Various Child & Adult Injuries Explained
17 year-old young man that did not play video
games. He suffers from a painful shoulder, lower
back, and occasional neck pains.
Meet Earl, he is in his late 70's young. He doesn't
understand why his fingers became so badly
deformed after he retired. He was a carpenter. He
does drive a stiff steering vehicle to Florida and back
and suffer painful shoulder, back, neck, etc.
This 50 year-old gentleman drives a stiff steering Ford Taurus which has
resulted in deformities. He acknowledged he likes driving his Taurus with
the steering wheel between his index and middle fingers.  But never
suspected it resulted in these skeletal injuries. He also suffers from
back-shoulder-neck pain, tingling/numb fingers, carpal tunnel, etc. His
duties are to maintain bread supply at a grocery store. The Ford Taurus
steering is the Chevrolet Impala. Saginaw, Mi.
Port Huron - This is a 69 year young lady that drives a 2005 Cadillac 100+
miles every day, 7 days a week, from Port Huron to Detroit. Her doctor
diagnosed her having Rheumatoid/Osteoarthritis. She holds the steering
wheel between the small and ring fingers (white circles). She has chronic,
back, neck, shoulder pains, carpal tunnel symptoms, etc, as described
through out our web site. The twisting and bending of knuckles do result in
enlargements. Her top and bottom surfaces of her knuckles are parallel
with each other...meaning a force resulting in a torsional force caused
these injuries.
6 year-old with Deformed (Bent and Twisted) Fingers from Video Gaming on Computers. All fingers are bent
and twisted. This damage caused by dynamic forces is explained in Section 3, page 3-14 of our book. As you will read throughout
our web site; children's bones are too soft for the forces receive when they quickly slam/press the buttons of either video gaming
equipment, computer keys and mouse, and perform coloring. There is a major similarity between children's finger deformities
from coloring, computer, video gaming, and adults damaged deformed fingers developed from driving high effort steering
Retired Carpenter with Driving Injuries
5 year-old with Deformed (Bent and Twisted)
Fingers from Video Gaming on Computers.
fingers are bent and twisted. This damage caused by
dynamic forces is explained in Section 3, page 3-14 of our
book. As you will read throughout our site-children's bones
are much too soft for the forces received when they press
the keyboard and mouse buttons. There is a similarity
between children's finger deformities from coloring,
computer, video gaming, and adults damaged deformed
fingers developed from driving high effort steering vehicles.
Adults can not compare their children's fingers to their adult
fingers and use such as a bench mark for commonality. This
child is unable to handle small items without getting
Child - Computer Damage
25 year-old Pole Dancer This lovely young lady performs dancing at
night clubs with the assistance of a pole. Her fingers are off perpendicular
(off square) to the cross axis of her hand. This happens as a result of the
dynamic forces generated from suspending her body weight when
grasping the pole. This is typical of all dancers we've examined using the
assistance of a pole.
Child - Coloring Damage
Battery Phil -  We all know him in the Michigan
Thumb. Fingers are bent off square to his hand
because of the mini-shock load present when pulling
the stiff steering wheel on his truck..
Child - Coloring Damage
Pole Dancing
Top: Fingers that bend backwards comes from gripping the thick steering
wheel with the palm of the hand and the finger tips.
The steering wheel is too large in diameter and it offers an oval contour for
gripping which only allows the tips and palms to make contact when
grasping certain positions of the steering wheel.
This condition happens to some degree to
ALL drivers. It happens within a
few months with small framed people (contingent on steering resistance
values). When I see sport figures wearing gloves I wonder if it's because of
the calloused skin becoming so smooth and slippery from this.
Child - Coloring Damage
Child - Coloring Damage
Child - Coloring Damage
Child - Coloring Damage
Child - Coloring Damage
Child - Coloring Damage
Child - Coloring Damage
Child - Coloring Damage
His finger is bent with twisted knuckles
from driving his stiff steering Bentley.
The rest of his fingers are bent and
twisted and he doesn't even know it!
Backward Bending Fingers
Bacward Bending Fingers
Bacward Bending Fingers
Bacward Bending Fingers
Bacward Bending Fingers
Bentley CEO Automotive Ad
60+ Year.
Employed at a
factory. With the
exception of a
couple finger
fingers are
straight. He drives
old vehicles with
easy steering
because he
doesn't like the
new stiff steering
Straight Fingers
Former governor of the State of Michigan Mr. John Engler. His right hand fingers are bent and twisted more
than the left hand.  This is from driving. He sure doesn't conduct physical work to cause the injuries.
Photo: Detroit News, 10-14-08, Steve Perez
This 26 yr-old man drives a Ford F-150. The lines on the left hand shows
where the fingers should be...they are curved. His right identifies the
curvatures and twisting of knuckles. The Red arrow shows the deformity
from holding the steering wheel in that spot. Yellow arrows ID the
deformed knuckle. His fingers bent backwards a the first knuckle. He
suffers chronic pain in shoulders, back, neck, carpal tunnel, joints, classic
example of "high effort steering" shock loading to skeletal system and
tissue. Ford has been investigating this since Feb. 08. This man like many
others he has lost some thumb functionality.
Meet 59 year-young gentleman. See how his fingers
are bent and twisted? They should be straight. His
body is wrenched with pain, all joints from his ankles
to his finger tips. He said aches all over after driving
his Toyota-Solara. He hates the stiff steering and
doesn't want to drive it anymore. His small fingers
are bent outward. His index are curved inward and
twisted. Middle is curved. Rings are bent inward. He
has limited thumb use which is very common with stiff
