc shifting movement  to the back from generating and delivering the torsional forces
required to overcome the initial resistence in the steering wheel, directly and momentarly after the small amount of free play.  

After I retired from my desk job, and immediately after purchasing the GM 2000 Impala; my skeletal and muscle injuries/pain quickly developed
as I was driving in excess of 500 miles a week. Prior to purchasing the Impala, I drove a soft riding, easy steering 1986 Caprice Classic...which
did not cause me to feel body pains.  I call this "Our Silent Epidemic" because it goes unnoticed because people don't look at their hands/fingers
and blame pain on "getting older."

Green Arrows point to good concave portion of my spine, whiich do not bother me. The lower back L-4, L-5 had horrible crippling pain.
Inflamation pressures on the sciatic nerve. By adding a
cushion to my drivers seat I was able to reduce enough shock loads traveling through my
body because the stiff suspension fails to isolate these damaging forces (7 million plus) in seven months. These shock loads are also
responsible for damaging the embryo's nerve tissues and
causing autism (baby shaking 7 millions plus times).

GM won't tell you about this, nor will Bill Gates tell you that your children are developing joint injuries from gaming, and Crayola crayons won't tell
you either. American people aren't stupid. Sometimes we have temporary tunnel vision.

I personally experienced many of the problems in this site, and identified the cause.  Questions? Feel free. (fingers in
subject line).
Age: 65
Age: 65
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To avoid the injuries shown on our must have your vehicle manufacturer
reduce the steering effort on your vehicle to "easy - one finger effort."

If you
can not turn your vehicles steering wheel effortlessly with one finger then you are
silently developing muscle and skeletal injuries.
!5 year-old with good concave spine. No
Head off perpendicular to shoulders (blue
line) due to too much video gaming. Finger
damage from video gaming can be seen
in  Module 2 under video gaming injuries
with name of "Kyle"
Picture A &  B, She developed curved fingers, twisted knuckles, and this back condition and other numerous chronic skeletal
injuries after driving her 1994 Pontiac-Bonneville for 4 years. She hasn't driven since then. Prior to that she drove easy one finger
steering vehicles Mercury Grand Marquis's.
Picture C - Is Warren Buffett..this is from driving stiff steering vehicles.
The Green Boxes Identify Good Spine and Vertebrae alignments
Heads are not projected forward, and backs are straight.
Good Concave Spine
15 years-old
The following show various shifting of vertebrae and resulting deformities.
They all drive stiff steering cars and trucks.  
Age: 19
Various "stiff steering vehicles
Age: Mid 20's
Age: Mid 20's

Mid 30's. Like many others
on this page he suffers
shoulder problems, painful
neck, back, hips, knees, L-4,
L-5 pain, headaches..all of
which causes stress which
has resulted in his chronic
fatigue, depression,
irritability, and more.

This position is his natural
now after driving the
"stiff steering" Chevrolet

His neck has a 45 degree
angle and protruded forward.

This will lad to an extremely
poor quality of life at a young
age. He limits pain pills
because he doesn't want to
get addicted.
46 year-old male with the driving hump
from driving his new "stiff steering" and
"stiff suspension" 350 Ford truck.
63 year-old male that does a lot of exercises to relieve the discomfort. Drives
a "stiff steering" Chevrolet Astro Van. Exercising can relieve the inflammation
but can not stop the shifting of the vertebrate's.
Eventually he will become humped over. His neck is off angle and head is
protruding forward.
Age: 63
Age: Mid 30's
Age: 46
Osteoarthritis is a disease characterized by degeneration of cartilage and its underlying bone within a joint as well as bony overgrowth. The
breakdown of these tissues eventually leads to pain and joint stiffness. The joints most commonly affected are the knees, hips, and those in the
hands and spine. The
specific causes of osteoarthritis are unknown, but are believed to be a result of both mechanical and molecular events in the
affected joint. ama
22 year-old
Humps from
Disc shifting is
visible. Chronic
finger pains in
left hand and

Radiating pain
in left side of
face when lying
chronic pain in lower
back and L-4, L-5.
Disc shifting.
Early stages of
Injuries from uneven muscle pull on vertebrae results in their shifting within a few short months. Injuries happen to small and large frames..but
visually      show faster with small frame people. This is caused by torsional forces generated and delivered by our body to provide enough energy to
overcome       the resistance of the steering wheel to turn on todays cars/trucks.
Meet Joey - 19-yrs-old
# 1 of  1
# 3 of  3
# 2 of  3
# 1 of  3
Age: 19
Age: 19
Age: 19
# 3  Pictures - Back/Spine Injuries Caused by Stiff Steering Cars
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Warren Buffett
Compliments of Time Magazine, March 7, 2011 Publication: Red Arrows added to identify shifting of vertabrae.Note: Fingers are twisted from
driving, thumb is bending outward. These injuries are typical with all stiff steering vehicles. Stiff steering vehicles are the most popular cause of
chronic muscle / skeletal injuries.
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Phase 2
Phase 2
19 years-old, Small
frame. Permanent
back deformity due
to her back
generating and
delivering the
energy to overcome
the resistence in
steering within
2/10's of a second
Phase 2
Phase 2
Click picture for
Decompression Surgery
Herniated Disc L-4, L-5
Click on Chart for  Large View
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Sadly, this young man has a major problem developing
because his vertebrae are shifting out of position due to the
unequal forces pulling on the vertebrae during turning a stiff
resistant steering wheel. The vertebrae will continue to get
worse with resulting in numerous pinched nerves and chronic
pain. He must have his steering effort reduced to effortless
one finger steering ASAP.
Click here to see more pictures of such serious injuries.
Picture is from the new weekly Revenge Series on ABC. Sorry I forgot
his name.                                                                      mickey
Early disc
Early stages of Disc
movement deformities,
inflammation, and arthritis.
Over the next few weeks we will be adding more examples from our files.
We will post notice of such additions on our index page.
           Back injuries? Osteoporosis? This is not arthritic yet!
The lumps in the back are vertebrae that are pulled out of position because
of the uneven pulling forces from the right and left arms during the process
by the right and left arms during the process of delivering the necessary
forces to overcome the steering resistance...all within 2/10's of a second.
Because of the 2/10's of a second in generating and delivering the forces, a
jerking shock load moves the vertebrae out of position.
The fix? Install easy one-finger turning of the wheel, while adjusting ration.
The fix for the other physical problems...eliminate the stiff (race car) type
suspension by isolating passengers from the body shaking compressive
forces incurred when hitting uneven road surfaces.
Chronic pain, burning, itching.
Pain radiates to the chest with
symptoms of heart attack,
prompting hospital emergency
room visits for heart attack.