11-07-07 Microsoft adds parental controls to limit the amount of time children conduct Video Gaming.
Click here for the newspaper article:
Children's Breaking News
10-15-07 On 10-2-07 we sent a letter to Governor Granholm, Lt. Governor J. Cherry, Mi. Attorney General Mike Cox, Michigan Senate,
House of Representatives, and other elected and appointed government representatives asking they contact various professors in
Michigan's colleges for their acknowledgement of our discovery and its potential for damaging the children's skeletal system.  This was a
follow-up to a previous warning on 10-2-07 and other correspondences. Response from Michigan will be posted. A copy of our letter and
recipients is available by clicking on this link:  

8-07-07 We submitted a formal request for a telephone call with Governor Jennifer Granholm to discuss children developing permanent
finger deformities in Child Care Centers and elementary schools.  

7-3-07 Waiting for corrective actions from Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. The Michigan Department of Child Day Care Licensing is
in the process of verbally informing the Child Centers to not use video gaming in the centers.

6-20-07 A copy of our book "Our Silent Epidemic" has been has been sent to the leaders of the House and Senate, each Senator on the
Committee for Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (Chaired by Senator Kennedy), Dr. Charles Helmick-CDC, Director of the NHTSA,
Senator Obama, Clinton, and others running for president and all co-sponsors of Joe Lieberman's Bill S. 948.

5-12-07 In October 2006, We personally asked Governor Granholm for her help in stopping our young children from developing finger
deformities in our Michigan Child Day Care Facilities from playing video games and other dynamic force processes.  Again in November
2006, I was informed that her staff was reviewing our information and would take corrective actions. On 5-12-07 we were informed the
investigation was still being conducted.

4-9-07  Senator Joe Lieberman, Senate bill S. 948  "Children and Media Research Advancement Act" (CAMRA Act)

We are very pleased to report that Senator Joe Lieberman resubmitted his bill titled CAMRA Act to congress on 3-21-07.  The bill requests
$95 mil for the National Institute of Health and Child Development (NIHCD) to study the role and impact of electronic media in the
development of children. The study will result in confirmation of the information in our book.

Senators Brownback, Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Durbin, and Mr. Casey co-sponsored the bill.

Senator Ted Kennedy chairs the Committee for "Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions." Please continue to call your senators and
Senator Ted Kennedy's congressional contact Mr. Michael Meyer 202 224-4543 to encourage prompt passage of Senate bill S. 948.

3-26-07 Investigations are being conducted, and medical peer reviews are being planned. Medical papers are being prepared for
submittal to the AMA.

01-23-07 1:40PM We called  Governor Granholm's Office leaving word for her contact Linda Collins to call us back with any update since
Governor Granholm's 11-20-06 decision to take actions on the children's finger deformities from playing video games.  Especially the wide
use of video games in Michigan's Child Day Care Centers.

1-15-07 Michigan Child Day Care Facilities  We spoke to the directors of The Michigan Children's Day Care Facilities, Jim Gale and Jim
Sinnamon.  We spoke of the publication of our book, our communications with Governor Granholm's office indicating she was going to act
on our information.  We made it clear that we had the medical endorsements that was asked for by the Attorney General's office, and their
office.  Per our medical endorsement, we emphasised that children under the age of 8 years-old should not be allowed to play video
games, and supportive medical papers to the American Medical Association were in process for submittal.  We offered to attend a Day
Care Facility and identify the dynamic force processes to prevent further injuries to our small people.  Jim Gale said he would take another
look at our information.  The Michigan Child Day Care Licensing has been in the process of taking corrective actions with the Children's
Home Centers because the centers typically have only 5-6 children, and video games are promoted as a means to provide orderly
behavior, with unlimited playing time.  Though the larger Day Care Facilities have more activity programs scheduled than the home
centers, the larger facilities have computers, video gaming, and coloring.  Coloring is very damaging to the 1-2-3 year-old children.

11-20-06 The office of Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm called saying Governor Granholm and staff were investigating our
information and we could expect further action from the Governor.

