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                                                                                                          Michael Tomich
                                                                                                          PO Box  214
                                                                                                          Gagetown, Mi. 48735
Mr. Bill Gates - Chairman
Mr. Steven A. Ballmer - Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Jeffrey M. Koontz - Counsel
Microsoft Corporation
1 Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399, Mr. Bill Gates   425, 882-8080

Subject: Children's Deformed Fingers from Video Gaming - Dynamic Forces

Dear Gentlemen:

Thank you for announcing the addition of parental controls to your video gaming equipment.  This is a major first step in taking the
thunder out of this issue and to start defusing the bomb.  It's unfortunate that it has taken 6-years and millions of injured children for
corrective actions to start. Rather than wait for additional millions of children in the world be added to the list of crippled fingers and
hand/finger functional losses, it is imperative that the message of children's deformities get to the world before the buying spurge of
this Christmas holiday.

I'm sure that preventing children's deformed fingers from video gaming during the ages when their (hand/finger) bone mass is too
soft (un-calcified) to withstand the dynamic forces generated has become a priority with the video industry. Remember, each
dynamic force results in a permanent shock loading damage to children's bone mass, and each injury adds to and expands the
previous damage. The mini-injuries continue to accumulate and get worse. Noticeable physical damage usually appears within 3 to
7 weeks as a bump (as children call it) on their knuckle(s) or a curvature of the finger(s). However, the 'bump' as you are aware, is
the high point of the twisted knuckle.

Our study has shown that with the degree of skeletal injuries there is also a proportional loss in the physical functionality. Results
have shown it is unsafe for any child to be subjected to any process which exceeds the Material Creep of their bone mass for any
length of time.

Thirty minutes of gaming today, plus 30 minutes of gaming next week, or next month….equals 60 minutes of accumulative,
destructive, dynamic force shock loading injuries. Your warnings of taking breaks in playing time, does nothing to prevent or
eliminate finger or skeletal damage.

With the severity of this problem impacting the children of the world, it would behoove us to share the results of our studies to
enhance the corrective actions. I'm requesting your information be supplied to us, the NIHCD, Dr. Charles Helmick-CDC Arthritic
Group, NHTSA, and all State Governor's, and Child Day Care Facilities/Organizations.

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Michigan Department of Day Care Licensing, as well as other states, does not have controls relative to time restrictions, age, etc. for
young children video gaming. Child Day Care Facilities encourage the use of video gaming for behavioral control. Many children I've
examined indicated they were introduced to video gaming in the facilities, and pleaded with their parents to purchase gaming for
home use. With the large attendance in the facilities, the message must be delivered immediately. Gaming must be removed as
well as other dynamic force processes.  

In closing, I wish to thank you again for your attention in this matter and warn you that parental controls will not be effective in
preventing injuries unless parents are aware of the development of their children's skeletal damage. It is crucial that children do not
conduct gaming when they have soft bones; please add age restrictions. To avoid the needless injuries to millions of children that
have not previously conducted gaming, I plead with you and the industry to make parents aware of the deformities before this
coming Christmas season in 2007.

I'm sure we will all look forward to the day when the destructive dynamic forces are removed from many product designs and
humanity can live without chronic physical pain, arthritic joints, rheumatism, and other skeletal injuries. A computer for every child
must not happen until a safe age is established. A clean point in history must be established.  

Thank you in advance for helping our children. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

                                                 For our children…….Very truly yours,

                                                              Michael G. Tomich

Attachment: 2 pages of injured children's pictures

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  Letter to Microsoft Corporation and The Video Gaming Industry
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It is commendable of Microsoft Corporation to add parental controls to their gaming equipment that will allow parents to set limits
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WARNING: Microsoft must provide a game controller that does not injure children's fingers.
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