steering vehicle drivers. These injuries silently occur
and the injuries from dynamic force shock loads are
accumulative.....just like children's gaming injuries.
The automotive industry knows of these injuries,
even Ron Gettlefinger-President of the UAW, as well
as GM's CEO-Richard Wagoner.
to become bent and twisted from his habit of jerking his foot up and down
when sitting.  This is called the "Nervous Leg Syndrome."  We have all seen
this...and have probably done the same at one time or another.  The
damage shown here is what happens when the injuries accumulate.  
Many physicians couldn't identify why he
had these deformities. They, and he,
called it arthritis. In this case it is bone
and joint deformities caused from
dynamic force shock- loads. Shock-loads
delivering accumulative injuries that
progressively caused the bones
Marlette: 23 year-old young lady with bent and twisted arthritic fingers from driving her stiff, "high effort," heavy steering system
Chevrolet Blazer. The 2 circles marked SW indicate where she held the steering wheel which forced her small fingers to bend
outwards. This is the new natural position for her small fingers because the joints are deformed now. The straight arrows indicate
the direction her fingers are curve/bend. All fingers are curved, twisted, and/or bent. The curved arrows indicate the twisting
direction. Her fingers bend backwards at various knuckles on both hands...but the left hand shows it clearer. Her fingers should
be straight like the straight line drawn through her right ring and right index fingers. She suffers for chronic back, neck, shoulder
pain, and more. Carpal tunnel symptoms, headaches are common. She is a cashier at a filling station..working her way through
school. She has lost some use of her thumb on her left hand. This could be symbolic of the fingers on your own daughter from
driving a stiff steering vehicle. Richard Wagoner-CEO of GM, and Ron Gettlefinger-President of the UAW know of the injuries and
how the steering effort should be reduced to "zero." This young lady and 100's of thousands more will have a very poor quality
of life and they will not be able to perform meaningful physical tasks to earn a decent living.                                 
mike tomich
This young 20 year-old mother wanted us
to post this picture on our web site so you
could see the deformities that developed
to her fingers from driving her Chrysler,
PT Cruiser. Her injuries silently
developed without warning. When she
turns the steering wheel, her body senses
the resistance in the steering system, thus
her skeletal and tissues generate and
delivers excess force to overcome the
resistance to turning.  Because the forces
are generated and delivered within 2-3
tenths of a second, a numbing shock load
is incurred by the skeletal and soft tissues
of her body. She has chronic
back-neck-shoulder pain, degenerate disc
disease, carpal tunnel, head aches, etc.
Her small fingers bend outward from
holding the steering wheel between
the ring and small finger. PT Cruiser
Driving Injuries - Chevrolet Blazer
Driving Injuries - PT Cruiser
Nancy 61, traded her Buick for a Pontiac Grand Prix a year ago. Nancy said; "I tried to get the dealer to buy it back because I
didn't like the tight steering and it rode real rough making my back sore."  The bending and twisting of her fingers are from
driving the Buick and the Grand Prix steering. The white arrows indicate the direction her fingers are bent. The White circles
indicate where she held the steering wheel. The bending outward of her thumbs is common with drivers today. In section 2 of our
book we have a discussion on thumb deformities. She has restrictions on thumbs use. To carry something like a magazine, she
must use the two knuckles identified with the black Circle 1. Opening jars....forget it!  Chronic back, neck, shoulder pain has
developed since she received her Grand Prix. She had an existing lower back problem that bothered her off and on (from the lite
resistance Buick steering) but became chronic with the Grand Prix. If you can't turn your steering with one finger, ask the
manufacturer to reduce the effort to "zero" or purchase the vehicle from you. They should not be selling vehicles that cause
permanent skeletal and soft tissue damage.                                                              
Driving Damage  - Pontiac Grand Prix
Shelly 46. Drives a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
The short heavy black lines indicate the
location of the center of her twisted knuckles.
All of her fingers are curved, bent, and or
twisted. They are symmetric - the same as
children's damaged from coloring, video
gaming, and computers.
Her fingers are
deformed because:
the mechanical
process her body performs to generate and
deliver the forces necessary to overcome the
resistance of her Jeep's steering system
results in a shock load transmittal through
the skeletal system from the tips of her toes
to the tips of her fingers. The shock load
inflicts dynamic force with
each movement
of the steering wheel because each force
delivery is created and delivered within 2 to
3 tenths of a second; thus the permanently
damaging accumulative dynamic force
injuries to skeletal and soft tissues (disc's,
Again...if you can not turn your steering
wheel easily with one finger, then you
already do have these same skeletal injuries
and chronic physical pain........or you will get
such. It's just a matter of time.
Mark 56. He drives a Chevrolet S-10 small size
pickup truck.  He has chronic
back-neck-shoulder-elbow-hip-ankle pains,
carpal tunnel symptoms, headaches, and more.
His finger injuries (skeletal injuries) are
common with S-10 drivers because of
the resistance of the steering wheel to
Every time a stiff steering wheel is
moved, a shock load is delivered from
the fingers tips to the anchor for that
force (fulcrum point).
In one minute I counted 126 movements
for course corrections on a Pontiac
Grand Am steering wheel.  That was 126
times of 2/10's of a second force
deliveries to turn the steering wheel
back and forth from 1/4" to 3/4". That