10-22-06 We attended the Michigan Democratic Rally in Flint, Michigan, gave Governor Granholm, Lt. Governor John Cherry, Senator
Debbie Stabenow, Senator John Kerry, a copy of our book "Our Silent Epidemic" on a CD.  This was face to face discussion and Jennifer
Granholm said she was going to work on it as we expressed the dangers to all children, including the Child Day Care children playing
unlimited Video Gaming. Sadly as of
11-10-07 we haven't heard from the governor, but were told by her aid...our information is taken under

09-2006 It was noted Hewett Packard added a warning decal to their computer keyboards.  The first we saw of this. Their website
stipulates skeletal damage could result, but doesn't define skeletal damage.  We sent HP, DELL, and others our information on children's
finger deformities in March 2006.
 http://www.hp.com/ergo/pdfs/297660-002.pdf  Comfort and Safety Guide #297660-002
Warning... If your young children played video games, used computers, then
they do have permanently bent and twisted fingers and hand functional losses.
This isn't about the other guy, it's about you an your family.
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11-23-07 Letter to Microsoft - Parental Controls will not prevent children's deformed fingers  
Microsoft Corporation is adding parental controls to their gaming equipment that will allow parents to set limits on children's gaming
time. Parental controls have been needed for years. However, as we have identified, parental controls will not prevent children's finger
deformities. The addition of parental controls, and their previous general warnings, will shift the responsibility for children's injuries from
the video industry to the parents. Parents are not aware of the permanent bending and twisting skeletal injuries of their children's fingers.
Microsoft, and the industry, must provide a game controller that is safe for our children, and does not cause finger deformities.  
Read Our letter to Microsoft asking them again to produce a safe controller for children!
Read Microsoft's News about Parental Control's, but it will not stop injuries
Do not allow your young children to play video games, use
computers, or color until you read the hazards on our site
The Video Gaming Industry wants Senate bill S.948-CAMRA Act to go away forever.  Did you know that on 11-14-08 Microsoft Executives             
visited Washington and discussed children's finger injuries from video gaming and S.948 is now being stalled? The Nintendo  Wii is                
suppose to replace the damaging game controller, but the Wii is equally damaging.
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U.S. Congress switchboard (Toll Free) 1-800-828-0498
If they don't answer right away, let the phone ring because their on the other line and will answer in the order received.  
If you can't remember your Senators name - tell them your state and they will connect you to your senator.
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video gaming injuries.
In addition to calling your senators, please consider calling these as well:
Ted Kennedy - Chair of HELP Committee
Harry Reid - Senate Majority Leader
Richard Durbin - Assistant Majority Leader
Robert C. Byrd - President Pro Tempore
Joe Lieberman
Senate bill S.948-CAMRA Act (created for studying the physical and mental effects of video gaming on our children) has now failed passage
for 6-years.  U.S. Congress switchboard (Toll Free) 1-800-828-0498
The Green Machine - OLPC XO - Laptop Computer for children around the world is DANGEROUS
The Green Machine
The Damaging Keyboard
Green Machine Game
Warning: This laptop "The Green Machine" which is being shipped around the world to young children is dangerous because it causes young children to develop
permanently bent and twisted finger deformities (with functional losses) as shown on our site  
Alyssa-Computer Damaged Fingers.  Shipments to children
must cease, laptops already shipped need to be gathered and held until Senate bill S.948-CAMRA Act  determines the age when children's bones are calcified
strong to withstand the dynamic forces generated with computer use.
WARNING: Number 2 of 3 "The Green Machine"
WARNING Number 1 of 3  - Children's Health Study S.948-CAMRA Act - Delayed by Ted Kennedy this time
S.948 CAMRA Act is a Senate bill created (Sen Joe Lieberman) to provide $95 million for a 5-year study to be conducted by the National Institute of Child Health and
Human Development on the impact of electronic media on the physical and mental development of our children, including but not limited to television, motion pictures,
DVD's, interactive video games, digital music, the Internet, and cell phones.
Click here to see language of S.948
The Senate Bill S.948 Story:   Children's Health Study bill S.948 has been denied by congress for 6 years.  
