Autism is at epidemic portions, 1 in 100 children are now born Autistic (1 in 70 for boys, and 1 in 315 girls). In 2009 it was 1 in
110. In 2007 it was 1 in 150. During the 40's it was 1 in 10,000. Premature births are happening today at 1 in 8. Women
wanting to have children are experiencing repeated miscarriages. Some women are unable to conceive. Autism is a life long
mental disability in the brain. The research by the CDC, WHO, and Medicine has not found a major cause. But, I think we may
have found the cause. We believe it is physically induced because the developing baby is exposed to 870 bumps/mini-trauma
shocks a minute (60mph). Because the suspensions on todays vehicles are much too stiff, like race cars, and do not isolate
the baby from these shock-loads. (Vehicles were like riding in a boat on calm waters until the mid 80's when the auto industry
started making suspensions and seating harder).

In a 20 minute trip the uterus experiences 17,400 shock-loading vibrations. This is not healthy for adults much less a
developing embryo. Twelve thousand miles equates to 4,300,000 plus shock loads. If the expectant mother is driving the
vehicle there is an additional 80 to 140 twisting forces traveling through her and the baby. That is just too much pulling and
jerking on the baby's brain. Per researchers...autism happens in the uterus, and the developing baby's brain.  
Per Dr.
Christopher Walsh, Children's Hospital Boston
, "it happens in the Uterus." Dr. Timothy Roberts, Children's Hospital of
"it happens in the brain (nerve conductivity)." (Note: NJN PBS in New Jersey Documentary Titled "Decoding Autism"
presented by Sara Lee Kessler, has removed the presentation from public viewing on their home web site and youtube. We asked them to
allow viewing again but they haven't replied to us (10-15-11). )

Some Sad Facts About Autism and Our Children   

1).  1% of American children, ages 3-17, are now diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. That makes autism the
fastest-growing developmental disability.
2).  There are 5 types of autism:  Classic Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, Pervasive
Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PPD-NOS) and Rett Syndrome.
3).  An estimated 1.5-million Americans are living with ASD. There is no one single cause of autism, but, most
scientists believe it’s likely that both genetics and the environment play a role.
4).  If one identical twin has autism, there’s a 90% chance that the other will be affected, too, although not necessarily
as severely or in the same way.
5).  Autism typically appears in the first three years of life.
6). It affects language skills, social development, empathy and often IQ.
7). ASD red flags can include poor eye contact, spoken language delays, hand-flapping, toe-walking.
8). The median age of diagnosis is 4.5 to 5.5 years. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends autism
screening at 18-months & 24-months.
9). There is no cure for autism, but early intervention that includes a highly-structured, intensive skill-oriented
program, like Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), can lessen the severity of the disorder.
10). According to the CDC, 40% of children with autism spectrum disorders do not speak.
11). The National Institutes of Health estimates that 20 to 30% of children with ASD will develop seizures.
12). According to a 2007 Harvard School of Public Health study, the lifetime cost of caring for an individual with autism
is $3.2 million.

A new look at Autism from a Mechanical Engineering Discipline - Material Creep & Shock loads  
My research has indicated that Autism is a physically induced problem. Caused by pulsating, mini-trauma shock-loads
transmitted through the human body and in particular the brain of the unborn child in the Uterus. A 20 minute trip causes
17,000+ shock-loads through the body of that baby. (As seen on our web site other physical problems to adults occur).  These
damaging shock-loads result from todays stiff-suspension, hard molded, spring-less seating, and steel belted tires to isolate
the human body from the road noise (bumps, chuck holes, cracks, drive line vibrations). The repetitive shock-loads are strong
enough to exceed the material creep value (often overlooked by science) of matter. External forces causing internal stress
that push matter into its plastic state.

My research of many elderly women that lived during depression and WWII era, has revealed the following common factor in
today's Autistic children, miscarriages, and premature births. Multiple shock-loading vibrations found in stiff suspensions of
todays vehicles.

During World War 2, birth control was practiced by repeatably jumping down steps, off running boards, elevated platforms.
This was done to generate strong shock-loads taht woudl cause a miscarriage. The shock-load (vibrations) would travel
through the womb traumatizing the unborn. This practice of jumping was cheap and 99.9 % effective. Heavy lifting and other
methods also served.

If a miscarriage failed to happen then
children were usually born Autistic or with physical deformities; contingent upon the
amount of jumping performed. Some were born healthy because the jumping was abandoned quickly.

I don't jump down stairs so why is my child Autistic or why do I have miscarriages? The common denominator
found in my research is that the "
stiff suspension" in todays vehicles that generate over Eight Million Vibrations traveling
through the unborn in 12,000 miles. Vibrations from pot holes, road repairs-cracks, bumps are Major Traumas to the small
unborn child. Driving the vehicle results in an additional 86 to 140 shock-loading vibrations through the unborn each minute.

Why is the stiff suspension a problem?  Older vehicles had soft suspensions and soft seats with springs. Springs would
absorb the shock-loads that were not absorbed by the soft suspension. The ride was soft because the suspension and seating
would absorb the bumpy road shock-loading vibrations and prevent the damaging vibrations from getting to the human body.
Remember, Mercury's TV commercial in the 80's of a critical splitting of a diamond was possible due to its soft-smooth

Todays vehicle suspensions are hard/stiff and seating is made of hard injected molded foam. Todays suspension and seating
do not absorb any pulsating shock-loading Vibrations
. The vibrations travel directly to your body and all vibrations that are felt
by you, are transmitted through and into the soft tissues and skeletal system of your body, where they are absorbed with
negative consequences. Vibrations result in clashes of cells.
Vibrations can and will damage or destroy the child's embryo
causing physical and/or mental conditions and miscarriages or premature births
.  These vibrations cause painful back problems
such as L-4 & L-5, disc compressions, degenerative disc disease, and the need to disc decompressions, sciatica nerve compressions, and

Remember This: A simple 20 minute trip results in 17,400+ shock-loads traveling through your body with each acting like a
tremor to your unborn child. The energy travels through the water in the length of your entire body.
That's 17,400 waves of
energy traveling through your body and your baby which are composed of 99% water (water conducts energy).
That is 17,400
vibrations through the baby's developing
body and brain in 20 minutes. Also, remember the vibrations are transmitted
through the baby while it is riding in a baby seat. Baby seats do not isolate babies from these vibrations.