meant an accumulative damaging
mini-trauma dynamic force shock load
was delivered 126 times in that minute.
Now multiply that by 10 minutes and you
could easily have 1,260 mini shock loads
attacking the mechanical stops in each
of your joints from the finger tips to the
force delivery fulcrum point.
Combine that with the stiff suspension,
road noise, drive line vibrations and now
you know why I have found deformities
like this within 6,000 miles of driving.
Driving Damage  - Chevrlet S-10
Driving Damage  - Jeep Grand Cherokee
These are the bent an dtwisted fingers of a single
young mother who works two jobs to raise her
beautiful daughter. Her small finger is bent
outward, which has become the new default
position from holding the steering wheel between
her small and ring finger. The remaining fingers
have some curvature and twisting.  Any amount
of curvature has serious consequences with hand
functional losses. Will these injuries prevent this
young mother from meaningful employment?
You bet they will! Do you know what is so sad about this, just like the video gaming industry, coloring, and computer industry, the
automotive industry knows of these musculoskeletal injuries of deformed fingers-chronic shoulder-neck-back-carpal tunnel pain,
numb-tingling fingers, sciatic nerve pain, L-4, L-5 operations, hip-knee replacements and more because of their stiff-heavy, "High
Effort" steering systems on todays vehicles. Per information we have heard that automotive manufacturers have been requesting
"Low Effort" steering systems to replace the current stiff ones. The NHTSA, and Auto manufacturers have know of this since we
contacted them about the connection of steering vs. skeletal injuries in 2001. Yet it will still take 2+ years for them to correct the
situation. That is millions of more people added to the injured list.
The video gaming, coloring, and computer industries have known of the children's finger deformities since May of 2002 when we
informed them, and sent our supporting research results. Microsoft's executives visited Senator Joe Lieberman's office on
November 14, 2007 and discussed the deformities children fingers developed from video gaming. Washington's leading politicians
are aware of this...including Senators Kennedy, Lieberman, Clinton, Obama, McCain, US Consumer Protection Agency, CDC. I
sent over 100+ hard copies of our book "Our Silent Epidemic" and before that printed material of our research results. This issue
involves everyone. Do not make the mistake of using your bent and twisted fingers from driving stiff steering vehicle to compare
them to your children's deformed fingers from coloring, computers, and video gaming. If your child attends a Day Care Facility
eliminate the use of coloring, video gaming, computers, and toddlers playing with toys they can not easily grasp and effortlessly
pick up with two fingers.                                                                                                       
opinion of mike tomich
Driving Damage  - High Effort Steering
Driving Damage - Chevrolet Impala
Meet Mike a 29 year-old father who drives the deadly Chevrolet
Impala that silently (without pain or discomfort) inflicts the
injuries of curved, bent, and twisted fingers and knuckles within
as low as 6,000 miles. His fingers bend backwards, has some
thumb use loss, suffers from chronic pain and other
musculoskeletal injuries. In time he will lose the ability to
perform meaningful physical tasks, and will suffer much in later
life. Presently, arthritis has not entered his joints, but it will
when he reduced his driving time.
Look closely at this picture. These hands belong to a 67 year-old young man that was blind at birth and retired after
working many hours a day for 27 years at a very busy Detroit Hospital handling heavy x-ray plates. With the exception of his
index fingers...they are straighter than yours and or my fingers. He hasn't suffered the dynamic forces incurred from driving
todays stiff "High Effort" steering systems such as on the Impala, Grand AM, Toyota, Honda, Durango, Chrysler, Silverado,
etc.  He doesn't suffer from the pain that develops from driving a vehicle: shoulder-back-neck-hip-lower back-upper
back-pains. He didn't suffer any carpal tunnel either.  The curvature of his index and small fingers are caused by his grasping
the cane.  The wrinkles on his finger joints are centered. He doesn't have twisted knuckles like we have from driving.
Do you see the difference between these non-driving fingers and yours?
And guess what, he doesn't have the musculoskeletal injuries you and I have.
Did you know that the Physical Therapy Clinic in the Veterans
Hospital in Saginaw, Mi. has seen a 400% increase with suffering from
painful shoulders, backs, and necks?  High effort steering does it
every time!
Driving Damage - Dodge Magnum
Driving Damage - Pontiac Grand Am
Dva is 59 years young and drives a Dodge 2005 Magnum, prior to
that 2000 Dodge Intrepid, 1995 Dodge Intrepid. All three of these
vehicles have a ramped stiff steering system. She suffers from carpal
tunnel, chronic pain in her neck, shoulder, lower and upper back, hips
and knees. Her fingers are bent and twisted to conform to the contour
of the steering wheel which is off parallel to her knuckles (when she
holds it in the 10 to 2 position). Degenerative back disease results
from the shock loads being transmitted through your spine which
compresses the disc's.
Why do our knuckles become bent and twisted, within months from
"High Effort" steering vehicles?
Drawing #31
represents a natural (untwisted) knuckle grasping the
steering wheel in the 2 O'clock position.  The finger knuckle is not seated
fully because the steering wheel contour is off parallel to the natural
healthy knuckle we are born with.
Drawing #32 shows how the knuckle becomes twisted from the force
delivered through the finger to overcome the resistance of the steering
wheel to turn. The mechanical stops of the knuckle yield to the forces by
bending the knuckle to conform to the gripping surface. Force may exceed
2,000 lbs for a 020 contact surface.

