Vibration - Pulsating Vibration - The reciprocating, oscillating, or motion of a rigid or elastic body or medium force from a position or state of
equilibrium.  An example of this is when a child is holding a game controller, the vibration is felt when two bone masses separate and collide
together again (even microscopic).  Surface damage occurs and spreads to the bone mass as damage equalizes through the mass.  
Warning:  Each individual vibration results in a destructive shock load.
The arrows identify the two sources of the deep pulsating vibrations that are responsible for the rapid development of our
children's deformed fingers.  The vibrations, and the children's white knuckle gripping required for the playing process, result in
childhood arthritis, finger joints that bend backward, thumbs bending outward, loss of physical functionality of their hands, etc.  
The first noticeable sign of a problem is their inability to handle small objects.  
Example of vibration generated in a Sony game controller which results in the bending and twisting of our young children's fingers and knuckles.
The Children's Destructive / Knuckle Pulverizing Vibrations are these Two Small
Electric Motors with off balance weights
U.S. Congress switchboard (Toll Free) 1-800-828-0498
If they don't answer right away, let the phone ring because their on the other line and will answer in the order received.  
If you can't remember your Senators name - tell them your state and they will connect you to your senator.

All States - please call:
Senator Ted Kennedy - Chair of HELP Committee at 202-224-4543
Senator Harry Reid - Senate Majority Leader at 202-224-3542
Senator Richard Durbin - Assistant Majority Leader at 202-224-2152
Senator Robert C. Byrd - President Pro Tempore 202-224-3954
Senator Joe Lieberman - 202-224-4041
Michigan Residents Please Call:   
Senator Carl Levin Washington at 202-224-6221, Detroit 313-226-6020, Escanaba 906-789-0052, Grand Rapids
616-456-2531,                     Lansing 517-377-1508, Traverse City 231-947-9569, Saginaw 989-754-2920                                                
Senator Debbie Stabenow Washington at 202-224-4822, Detroit 313-961-4330, Marquette 906-228-8756, Grand Rapids 616-975-0052,
Lansing 517-203-1760, Traverse City 231-929-1031, Flint 810-720-4172    
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