Thumb Deformities from Band Instrument Lessons by 10-year-old in Fifth Grade

1. She takes Clarinet lessons 2 times a week for 90 minutes each lesson. She has an additional
 90+ minute lesson every other Friday.
2.  She is 10-years-old, and her thumbs are bending backwards from holding the weight of the
 Clarinet while her other fingers repitively push the buttons down, thus generating downward
 forces on the thumbs and causing the bones to start bending backwards.
Her thumbs are bent because the weight of the Clainet generates forces on her soft bones and the jabbing of the upper
fingers in puching the buttons sends damaging shock-loads to resulting in faster bending of the thumbs.  Children's bones
are not hard because they are not calcified. Calcification makes bones stronger.
Other examples of thumb injuries from repetitive motion processes.
Right thumb is shorter than the left thumb.

Reason: He walked the auto plant pushing a button to adjust the heat on
heat treat furnaces.

When he pushed the button in and hit the button stop...his thumb
absorbed the shock of the stop.
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Children's must not take music lessons during the ages that they have soft bones which easily
bend and twist. The same forces that cause deformities from video gaming, computer
mouse/keyboards/ pianos are present in music instrument lessons.
Not only are the thumbs bending backwards
but they are starting to bend outward from
the from the center line of the thumb. Loss of
thumb strength and functionality will follow
unless lessons are stopped. There is
permanent bone curvatures and knuckle
damage. When I was in school band
instruments didn't start until Junior High.
Sara Palin with right thumbs
bending backward. Injuries

Her thumb is bent because
of the weight of the Flute
and the forces generated
against her thumbs by the
fingers pushing down of the

No picture of her left thumb,
and don't know what age
she started.

Picture was taken in 2010.
10-years-old. Thumb injuries
from Clarinet lessons in 5th
Grade at school.