This also explains how children's fingers become deformed from video
gaming, computers, and coloring.  Children's deformities happen within
weeks-adults within months...typically within 6,000 miles.
Twisted Knuckles from Steering
This young lady of 61 years, started driving a Buick within the last year.
She said the Buick is easier to steer. Yes, the Buick, Ford Crown Victoria,
Mercury Grand Marquis, do have easier steering, but it still results in a
shock load to turn the steering wheel which causes lower back pain. All her
fingers and knuckles are bent and twisted.
High Effort Steering Injuries
Did you know: the Sterling Heights, Mi. police
department had the front seats replaced every 30,000
miles on the Chevrolet Caprice Classics (90's) because
all the officers were developing lower back pain. It wasn't
the seats that were bad, it was the steering. The Caprice
had a resistance in the steering that resulted in a shock
load through the officers body.                              
Our first example Dva covers the process of bending fingers and twisted knuckles from driving Chrysler products.
Refer to Section 2 of our book, Page 2-12, 2-29 & 30, 2-48 for further explanations.
Driving Injuries - Ford Taurus
Driving Injuries - Chevrolet Silverado
Driving Injuries - Cadillac
Be sure to click on the picture of coloring damage on
our home page - left side. We have a more
information there as well as Section 3 of our book
which you can down load for free.   
Child - Computer Damage
Driving Injuries - Backward Bending Fingers
Driving Injuries - Bentley
Nervous Leg Syndrome
TOP: This young 22 year-old young
mother of 2 children drives a Mercury
Sable. The Sable has horribly stiff
steering, just like the Cougar. Her right
small curves out. Right ring curves in.
Middle and index curve right. She drives
more with her left hand. Do you see the
difference? She has two small children in
school. Let's hope she is able to stop the
coloring in the school. She suffers chronic
back, neck, shoulder pains, and more.
She works minimum wage and can not
afford a lighter steering vehicle.  
RIGHT: The middle finger is bent off
square to the cross axis of her hand.  This
young lady and her children (if she can't
stop the coloring in school) will suffer
Did u know that Nintendo was the first Video Gaming Mfg to become aware of the
children's finger deformities in April 2002, followed by Sony, and Microsoft?

