Meet a 4 year-old Amish child named Elizabeth. Amish children do not play video games or use computers. The lines running the
length of her fingers should be straight. The line drawn on her
small finger is curved, in the direction identified with the two small
straight arrows. The curvature of the small finger is typical in video, coloring, and computer use. This bending of the small finger is
smoother than the bending from video gaming, which is jagged. Her
ring finger is bent towards the middle finger, with the end of her
finger being hooked towards the middle finger. This is typical with all video, computer and coloring processes. I have seen some
children with the ring finger bent completely over the middle finger.
middle finger is bent towards the index finger. Video game deformities cause the middle finger to bend towards the ring finger.
index is bent and twisted. This is due to the forces generated with her hand gripping, and forces being generated in the coloring
stroke process, which is identified in part 3 of Our Silent Epidemic.  
Deformities to the children's fingers come as a result of the shock-load (mini-trauma) generated in the repeated grasping efforts and
the coloring strokes. Each time a child with soft (un-calcified) bones grasps a crayon firmly, and delivers a coloring stroke, a force is
generated, and because of their soft bones, the force becomes a dynamic force and initiates a mini-trauma shock-load.  The
mini-trauma results in accumulative damage.
More children are coloring today at younger ages because of the popularity of the Child Day Care facilities where computers, video
gaming, and coloring becomes items of interest.
Children subjected to repetitive mini-trauma, shock-loading, vibrations, will develop deformed (bent and twisted) fingers. Restricting
them to processes that are compatible to the calcified strength of their skeletal system is the only way to stop the damaging forces that
cause/and will cause restrictions in their proper physical functionality of their hands, and prevent the eventual early life loss of thumb
If your children's fingers resemble any of the pictures on our site, or the many in my book, please contact your Governor, Senator, and
the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
Bent  and  Twisted  Finger  Deformities  Caused  by
Dynamic  Forces  when  Coloring
NBC, TV-25 news
coverage, children
with deformed
fingers from video
Flint,  Michigan,
USA (2:11min)
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Prevent your children's crippling finger deformities;
- do not allow children to play video games, or use computers until they are al least 8 years-old,
- do not allow children to conduct coloring until they are at least 5 years-old,
- do not allow toddlers to play with anything they can't easily pick up effortlessly with 2 fingers.
See Note #1 at the bottom of HOME page for explanation of starting ages.
Click (Inside our book) for
further information and pictures
about this discovery.
"Inside our book"
Injuries that
prevent children
working as adults
The contents of our web site is copyrighted but is offered
free for public/commercial reference with proper credits.
4 year old Coloring Damage This lovely young girl has bent and twisted fingers from coloring with wax crayons. Her fingers show similar
damage as found with video gaming and computers, except coloring damage is much smoother. She does not video game or use
computers. We are greatly disappointed with Binney & Smith Inc. (manufacturers of Crayola Crayons) in Easton, PA 18044. Mike Tomich's
explanation of the dynamic forces relative to coloring deformities with young children was recorded by their Consumer  Affairs Specialist
L.M. Arnold on 3-3-06, with a promise they would contact Mike regarding age restrictions after their own study was completed. As of
10-5-08, such hasn't happened. Children's finger deformities from coloring happen within weeks.....not months. All children develop
deformities from coloring because their bones are not calcified hard and bend like clay.
Referring to the LEFT HAND of the 3-year-old girl.  Line 1 has developed a curve from
coloring.  The tip of the finger in Line 2 is bent towards the index finger. With video
gamers, this finger would be bent towards the ring finger.  Line 3 and 4 are bent
towards the middle and index fingers.  The bending of the fingers in Line 3 ad 4 is
also a characteristic of video players except the bending is smoother and the finger
nails are more centered to the center of the finger.
Remember, the younger the child, the softer the bones.  The softer the bone, the lower
the force can to be to qualify as a damaging dynamic force.  Bones do not have
springs in them; they do have a molecular bonding of their cells.  When the molecular
bonding of the cells is exceeded and an elongation occurs, then a new shape is born.  
Repetitive motion with the dynamic forces causes mini-traumas which result in the
children's finger deformities.  When young children with soft bones color or draw, all
positions used in the processes generate dynamic forces and result in permanent
deformities.  Children must not be allowed to color, draw, or conduct any repetitive
motion process at such a young age when their bones are so soft.  An age must be
determined when their bones are calcified hard enough to withstand these process
forces.  Age restrictions must be identified and followed by our young people.
Coloring Damage
Coloring Damage
Coloring Damage
Coloring Damage 4 years-old
Coloring Damage
Left Hand
This drawing indicates the point of dynamic forces
being created and at what portion of the coloring stroke.
Chart 4-4 tells it all. This chart details the cause of children developing bent and twisted fingers
from coloring. Circles E represent the damaging forces from a coloring crayon breaking during
coloring; the abrupt shock-load.
Coloring Stroke
Dynamic Force
Coloring Stroke
