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Sent: Monday, October 15, 2007 10:06 AM
Subject: Warning - Children's Skeletal Injuries from Video Gaming in Michigan Day Care Centers

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WARNING - Child Day Care Centers - Children are Developing SKELETAL INJURIES with functional finger losses from Video Gaming  

Dear Officers of Michigan:

Further to my email of 10-2-07, I am again requesting you to make arrangements to ban video gaming and other "dynamic force"
processes from Michigan's Child Day Care Centers because this is responsible for the development of the young children's skeletal
injuries. Immediate corrective actions are required to prevent new children from becoming permanently injured and prevent further
deformities to those already injured.

The skeletal finger deformities result in weakening of their natural physical functional movements. In adult life, they will lose the effective
use of their thumbs. The first noticeable indication of their skeletal injuries is the inward bending of their index and small finger (see the
left side of our web site www.miketomich.com ), their inability to handle small objects, and some loss of gripping strength. The children's
knuckles are quickly twisted off parallel from their original birth position (and off parallel to each other), and the bones between the
knuckles both twist and bend while yielding to the damaging dynamic forces. Their bones are too soft for the repetitive damaging forces
involved in video gaming, computers, coloring, and playing with heavy toys. Each damaging dynamic force results in both an accumulative
permanent bone surface and bone mass torsional twisting injuries. The severity of gripping strength and physical movement loss is
directly related to the amount of off angularity of their injuries to their natural birth positions. Each/every force received by the skeletal
system or delivered by the skeletal system that exceeds the "Material Creep" Force Tolerance Threshold of the smallest bone in the
process results a permanent accumulative damage.  

Material Creep Force Tolerance Threshold is determined by the amount of calcification of the bone mass and its natural design.  
Children's skeletal system is still soft/un-calcified and still growing during their formative years. Soft bones have a lower Material Creep,
which means it takes a lot less force to bend a child's (soft-uncalcified) bone then it does an adults (hard-calcified) bone. There are no
exceptions to this newly recognition of Material Creep vs. Skeletal System.  

You must also consider the use of computers by young children attending kindercare, and other repetitive dynamic force
processes...such as coloring, heavy toys, etc. Some schools such as a chartered school in Mt. Clemens, Mi. have sent desk top
computers home with children in kindercare and first grades. Playing a video on a computer and using the mouse is just as bad as the
portable or stationary video game modules.

The children's damage is described on our web site:  www.miketomich.com  News coverage by TV-25 on 3 injured children from video
gaming is on our site or at:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FJkDIZ3xqc

Your first course of corrective action is to issue a stop to coloring, video gaming, computers (mouse is horribly deforming to fingers), and
heavy toys (toys that require more than 2 fingers to pick up) in Child Day Care Centers, kindercare, and first grades.
Ban the use of wax crayons for any child in Day Care.  Do not allow Day Care Centers to change the form/shape of wax crayons (micro
waving of broken crayons in paper cups results in children also grasping surfaces that are off parallel to their knuckles which results in
the fingers bending and twisting to conform to grasping surfaces.   

You must remove the silent-painless crippling injuries that are responsible for and will lead to significant physical ability loss to our
children. You have brilliant minds available to you at our universities. Contact the medical, mechanical engineering, and physics

Thank you in advance for helping to protect our children. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Yours truly........... Mike Tomich and/for Dr. Sawar, Dr. Raval, R. Tomich P.E., State Representative Tom Meyer (in memory 7-07)

PO Box 214
Gagetown, Mi. 48735                                                        
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Warning send to Mi. Government Officials of Children's Finger Deformities in Michigan Day Care Facilities
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Boards, CPSC, NHTSA and others.  We haven't received a reply, and Michigan Child Day Care facilities continue to allow video gaming.
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Prevent children from developing crippling finger deformities by not allowing them to play video gaming, use computers,
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