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Every child video gamer has some damaging deformities.
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This page is intended to provide you with pictures of young people
with fingers that developed bent/twisted deformities from video
gaming, computers, and coloring. These, combined with others
on our web site, will assist in helping to determine the possibility
of your children having injuries from dynamic force processes.

Any degree of skeletal injury has negative consequences with the
physical functionality of the finger and hand. The most noticeable
and unrecognized functional loss is their clumsiness with
handling small items.  
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17-year-old Jayson'. The two end pictures show each of his hands in their new deformed finger relaxed position.
These skeletal injuries, like all skeletal injuries have a negative effect on functionality. Like many adults and children, neither he nor
his sorrowful mother recognized these deformities until we met him in Saginaw, Michigan on 12-6-07.
This is another reason why Senate bill S.948 must be passed and with emergency funding for the study. The video industry denies
any responsibility for these injuries. The study is needed to get us the authority to stop this needless insanity with both the video
industry and some senator's who have known of these injuries.
What kind of a life do you think Jayson' will have when arthritis cripples his hands for life? Jayson' is one of many pictures we will
add over the next few weeks.  Keep posted and share this with your friends so they will not purchase video gaming equipment.
Call your senator and ask for passage of
Senate bill S.948 called the CAMRA Act.
U.S. Congress switchboard (Toll Free) 1-800-828-0498
Senators Lieberman, Brownback, and Hillary Clinton - letter to Kennedy to avoid continued delays in passage of S.948
Read our letter to Microsoft asking they produce a child friendly game controller for children that won't cause finger deformities
Read Microsoft's Touting News about Implementing Parental Control's that will not stop injuries ?
It won't work because injuries always occur during the children's soft bones ages,and they haven't identified the ages yet.
Read the letter to our Michigan Legislators asking they ban Video Gaming from Child Day Care Centers. Which they refuse to do.
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Meet 18-year-old Jamie that developed bent fingers and twisted knuckles from video gaming as a child. Now his injuries will
increase due to the dynamic forces his body generates and delivers to the "high effort steering" of his Chevrolet Trail Blazer. His
small (baby) fingers are bent outward from grasping the thick steering wheel and delivering the dynamic forces to overcome the
resistance of the steering wheel to turn as well as other injuries that blend into and enhance the existing video gaming injuries.
Presently he experiences muscle cramping and aching/painful knuckles when conducting physical tasks like shoveling snow or
lifting boxes. If he continues to drive a high effort steering vehicle, other permanent musculoskeletal injuries will develop. He already
has a sore lower back.  
 WARNING: If your children played video gaming, then they too have these same injuries in varying
degrees...period.  If you think "They played, but they didn't play that much or they were limited in playing," I'm sorry...but these
skeletal injuries are accumulative and they are deformed...even from coloring and computer use during the ages when their
bones are soft (not calcified hard).
Michael 16 - video gaming injuries
added 8-1-08
Sam's 14 - video gaming and Guitar
Hero injuries
added 8-1-08
added 8-1-08
17 - video gaming injuries
added 8-1-08
4 y - video gaming and coloring
injuries - Day Care Center Tuscola
County, Michigan, USA
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McDonald's Hamburgers
Toddler Video Gaming Injury Center
Bellville, Michigan, USA
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A 2-year-old boy being
introduced to video gaming
in a retailers shopping cart
for parents to use to
entertain children while
they shop.
Toddlers have fingers soft
as clay, develop
curvatures from repetitive
motions quickly. Read our
free book and prevent
these needless injuries to
your children.
Meijer's Department Store
Fraser, Michigan, USA
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