Dynamic Force
Delivery and Rebound
The heavy black bottom line is the area of the
stroke with the dynamic forces. The heavy line
represents the portion of the coloring stroke
when the weight of the hand is added to to the
Coloring Stroke
Dynamic Force
Delivery and
Dark lines marked with Circles A and B represent a dynamic force generation by the
child and delivery of the dynamic force back to the finger bones (rebound).
Coloring Stroke
Dynamic Force
Delivery and
Coloring injuries are explained in our book "Our Silent Epidemic" which can be read or down loaded off our site absolutely free
of costs. Section 3, Pages  44 through 51 explain the charts and pictures used in this link.  Help us help the children by not
letting them perform coloring until they are at an age when their bones are calcified hard to prevent these injuries. We
suggest no video gaming or computers until they are at least 8 years-old, and no coloring until they are at least 5 years-old.
This same warning applies to schools and Child Day Care Facilities also. Please refer to our Note #1 at the bottom of our
home page for further information on our 8 and 5 year suggestive ages.
Share this information with your family, friends, schools, and Day Care Facilities.
Pictures A, B, C, D show
a 3 year-old girl holding
her hands in different
coloring positions.
She has to PRESS on the
coloring instrument to
overcome the material
composition and material /
chemical bonding agents.  
Her left applies a
downward force to hold the
coloring book in place as
well as preventing
movement of the book
during the coloring stroke
forces and preventing right
hand datum point
Pic C white
arrows indicate forces
pressing down and bending
fingers...same with
Coloring Damage - 15 Months
Coloring Damage - 15 Months
Meet 1 year-old David. Just a cute little guy all dressed for Halloween. He sure got a lot of well deserved attention while
shopping with his rightfully proud mother. His mother does not allow him to use video gaming or computers. Sadly, I pointed
out to her the unrepairable damage of bending and twisting fingers caused by coloring at his young age. At an age when his
bones are not harm enough to avoid dynamic force injuries to his soft bones. His deformities are permanent and sets the stage
for unavoidable injury enhancements. His injuries are common today because children spend much time coloring in Child Day
Care Facilities, preschool, and Kinder and 1-2-3 grades. Look closely! Do you see any injuries? We have identified his injuries
below. Don't let your children perform coloring until they are at least 5 years-old, and maybe not even then. See Note 1 at the
bottom of our home page.
David's Injured Right Hand. Dave is right handed. Holds his
crayons between the 2
blue arrows and as shown in the below
pictures A-B-C-D-E. The middle fingers is twisted counter clockwise
from the forces involved in holding the crayon.
Small Finger is bent
and twisted towards the ring finger. This is because of exerting the
force down on his hand to hold it in place and help exert the force to
make the crayon leaves it mark (see A-B-C-D-E). His
ring finger is
curved and twisted towards the middle finger...for the same reason as
the small finger.  His
middle is curved towards his index finger with
the last bone curved towards his index and twisted.also.
Index finger
is curved towards his middle in 2 locations. The
Red lines indicate the
curved areas.
Black lines indicate the direction of the curvature.
White lines
indicate some of the twisting direction. All of his knuckles
are off location from bending and twistings.
Davids injured Left Hand  These injuries are so heart breaking to see because
Crayola Crayons was made aware of these injuries many times. If you wish to
call them; Binney & Smith Inc., 1100 Church Lane, PO Box 431, Easton, PA  
18044-0432, 800-272-9652.  Dave's left hand is subjected to dynamic forces
when used in the coloring process of holding the sheet against forces from hand,
finger, and crayon movement (refer to A-B-C-D-E below). Damaging dynamic
forces will be explained further below. Knuckles 1-2-3 on all fingers should be
parallel to each other and the cross axis of his hands; but thye are not. The
knuckles also indicate twisting.
Circle B vs has less flesh on the side of the nail.
Circle D has more flesh. Circle C is the center line of his finger nail which is off
center to his finger. The same with
Circle F. Surface Circle A is curved. Surface
Circle G & H shows the curvature of the finger also. Look closely, you will see
center lines off center with nails, etc.
Coloring Damage - 15 Months
Coloring Damage - 15 Months
Force - Safe Process (Left drawing)
All of us know we need forces to accomplish a task in our daily lives.
Example: A child lifting a toy must provide a grasping force that will
prevent the fingers from slipping off the surface and also enough force
to overcome the weight of the toy. A light toy with a non slip surface  
allows low force to accomplished picking up the toy. This results in a safe
process with the use of friendly forces. Why? Because the toy was
picked up with a low grasping force...a grasping force that
did not
exceed the strength of the child's soft bone mass. A force in which the
excess force was absorbed by the bone mass without damaging the
bone. Children's bones are like clay when not hardened by calcification.
They are still immature child bones and not developed and hard like
                                         Force - Bad Process (Right drawing)
When a child with soft undeveloped bones is performing coloring, that coloring process becomes a bone damaging event with serious hand
functional losses, and initiation of injuries that will continue to get worse, and will eventually lead to the loss of physical abilities necessary
to be a self supporting wage earner. Especially when video gaming, computer, and stiff steering vehicle damage is added.  