Microsoft's executives visited Senator Joe Lieberman's office on November 14,
2007 and discussed how children's fingers develop deformities from video gaming!

Why would congress want to hide our information?
Did you know that we spoke with Mr. G. Richard Wagoner's
office on 4-15-02 about the "high Effort Steering Impala,
and the skeletal damage caused from driving it?
Did you know: In 2001 when I started my research on "high
effort" steering I could hardly find adults with bent and
twisted fingers? But since then, all vehicles have the
defective stiff steering and now everyone has some degree of
This young 54 year-old lady drives a Plymouth Neon. The Neon
is lighter in turning but it still requires too much effort to turn,
thus, skeletal injuries are inflicted. Accumulative dynamic force
injuries cause the bending and twisting of her fingers.  She
suffers from chronic back-neck-shoulder pains and more from
the damage caused by the stiff Neon steering
Driving Damage  - Mercury Sable
Driving Damage  - Dodge Neon
Top-Left: Meet 22 year-old Clair. These are a picture of her fingers from driving a Mercury Cougar. Her fingers are bent and twisted.
Even a "little bit" is too much.  
Top-Right: This is a picture of Clair's left hand after 2 years of still driving the Mercury Cougar. You can
see the noticeable difference in her fingers having gotten more twisted and curved. Her knuckles are twisted. We have added more
pictures identifying the causes of her injuries. Read them so you can prevent this from happening to your loved ones. Remember... you
must be able to turn the steering effortlessly to avoid these injuries. More conditions are identified in Section 2 of our book
Left: This is the steering wheel grasping position which is
common with all drivers. The index finger is twisted because
the steering wheel is too large in diameter for the finger to
fit around it, so dynamic forces generated to over come the
resistance of the steering wheel to turn, cause the finger to
bend and twist to enable full surface contact with the
steering wheel. Natural laws of physics make this happen.
Therefore you can see the knuckles have become twisted to
conform to the grasping surface of the steering wheel, and
the finger is now curved accordingly. Middle, ring, and small
also conform to the grasping surface.  This is Clair's fingers
at 24 years-old.
Right: This is Clair's hands in the half folded position.
Similar to that of holding the steering wheel on her Cougar.  
The index wants to lay on top of the middle, middle on top
of the ring, small on top of the ring.
Conclusion: These skeletal injuries will cause her to lose
hand functionality that will prevent her meaningful wage
earning abilities and hamper her home making abilities.
Clair's thumbs are bent outward and twisted
because when she delivers the forces to
overcome the resistance of the steering wheel to
turn...a dynamic force shock load is generated at
the joints of her thumbs resulting in these
NOTE: These injuries (which will
result in loss of thumb use) are typical
with all drivers because of the stiff
Clair held her fingers in this position so you
could see the bending and twisting damage
identified with the lines. All fingers are curved
with twisted knuckles.
She wants you to see this so you can protect
your loved ones.
Clair's fingers should be square to the cross axis of her hand.
Instead they angle to the left side of the picture.  These skeletal
injuries are common today. Others are shown throughout our
web site. Don't let this happen to your loved ones. Make sure
your vehicle has effortless steering. If not...tell your
manufacturer to reduce the steering effort or buy the vehicle
back. The vehicle can and will cripple your hands and body.
This picture has been
provided by Clair so you
can see that her fingers
are off square to her hand
and all are bending to the
left.  This is common and
a result of deformities
throughout the hand from
the shock loading dynamic
forces. Her fingers should
be parallel to the Red Line
going diagonal to the right.
Her index finger should be
straight as the green line.
The 2 white arrows show
the curvature of her index
and middle finger. The
black lines down the
center of the fingers also
indicate the deformed
curvature of her fingers.
22 year-old Clair with Driving Damage from her  Mercury Cougar
Page 2-12 of book
Page 2-70 of book
Page 2-48 of book
Page 2-49 of book
Page 2-69 of book
Page 2-70 of book
Children should not start coloring until they are at least 5 years-old or older.  This rule
needs to be all Day Care Facilities and Elementary schools.

