Fact 1: The human body is a perfect example of engineering at its finest. Designed by nature to be in total harmony with nature.
Nothing lacking or in excess.   
Fact 2: Dynamic forces are physical shock loads that exceed material strengths and cause change in matter.
Fact 3: Vibrations are shock loads.

                         Old Days - Birth control - Society - The Automobile

Birth control:  In the old days, before we had the present birth control methods, birth control was still practiced though not
always effective. The same reasons for people not wanting children or more children were the same years ago as they are
now, unwed, lack of money, mate already married, not wanting children, etc. (Contrary to certain beliefs-the lack of birth control
was responsible for large families both in the city and on the farm).

The two most widely used methods of birth control were “Jumping” and “Hot Baths.” Repeated jumping off a ladder at various
rungs, chairs, and other rises was the most commonly used method to cause a miscarriage.
Sometimes jumping would be conducted routinely for hours and even days. Miscarriages resulted from the dynamic force
shock loads delivered through the body as a result of the sudden stop upon landing on the floor (jolting actions/shock waves).
Jumping was effective and worked in many cases. People didn't talk about it  they just did it. Of the three (3) friends known to
one of the elderly ladies we interviewed, one jumper had a miscarriage and the other failed to have a miscarriage had a
mentally retarded child.  

                                                Old Days - Women Didn't Do a Lot of Driving

-Women usually rode the bus or got a ride to work and quit work after their 3rd month of pregnancy (before they began to
“Show”) and then became a house wife and raised the child.
-We were out of a major depression and a world war, there weren't two car families. The husband did most of the driving. If the
wife needed to go somewhere he usually drove her.
-Companies didn't hire a married woman so there were less mothers spending time in automobiles.
-There were many neighborhood grocery stores. No one thought anything of walking a mile to shop.
-Children didn't play video gaming, use computers, or even conduct a lot of coloring. Children spent most of their time playing
on the big porches and playing freely in the neighborhood.
-Dad would usually drive the family to town every Saturday to pay bills and shop.

                                                         The Automobiles of the Old Days    

The vehicles had soft suspension and floated down the road. When turning a corner the vehicle would lean into the turn.  
Seats were made of shock/vibration absorbing coil springs. Tires were made of nylon which was quieter (when warmed-up)
and the ride was much softer than the steel belted tires of today. They were quieter and the ride was very soft. After a 20-90
minute ride you would get out of the vehicle and not feel any aching, cramping, or stiffness. Early steering systems had gear
boxes-hard to turn until moving. Later-hydraulic power steering pumps, made steering easy with just “one finger.”

                          Our Present Day

Two vehicle families
. Mother spends much more time driving, running errands, and driving to work. Today it is not uncommon
for women to work to within days of giving birth. The vehicles of today have stiff “high effort” steering (can not be turned with one
finger). To turn the steering wheel results in a shock wave being delivered through the human body (men-women-children)
and the unborn child. (Mini-shock load is almost like jumping off a chair)

Today’s vehicles have stiff suspension. The stiff/hard suspension does not absorb the vibration/shock waves from hitting a
chuck hole or crack in the road. The stiff/hard suspension amplifies all shock waves and causes more of them.  Every shock
load that is not absorbed by the suspension is delivered to the human body and the unborn child. It is my opinion that the
shock loads delivered through the body of an expectant mother from driving a stiff “high effort” steering vehicle, combined with
stiff suspension, seating, tires can set the criteria for a miscarriage if not actually cause one. (Mini-shock load is almost like
jumping off a chair)

hard molded foam seating does not absorb the shock loads like the old spring seats did.  Hard molded foam does
not block shock load waves. Every vibration shock load caused by the steering system, engine, transmission, out of balance
engine, chuck hole, cement joining, etc., transfers through the hard seating and though the human body and the unborn child.
(Mini-shock load is almost like jumping off a chair).

                                                                    The Way We See It

As identified on our web page “Read Me First” and the rest of the supporting web pages. The major source of adult’s damage
is the automobile. With children it is coloring, video gaming, and computers.

The stiff steering, suspension, seating, radial tires, fail to isolate the human body from damaging dynamic force shock loads
or dynamic force shock loading vibrations. These failures result in 360 to over 580+ vibrations being transmitted throughout
the entire human body per minute at 60 mph (and that is being conservative). That is 17,400 shock loads for a 20 minute trip.
That represents a conservative figure of 4,320,000 to 6,960,000 vibrations through the body a year of 12,000 miles.

Children and adult passengers (including children in baby seats) are subjected to 2,880,000 to 5,520,000 shock loads as a
penalty for just riding in the vehicle.

Autism? Bi-polar? Depressions? Mood swings? Lack of concentration? Obesity? Chronic fatigue? Attention deficit? Could
these shock loads being transmitted through the womb of a pregnant mother create these problems for her unborn child? Can
adults and children passengers be negatively effected from this shock loading energy? You bet!

Autism, and the others mentioned above has been around, but not nearly as much as it today. Did you know 2 out of 3 people
are taking anti-depressants today!  Did you know 1 out of every 8 children is born prematurely (CBS Evening News 4-10-09
Katie Couric).

                   What You Can Do To Help Protect Yourself, Unborn, Newborn, and Passengers

Until your vehicle manufacturer provides corrective actions, occupants should consider isolating themselves from the dynamic
force shock loads incurred with vibrations/pulsations/jaring/jolting by providing something between the body and car seat.  
Something to eliminate the shock loads from the stiff suspension, hard seating, and steel belted tires.  Make sure the material
is not made of toxic material with toxic old-gas.

Corrective actions for stiff steering? If your manufacturer can not provide corrective actions to reduce the effort, there are
facilities that do provide various reduced steering effort systems as a after market fix for handicapped drivers.  
Autism - Birth defects - Miscarriages
Scientist, researchers, engineers, and physicians

The purpose of this web page is to present our hypotheses relative to the short and long term
negative health consequences caused by dynamic forces of jolting, shock loads, shock loading
mini-traumas, and repeated vibrations to the unborn and new born child.  
A. Sawar M.D.,  K. Raval M.D.,  K. Granke M.D.,  Mi. State Representative Tom Meyer,  R. Tomich P.E.,  M. Tomich
                                                                                                 (In memory 7-9-07)
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