Any forces that exceeds the amount required to perform the process and exceeds the safe bone force absorption, is a damaging dynamic
force because it exceeds the Material Creep of the strength of the bone mass. This is what happens to ALL children that perform coloring
during their soft bone formative ages. This is what is responsible for the curving fingers and twisting knuckles through out our web site.
Senate bill S.948-CAMRA Act (child's health study) will provide identification of proper ages for various processes.

For explanation, we will call the excess force "rebound force" (Rf). Rf can be found in each small segment of a process. But, we will refer to
it as one force (F1).  Force required to perform the process Pf.  Material Creep MC.  
F1-Pf=Rf   Rf-MC=Amount of damaging force.

The forces the children use to grasp and hold the slippery paper finish on the crayon, it's weight, pressing force to make the wax leave a
its marking, the rebound from the coloring stroke, and the coloring stroke just tooooooo much for their bones..........
which is why their develop deformed fingers with functional losses.

Note: If you have a hand x-ray - Technicians love to pull the fingers and make them straight before taking the picture. DO NOT allow the
technician to do this because the off parallelism of a knuckle (even 10 degrees) can easily be hidden with by making the fingers straight
and pressing them on the table.  5 Degrees can result in almost 1/4 " over 2 1/2".  Don't let that happen to you or your child....make sure
your physician sees the real default position.
Meet 2 year-old Mickey He doesn't use computers or play video gaming. But he does do a lot of coloring.  Top Left:  Green lines indicate
where fingers should be.
Long Black lines identify curvatures. Short Black Lines identify the curvature and twisting of the knuckles which have
yielded to the excess force / dynamic forces.
Top Right Another view of Mickey's hands. You can see how his index finger wants to lay over the middle finger

As you look through our site you will see these injuries resemble the same from video gaming, computers,and even adults from driving. Our
fingers being the weakest of our skeletal system are subjected to all the forces we apply to performing a process...hammering, pulling wires,
lifting, etc.  Dynamic forces we are responsible for. We design the damaging forces into our products. It is a human created damaging
force....which is not found in nature.