If you DO NOT believe this is true, then click on this link which will take you to our web
page "Coloring Deformities" on our home page, and an explanation of the cause and
effects of coloring by children with soft undeveloped bones.  

Coloring Deformities by Children with Soft Undeveloped Bones  
Driving Injuries - Bentley
Driving Injuries - F 150
Curvature to right
Driving Damage  - Mercury Cougar
Driving Damage  - Mercury Cougar
Driving Damage  - Toyota Solaro
Driving Damage
Driving Damage  - Mercury Cougar
Driving Damage  - Mercury Cougar
Driving Damage  - Mercury Cougar
Driving Damage  - Chevrolet Cavalier
Section 13
Meet 26 year-old Steve. He and his friend Allan were at Quanicassee Perch fishing (fish were biting that day too). Steve is a proud father of a lovely 2 and 4
year-old daughter. How will Steve and millions of our young people be able to perform meaningful physical tasks to earn a living wage? The physical deformities in
his hands above already impose physical working restrictions as identified throughout our site. His injuries are from driving the horribly stiff/heavy steering Ford
Taurus, and now the even worse Chevrolet Cavalier. The Cavalier quickly pulverizes knuckles, bones, and soft is nothing more than a big vibration
machine. The
yellow arrows indicate the direction of the curvature of the fingers. The red arrows indicate the direction of the finger twisting. The two blue
indicate the area of the small fingers curvatures from holding the steering wheel between them and the ring fingers. The 2 half moon blue lines indicate
the surface where the steering wheel is held against the small fingers causing them to bow outward. Steve's
knuckles bend backward. The green arrows
represent the forces pushing back on the knuckles from grasping the steering wheel. In Steve's case, as with millions of others, the steering wheel is too thick to get
the hand and fingers around. Thus the steering wheel is held with the palm of the hand and the front portion of the fingers...thus the fingers bend back from the
dynamic forces generated when turning the wheel.
 All the damaging forces which caused these injuries appear to be from driving. Steve's parents wouldn't
allow him to play video games because they said it would rot his brain.......a good way to put it.
Driving Damage  - Chevrolet Cavalier
Middle picture: The black arrow indicates the pressure location against the thumb from grasping and delivering the forces to overcome the resistance
of the steering wheel to turn.
Left picture: Shows how the thumbs deform from the pressures in holding and turning the steering wheel. Black lines
indicate the curvature,
yellow the direction of twisting. Right picture: Indicates the twisting and deformities in the thumbs when moved into the bent
Yellow identified outward bending of thumb tips. Red indicates twisting direction. NOTE: Steve and all drivers with injured thumbs will
loose the use of their thumbs. The only way they will be able to pick and hold anything with strength is grasping an object between the first knuckle back
from the tip of the thumb and the second knuckle on the index finger. Do you know why he has that dirty spot on the knuckle of his right hand?  That
portion of the knuckle is higher and it always hits the side of his minnow bucket. Very annoying with physical activity.
Have you noticed?
When Steve's thumbs are held in the straight extended position they bend inward towards
the body of the hand.  
When the thumbs are bent downward...they bend outward
...away from the body of the
The combined angle between the 2 rest positions is over 37 degrees.
Top: Steve's fingers should be square (perpendicular) to the cross
axis of his hands. This shows how the finger are off by 26 degrees on
his left hand. The
yellow lines are the cross axis. The Red and
white  line  is the position the fingers should be in. The black lines  
represent curvature, bending, twisting. The
2 red half circles
represent where he holds the steering wheel, which is why the index is
bending outward. The i
ndex bends outward because the middle has
the support of the ring and small.  The
red arrow is pointing a callous
which is very common amongst drivers of stiff steering vehicles. In
most cases it will develop a root and start draining a liquid.
Driving Damage  - Pontiac Grand Prix
Driving Damage  - Pontiac Grand Prix
Driving Damage  - Pontiac Grand Prix
Driving Damage  - Pontiac Grand Prix
Driving Damage  - Pontiac Grand Prix
Driving Damage  - Pontiac Grand Prix
Driving Damage  - Pontiac Grand Prix
Child - Coloring Damage
Child - Coloring Damage
Child - Coloring Damage
Child - Coloring Damage
Child - Coloring Damage
Child - Coloring Damage
Child - Coloring Damage
Child - Coloring Damage
Section 18
We will be adding Steve's friend, Allen,
shortly. Allen is 28 and didn''t play
video games until his late teens
Section 14
Meet 28 year-old Allen. He and his friend Steve (above) were Perch fishing at
Quanicassee when we stopped to warn them of children's finger deformities from
video gaming. As a youngster he preferred drawing, hated video gaming. He
enjoyed. He tries to ride his bike or walk instead of driving. The vehicles he has
driven that caused his finger deformities are the Dodge dual wheel pick up truck,
Trans Am, and now the deadly Chevrolet Impala. Driving the Impala results in
finger deformities within weeks not months or years.
We were not able to conduct a full investigation on Allen to determine if all injuries are
from the same source of dynamic forces which resulted in these injuries.
All of Allen's
finger deformities have been found in other stiff steering drivers. Not having seen the
handle bars on his bike; the index fingers could be injured from grasping the handle
bars. The 2
red arrows identify the outward curvature of his small fingers...typically
from holding the steering wheel between the ring and small in the area of the
red line.
The white curved arrows identify the direction of knuckle twisting. The blue lines
show gaps between the fingers. This happens due to the shock loading forces delivered
through the fingers to turn the high effort steering. Thus, when the hand is held in the
steering wheel grasping position...the gaps close and finger mesh. (See the 2 black
and white pictures below for more explanation on the gaps identified with the blue
Top Left: Hand in 2 o'clock position on steering wheel. Top Right: This is a picture
of the position of the fingers when the hand is slid off the steering wheel. The fingers
are in this tightly meshed hammered position as a result of up and down jerking
motions generated during the 86 to 120 steering corrections we experience in one
minute from driving the stiff, rack & pinion steering.  That equates to 10,320 quick,
jerking, dynamic force shock loads during a 2 hour trip to Detroit. When the hand is
opened, you see the spaces as identified in the picture above with the
blue lines.
This is the root cause of the development of Carpal Tunnel, which has been
so conveniently blamed on employers.  The automotive industry is causing the rash
of carpal tunnel by the stiff steering...the computer keyboards are not the cause.
Notice the outward bending of Allen's thumbs. The red arrows indicate the
direction of the bending outward. The
red lines identify the portion that made
contact with the inner side of the steering wheel when delivering the forces to turn
the wheel. Allen already has thumb use loss. The area with the
red lines will lose
the ability to grasp items. Force loss due to off-angularity is significant, and the
thumbs will only continue to deform with minimal everyday tasks.  The
and green lines along with the main (in ward) hand knuckles will serve
as the new grasping surfaces until they deform by bending outward.  Allen is 28
years-old, but look and you will see young children with deformities worse than
this from video gaming, computers, coloring, and they aren't even 5 years-old yet.
Our physician's and others have said there is no cure for these deformities,
therefore, prevention is necessary.   
Driving Damage  - Chevrolet Impala
Driving Damage - Chevrolet Impala
Driving Damage   Chevrolet Impala
Driving Damage  - Chevrolet Cavalier
Driving Damage - Chevrolet Impala