Each of the first 5-years S.948 failed passage in the Republican controlled congress because of Video Gaming Industry influence.
2. March 22, 2007, S.948 was assigned to the new Democratic controlled HELP Committee chairman Senator Ted Kennedy with passage finally planned in
September 2007.  
HELP Committee Members    
3. September 21, 2007, Senators Joe Lieberman, Sam Brownback, Hillary Clinton, after discovering a sudden/unexpected delay of S.948, sent a letter to Ted
Kennedy and Mike Enzi reiterating the urgency of passage and the need for our children's health study which had already been delayed numerous times.  
Read the
letter of September 21, 2007
4. November 14, 2007. Microsoft Executives visited Senator Joe Lieberman's Office discussing children's finger deformities from video gaming, and how the new
Wii was suppose to be their salvation, solving the children's problems. (The Wii causes children's finger deformities also).  
5. As of May 28, 2008, S.948 is still being delayed by Democrat Ted Kennedy and Republican Mike Enzi.
6. And now...Senator Lieberman speaks highly of Microsoft Corporation? endorses their importing of engineers and young people to school for engineering from
other countries, and he speaks highly on how great of an American Bill Gates is and it's how he has a
LOT of beautiful money."  S.948 is still sitting on the shelf
and ignored. Each day new children develop permanent skeletal injuries with hand functional losses. Is Microsoft going to hire these teenagers that will not be able
to perform meaningful physical tasks and support themselves?
See our latest pictures of video damage 17/18 year-old  
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            These senators belong to the HELP Committee (which is delaying the legislation to study children's health)
Edward Kennedy (D-MA), Christopher Dodd (D-CT), Tom Harkin (D-IA), Barbara A. Mikulski (D-MD), Jeff Bingaman (D-NM),
Patty Murray (D-WA), Jack Reed (D-RI), Barack Obama (D-IL), Michael B. Enzi (R-WY), Judd Gregg (R-NH), Lamar Alexander (R-TN), Richard Burr (R-NC), Johnny
Isakson (R-GA), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Orrin G. Hatch (R-UT), Pat Roberts (R-KS), Wayne Allard (R-CO), Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK), Bernard Sanders (I) (VT),
Read our letter asking Michigan to Ban Video Gaming in Children's Day Care Centers
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12-24-07 "The Green Machine" is given to 50 young children in Peru News Article
12-31-07 Our letter to President of MIT and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission Letter to The President of MIT Susan Hockfield  
The Green Machine can be seen at their site
Michigan Legislators continue to allow children to develop crippling finger deformities from video gaming
WARNING: Number 3 of 3 - Michigan Legislators Refuse to Ban Video Gaming in Child Day Care Centers
Michigan's Government has failed to pass legislation banning the use video games, computers, and coloring in Children's Day Care Centers despite the fact that
such causes children's permanent bending and twisting finger deformities, arthritis, bending fingers backwards, and hand functional losses. To prevent
deformities to their soft (un-calcified) bones; instruct the Day Care Center to not allow your child to play with these destructive repetitive dynamic force
generating processes.
The video gaming, computer, and coloring industry is aware of the injuries. See problem Number 1 of 3 below for a toll free number to call and ask for passage of
Senate bill S.948 to study child health and will determine a safe age.
Letter to the video industry
News Flint, Mi
USA (2:11min)
Letter to Michigan Legislators-Ban Video Gaming in Day Care Centers
5-28-08 - Actions of Senator Mike Enzi, Joe
Lieberman and Microsoft   
Executives are questioned.
The contents of our web site is copyrighted but is offered
free for public/commercial reference with proper credits.
       We spoke with Senator Ted Kennedy's Office today and they said Senate bill S.948-CAMRA Act which was going to study children's health, including the
effects of video gaming, will have to be submitted for the 8th time next year. Senator Lieberman's Office informed us that Senator Mike Enzi (R-Wyoming) killed
the bill for it's 8th year because he didn't want it passed. Senator Ted Kennedy is the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and
Pensions (HELP). What could the video gaming industry possibly say to Enzi to prevent passage? How can Kennedy allow this? Hopefully a major university and
political figure will be able to act at a state level. We are hoping that the European Commission will step in to protect our children of the world.
Note: S.948 has expired. It
is not being considered.
October 08