NOTE: Do not allow your child to color until at least 5 years-old (See Note #1 on bottom of home page relative to S.948-Camra Act
No computers or video gaming until at least 8 years-old. This applies to children attending Day Care Facilities and
Private/Public schools. Nature is telling us children don't need to color, use video games, or computers during their young developing ages.
Top Left: Meet 2 year-old Bobbie. This picture was added so you can see what it was before I drew lines on it.
Top Right: Curved arrows indicate direction of finger/knuckle twisting. All fingers have some twisting. Straight arrows point in direction of
curvature and all fingers have some curvature. Bobbie already has some physical impairments from this damage.
Why are their fingers becoming deformed now? Why didn't it happen 20 years ago?  It has been happening ever since the crayon
has been invented over 100 years ago. Children didn't perform a lot of coloring as they do now, especially with the advent of Children's Day
Care Centers. Mom stayed home, she was a home maker......children usually played outside on the porch or in the yard.  When a child would
color a lot, their deformities were compared to their parents who had curved/twisted fingers from driving or man made dynamic force
Meet lovely 4 year-old Joan.
Her parents say she isn't allowed to
use video gaming or computers
yet. She does a lot of creative
drawings.  Has good motor skills.
long black lines indicate
finger curvature.
Short black
indicate twisting of knuckles
and curvature.
The two white arrows indicate the
deformed knuckles which allow the
fingers to bend backwards 10
degrees. Interesting because we
usually find this with video gaming
and computers. We haven't seen all
the devices she draws with though.
When they takes Joan to her
physician he will probably tell 'em
she has arthritic fingers...but there
isn't any arthritis in them. They are
bent and twisted with parallel top
and bottom knuckle surfaces...from
dynamic force shock loads causing
the bones to change shape.
Do not allow children to
perform coloring until
they are at least 5

Do not allow children to
use video gaming or
computers until they are at
least 8 years-old.
Coloring Damage 2 years-old
Coloring Damage 4 years-old
Coloring Damage 2 years-old
Coloring Damage 2 years-old
Page 3-46 of our book
Page 3-51 of our book
Page 3-47 of our book
Page 3-47 of our book
This is a cute 1 year-old little guy with a big smile, and some
brothers and sisters that love him dearly. His knuckles are
twisted and his finger bones have developed curvatures that have
already caused hand functional losses, such as clumsily handling
of small items. Years ago coloring wasn't performed as much as  
it is today. Today with two working parents, the Day Care
Centers, baby sitters, encourage children to color to keep them
occupied and orderly.  The
straight white arrows indicate the
direction of the curvature in his fingers. The
curved arrow
(bottom center) indicates the twisting in his finger and knuckles.
long white solid lines are where his fingers should be. Any
child that hasn't been exposed to dynamic forces such as coloring
will have fingers straight and perpendicular to the cross axis of
their hands.
Something to think about. I have seen new born
children with small fingers that bend outward, away from their
hands, and their mothers have the same outward bending of their
small fingers which is caused by holding the steering wheel
between the ring and small fingers.
Simple rule: Do not allow your children to start coloring
until they are at least 5 years-old, or play with anything
they cannot easily pickup with two fingers.
His fingers will only continue to get worse now. We're hoping in
the future we be able to help children and adults with a new
concept for treating these type of injuries.
See Note #1 at the bottom of HOME page for explanation
of starting ages.
Did you know Crayola Crayons recorded a 30 minute + phone conversation in which we explained the mechanical dynamic force process
responsible for deforming children's fingers on 3-3-06. And they would contact us when they completed their own study? We're still waiting for
their results? Don't let your children start coloring until they are at least 5 years-old. All young children develop deformities with hand
functional losses because their bones are just plain toooo-o-o-o soft.   Believe it or's true!                                           mickey
Coloring Damage 1 year-old
If your children's fingers resemble these injuries - Call the CDC - Unintentional Injury

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1600 Clifton Rd, Atlanta, GA 30333, U.S.A.