Still under construction. Watch for daily updates.
Share this information with your friends and family.
Have the manufacturer of your vehicle reduce your steering effort to "ZERO."
Steve's Musculoskeletal Injuries include lower-middle-upper back, shoulder, neck, finger,
elbow, hip, wrist, hand, finger, and carpal tunnel chronic pain.

You can't blame his pain on working in a factory lifting heavy material and it is
a lot of pain for a 26 year-old young man that stays home and takes care of
the children. This is a classic example of the injuries from driving one of the
worse vehicles on the road which shouldn't even be of the "unsafe
at any speed" (like the Impala) the
miserable crippling Chevrolet Cavalier
Meet 61 year-old Veteran Bill: He drives a Chevrolet S-10, and is in execrating
chronic pain in his back, neck, legs, hips, knees, elbows, carpal tunnel, fingers.
Sciatic nerve problems and it all started AFTER he retired and started driving the
Chevy S-10 pickup truck he bought.
Many of us know people with this type of pain but never suspected it was related to
driving. The Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck awards chronic pain like this to all of its
3 white circles identify areas he holds the wheel between or against. The
white arrows show the direction of curvature of the fingers. All fingers have
curvature, twisting.
#5 has more deformities of bending and twisting because #6 is
missing, support for #5 isn't available so it deforms more from the dynamic forces.
His physicians told him his fingers were deformed like this from arthritis. They are
wrong. We have seen this hundreds of times. This is typical damage from the hard
steering S-10.
Bill's index finger #5 should be in-line with the blue line running
perpendicular to the cross axis of his hand, but as you can see his
finger is off position 42 degrees. The off location knuckle joints are
identified with the very small circles.
Bill suffers needlessly from chronic pain. The fashionable stiff
steering vehicle with the small thick steering wheel, stiff
suspension, seating problems, etc. must be eliminated, if not our
country will go broke with continued rising medical costs and
citizens becoming physically incapacitated.
Others we have told to contact their dealer came back and said the
dealer said they couldn't do was made that way, it's
out of warranty, etc.  Tell your dealer to contact GM, install a higher
capacity pump and larger diameter piston, and reduce the steering
effort to zero to prevent additional injuries.  GM knows of this
design error, as well as the others.
LEFT PICTURE: The right thumb is shorter
than his left thumb and mushroomed thicker
at the end (
yellow arrows) We see a lot of
this and very few realize one of the dynamic
force processes responsible for this type of
thumb deformity.
blue line shows that there is less flesh
on this side of the nail. This is from holding
this surface against the steering wheel and
turning the hard turning wheel.
Right Picture: This picture was added so you
could get a better view of his left thumb. The
black lines represent the curvature in his
thumbs from pressing against the wheel when
he would exert the forces to overcome the
resistance of the hard turning steering wheel
to get it to move. Seems like a little but to our
body it's a major foreign task.
What caused the deformity identified by
the five yellow lines?
He had a job where his
duties were to walk around and push buttons all
day. The repetitive pushing forces caused this.
Driving Damage  - Crippling Chevrolet S-10 Pickup Truck
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January 19, 2009 - Good News from Ford Motor Company:  Ford informed us they are going to switch from the "high effort" power
steering systems to the "low effort" power steering systems we have been asking for.  Don't know when but I do know many manufacturers are
scrambling to Delphi for "low effort" steering systems for their vehicles. We always believed Ford would try to be the leader on this project. To avoid
muscle and skeleton injuries do not purchase or rent any vehicle unless you can turn the steering wheel "effortlessly" with one finger.  Congratulations
to Ford.  Just remember...the new 2009 Chevrolet Malibu steering isn't acceptable either. And there are other elements requiring design corrections to
make vehicles compatible with the human design capabilities.  For more information contact your dealer of Ford's Consumer Innovation Office at (Dearbon, Michigan)              mickey
Important message from Ford added 1-26-09 - UP DATE of 1-24-2012 They haven't fixed the steering system yet :)
By holding the weight of this musical device with her thumb and the pressing of the keys has resulted in shock
loading forces causing her thumb to develop the curvature shown with the blue line.  This is a simple
engineering discipline which means the weight plus the button pushing has resulted in dynamic forces that
exceed the material creep threshold of her bone mass. Various deformities result from various instruments.
The Honorable Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska - Pictures compliments of People Magazine             
Driving Damage
She is a popular talented
actress that has finger
deformities from driving
today's "high effort" steering
vehicles. I don't know what
vehicle she drives but sadly
as it is she must suffer from
chronic muscle-skeletal

