Good Concave Spine
13 years - 8 Months
     Case - Drivers Training
Curved fingers/twisted knuckles from
Video gaming and computers
Left Picture  Taken 12-12-11

Fingers have deformities from repetitive motion
dynamic forces used by him in video gaming
and computers.
Curved fingers twisted knuckles from video gaming,
computers, and high-effort steering.
Right Picture Taken 4-19-12
          Vertebrae shifting out of position due to
generating and delivering the necessary forces
to overcome the resistance of the steering wheel
to turn. This resistance requires 86-120 of
muscle flexations a minute for steering
corrections when driving.  The resistance is
purposely designed into the steering system by

Fingers have deformities from video gaming,
computers, and now driving.  
From  GOOD  to  BAD  in 4 months!
GOOD  BACK  to  BAD BACK  in 4 months!
This is a teenager
that took drivers
training for one
month. Their
vehicle was a bad
stiff steering
Malibu. He has
driven F-150,
Explorer, F-250,
Mercedes and
developed the
vertebrae shifting
out of position
within 4 months!

These injuries usually
result with annoying
symptoms such as
chronic lower back
pain, headaches,
discomfort, tingling
fingers, numbness in
hands and more.
High effort steering systems expand on children video and
computer injuries by further twisting knuckles and finger
curvatures, arthritis in all joints of the hand, wrist, carpal tunnel, as
noted in Module 2 of our web site.
As attorney Barb Tomcal says: "Buyer beware!"
Just because they sell it, doesn't mean it's good for you
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