(800-232-4636) TTY: (888) 232-6348, 24 Hours/Every Day

e-mail: Grant Baldwin-Deputy Director gfb3@CDC.GOV   or

Call you Congressman or Senator (Toll Free) using name or state at: U.S. Congress switchboard  

If they don't answer right away, let the phone ring because their on the other line and will answer in the order received.  
If you can't remember your Senators name - tell them your state and they will connect you to your senator or representative.
Case Studies
NBC-TV 25 News
Flint, Mi USA
Prevent children's crippling arthritic fingers;
- do not allow children to perform coloring until they are at least 5 years-old, nor play with anything
they can not easily/effortlessly pick up with two fingers,
- do not allow children to play video gaming or use computers until they are at least 8 years-old, and
then watch for any evidence of any injury and stop such use.
Click (Inside our book)
for further information
and pictures about this
"Inside our book"
Injuries that
prevent children
working as
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The contents of our web site is copyrighted but is offered free
for public/commercial reference with proper credits.
Click to see pictures of Children's Deformities from Computers
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Section CA
Section CB
Section CC
Section CD
Section CE
Section CF
Added 5-5-09
Coloring Damage 5 year-old
Coloring Damage 5 year-old
Meet Lovely 5 year-old Rene'- The picture on the right is
enlargement of the above. Blue lines indicate where fingers
should be. Black identify deformities. Arrows indicate
twisting and curvatures. Short heavy lines indicate location
of twisted knuckles. These physical deformities are
permanent, you can visually watch them deform within 2-3
weeks on a daily basis.
Why does this happen? Their
bones are not calcified. They are like clay. See CF 4-4 and CF 4-5 charts above which identify the injuring forces. Have a  
Feel free ...
Coloring Damage 3 year-old
Coloring Damage 3 year-old
3 year-old boy. Notice his index fingers bending over middle fingers. Ring fingers bent towards middle. Small fingers bent towards ring. The
small finger on his right hand was so bent inward that it wouldn't lay on top of the right ring finger. Parents said he colors at home but not
much. His fingers should be straight. The black lines show his departures from normalcy.  Crayola Crayons in Pennsylvania is aware of these
skeletal injuries, we asked them to put age restrictions on packaging. They don't want to do that. Call the CDC at 800-232-4636 and let them
know of your child's injuries or send us pictures of such and we will contact the CDC. E-mail Grant Baldwin (CDC) at he wants
to know about these injuries.   
mickey tomich
Section CG
Section CH
A 3 year-old little girl with permanent coloring injuries. Her fingers are in their natural rest
position thus her bending and twisting deformities are seen. The
Black Lines indicate the
curvature of her fingers and the bending and twisting of her little knuckles. The
Blue Lines
indicate the position where straight (non-injured) fingers would be. Black and white pictures
A-B-C-D (above on this page) identify the forces that result in these injuries.  Child Day
Care facilities teach children to hold a crayon when just a few months old, when their bones
are almost as soft as clay.  Her mother said; "There's nothing wrong with her
fingers...they're like mine," (her mothers arthritic fingers were bent and twisted from driving
a stiff steering vehicle like the Chevy Impala). Children
should not color until at least 5
and then monitored for skeletal injuries. Crayola crayons knows of the children's
injuries but refusess to add age restrictions to their packaging. Please call the CDC at
800-232-4636 and report your children's injuries     
mickey tomich
Coloring Damage 3 year-old
Added 5-10-09