What can you do?
1. Contact your vehicle manufacturers customer service and have steering effort reduced -
turn effortlessly with one finger, at any speed, and without any resistance.
2. Contact your manufacturer and have them adjust the suspension so it rides smooth and isolates you and your unborn from
the road cracks and any
vibrations, including the drive line. Your vehicle should ride as softly as a boat traveling on smooth
3. Sit on something soft to isolate your body from the vibrations coming through the seating.  

If corrective action is refused by your vehicles manufacturer:  Contact the NHTSA and ask for their assistance.

Remember shock-loads are dangerous and damaging to all matter. Vibrations have a state of free gravity..meaning upward
direction shock-loads clash with cells above it causing elongation if the molecular bonding of the cells. The next phase is the
state of free gravity
shock-load has dissipated. Finally gravity pulling the weights downward for another clash and elongation
of cell bonding. One road bump results in two damaging forces. One in an upper direction the other in a downward direction.
Each up or down direction results in a mini-trauma accumulative plastic state injury to the adult and major trauma to the small
developing child.                                                                            
Warnings to Expectant Mothers about the Cause of Autism

Autism is Physically Induced..Not Biological.
Stiff Suspension Vehicles deliver a shock-load through our Unborn and Newly Born
which result in Shock loads through the baby and ultimately brain injury.
Contact Mike at: Mike Tomich, Our Silent Epidemic, 6483 Lincoln, Gagetown, Mi. 48735
Click ) for further information and pictures
"Inside our report"
Click the camera to see
children that can not perform
meaningful physical tasks
because of gaming injuries
1).  NBC, TV-25 News coverage video of children with crippled fingers from gaming:
2).  Identification of dynamic forces:  Dynamic forces
3).  Some sources of destructive dynamic forces responsible for children's injuries: Sources of Crippling Dynamic Forces
4).  Picture 10-yr-old child with video gaming deformities Video Gaming Deformed Fingers
5).  Picture 4-yr-old with computer deformities: Computer Deformed Fingers
6).  Picture 4 yr-old child with coloring crayon deformities: Coloring Crayon Deformed Fingers   
7).  Injured children unable to perform work duties as adults:
Our new working poor-compliments of the video gaming industry  
8).  Pictures of
adult injuries from the "high effort steering" Impala:  Adult Stiff Steering Systems Deformities
9).  Children and adults Case Studies
10). Back injuries from vertebrae shifting locations due to stiff steering: Back Spine Injuries Nerve Compressions
11). Good LOW EFFORT, ONE Finger Steering: How Easy It Should Be: Good easy low-effort steering - Not Harmful
12).  Famous people with deformed fingers from driving:  Famous People w Deformed Fingers and others
13). Pictures and additional information from the inside of our book: Pictures/information from "Our Silent Epidemic"
14). Letter to Microsoft; produce game controller that will not deform/injure children's skeletal system. Need a safe game controller
15). Letter to Michigan Legislators/Governor to ban video gaming in Children's Day Care facilities  
Day Care Center Video Injuries
News Coverage
Dr. A. Sawar
The contents of our web site is copyrighted but is offered free for
public/commercial use with proper credits.
Additional for Researchers, Scientist, Engineers, Physicians about  Autism, Miscarriages, Birth defects
Did You Know
* Did you know we have a major problem with 1 in 8 children are also born prematurely (CBS News, 4-10-09 Katie Couric)

* CHICAGO – Two new government studies indicate about
1 in 100 children have autism disorders —
higher than a previous U.S. estimate of 1 in 150.  By CARLA K. JOHNSON, AP Medical Writer Carla K. Johnson, Ap Medical
Writer – Mon Oct 5, 1:02 am ET
Due to the inability of the suspension and seating
to prevent the vibrations from traveling through
my body, I experimented with the product shown
in this picture.

The 1-1/2"  foam on the back of the seat must
rest on the top surface of the foam thats sits on
the top of the seat. The 3" cushion on the top of
the seat must be trimmed to match the contour of
the back of the seat (the closer the better). Do not
add a protrusion like I did on the top of the back
foam piece (the hump).

I have not researched the toxicity or out-gas of
this foam padding or any padding. I use a silky
bead sheet draped over the foam cushions to
allow easy sliding in and out of the seat.
Malibu has horribly hard seating and stiff steering.

This arrangement has eliminated my L-4, L-5 pain
and Sciatic nerve problem.

I do not endorsce any modification of the original
manufacturers vehicle design or Federal Safety
Mandates. Please consult with your manufacturer before
making any changes to your vehicle. This is shown only
as a reference to my experimentation with stiff
Many people are also interested in #4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10,
11 listed below.

#1  Produce vehicles with soft suspensions and soft seating thereby absorbing the road bumps, and           
eliminate engine, transmission, and steering vibrations in the steering wheel.  

#2  Isolate drivers and passengers from all vibrations. Reduce noise levels to prevent accumulative hearing
Required Corrective Action from Automotive Industry
If you find a better arrangement for cushioned
seating, please contact me at with "Seating" or
"Fingers" in the subject line.
See seating below
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