Finger Deformities from Texting
Repetitive motion shock-loads cause Small Injuries that accumulate and become Big Injuries
Right Picture - General Motors. He walked around the plant pushing buttons with his
right thumb to adjust heat treat furnace temperatures. His thumb is 1/2 inch shorter than
the other. Why? The Mini-trauma shock loads caused by pushing the buttons caused the
bone to collapse within itself.
Above:  Saginaw VA Hospital. Bob doesn't know how he has arthritic
toes. He doesn't have arthritis in any joints. His bones and joints are bent,
twisted, curved from the mini-shock loads that occur from bouncing his foot
up and down on the tips of his shoes. It's called Nervous Leg Syndrome
(NLS). Arthritis will form after he stops doing the NLS.   
So......What does this have to do with Texting?
PLENTY: The repetitive Button pushing on your texting device creates the same mini injuries that accumulate to become curved fingers and  
twisted knuckles. Your teenage bones are much too soft for the text button pushing process. Injuries are permanent with eventual meaningful loss
of Thumb and Index Fingers....followed by other physical hand functional restrictions. Do not subject your body to these mini-trauma shock loads.
Right and Left
16-year-old young lady
that did not play video
games, but loves texting.
Her deformities are
similar to others from
VG, Computers, etc, but
they are different.
Small finger is twisted right.
Ring Finger is Hooked towards Middle Finger
Middle is curved towards ring. Curvature starts higher at second knuckle. Video
Gaming usually starts at first knuckle from the end of the finger.
Index is straighter than video gaming but twisted right.
Thumb is bent right at first and second knuckle. If she were to bend her thumb
down it would be bent outward significantly away from the hand.
Small finger is symmetric to right hand small fingers. These deformities
happen because of holding the texting device, and the forces pushing
on them from the button pushing.
Ring finger is also bent towards middle finger, but not as much as you
see with video gaming.
Middle is curved towards ring.
Index is curved towards middle and twisted. The white arrows point to
a high spot on the first knuckle. Being the knuckle is twisted to the left,
that portion of the knuckle is higher. Both the top and bottom surfaces of
the knuckle are parallel to one another. Which means the forces have
caused the knuckle to twist make full contact with the grasping surface
of the texting device. The same injuries happen to video gaming
controller surfaces that are off parallel to the natural birth parallelism.
Another view.-.each position exposes a different view of the injuries.
Note: We will continue to try to provide more examples of Texting injuires. To bring a true representation of texting injuries,
we have had to disqualify children that played video games, used computers, performed coloring, played with heavy toys,
toys that involve striking buttons, even teenagers that drive because of the injuries that can be inflicted from these processes
and others.....which means almost everybody is disqualified.
Video Gaming, Computers, Texting,
Coloring can be a lot of fun. We can
enjoy the Electronic Age
but not with
the present product designs.
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Date 1-31-11
Subject: Female
Age: 11-years-old
Deformity: Thumb is bent outward from main body of
Knuckle is twisted and off straight.
Long Term Effects: Inability to perform meaningful
physical tasks as adult.
Prognosis: Injuries like this continue to escalate with
normal everyday tasks. Eventually she will lose
meaningful use of her thumbs which will lead to a poor
quality of life and chronic hand/finger pains.
Why did this happen? Her skeletal system is still
growing and because her bones are not hard (calcified)
they bend and twist to the repetitive motion shock-loads
delivered to her bones from the pushing button strokes.

Note: Her father took her cell phone away. But not soon
enough..she now has permanent deformities.
                                           mickey tomich
None of our pictures are altered. Sharpness was increased on this picture for better detailing.
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