The green lines indicate
where her fingers should be.
The black lines indicate their
departure from normalcy.

If she is right handed then
her right hand is much
worse than her left hand.

Her knuckles are twisted.
Her ring finger wants to lay
on top of her middle finger
vs. versa.

If she visits her physician he
will tell her she has a bad
case of arthritis or
rheumatoid arthritis. He will
also tell her she has
degenerative back disease...
a catch-all that is used

High effort steering results in:
shoulder, neck, lower back,
upper back, hip, knee, sciatic
nerve pains.
replacement surgery..
Depression, obesity, anger,
chronic fatigue, etc  
Lovely Jennifer Aniston
Take Heed of These Two Pictures this is becoming very typical in our young people: This lovely 19-year-old young lady graduated 1 1/2 years ago
from high school. All she has ever driven is a Pontiac Grand AM. Her fingers are curved/twisted and bend back wards at her first and second knuckles.
Black Lines identify the deformities. The Blue Lines identify where the natural straightness of her fingers should be. She has limited use of her
hands relative to physical tasks because of the deformities. Unfortunately, her first car was and still is a
Pontiac Grand Am (one of the worse cars
anyone can drive). The steering is much too-o-o-o hard to turn. The torsional forces her body has to generate to get the steering wheel to turn is
damaging to her skeletal system because her skeletal system wasn't designed for this type of force generating motions. Which is why she has
developed pain throughout her back, humped back, chronic pain in her shoulders, neck, elbows, wrists, hips, ankles, knees. She suffers from carpal
tunnel, headaches, bouts of depression, and mood swings. She's working her way through college.
What's the problem? She didn't have any of these problem until she started driving the Pontiac Grand Am. As with many other people I've interviewed
these injuries are typical of Grand Am drivers. Other drivers have ended up in the hospital getting Infusion treatments of
Rituxan to reduce the pain.
Warning: The Pontiac Grand Am is inflicting skeletal and soft tissue injuries in all drivers.  You should stop driving it and contact dealer for reducing the
steering effort by GM.                                                                
                                                                                                                                      mickey tomich
Dangerous Pontiac Grand Am
This isn't Arthritis or's injuries from
dynamic forces.

The picture on the left shows
permanently curved fingers and
twisted knuckles.

Dr. Charles Helmick at the CDC
Arthritic Department and the
Arthritic Foundation call this
Osteoarthritis...they are wrong!

These injuries are caused by repetitive
mechanical forces created every time
you turn the steering wheel on your
vehicle. And a lot of other skeletal
injuries also happen.
Guess what?
The automotive industry doesn't want
you to know this.

Have you noticed your children's
fingers have the same deformities?

Their deformities are from the repetitive
mechanical motion forces generated in
coloring, computers, and video gaming.
Why? Because the repetitive motion
forces exceed the strength of their soft
small bones.
And Guess what?
The coloring, computer, and video
gaming industry don't want you to know
this either.

thank you...mickey tomich
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Musical Instrument Damage 1-26-09
Finger deformities are caused by a Constant or Variable, Controlled or Uncontrolled Compression Pulse Forces referred to as Tomich
Compression Pulse (TCP). TCP suppliments Newtons Laws of Harmonic Frequency and Material Creep for application and understanding of
to bone and tissue change. TCP identifies a new process responsible for the root cause of arthritis, and other chronic muscle-skeletal
injuries identified on our web site.

For additional reading of dangers of vibration/dynamic forces:  
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Intent: To provide a simple understanding of the causes of injuries/deformities shown on our web site.
Also see our meeting minutes about these injuries with the CDC at:  
CDC Meeting Minutes
Also see our meeting minutes with the CDC about preventing these injuries at:  CDC Meeting Minutes